A wrist based tracker that actually works. I’ve been a fan of polar for years. However, sometimes wearing the h10 chest strap isn’t always comfortable. I tried fitbit, garmin, samsung, etc. I could not find a wrist based tracker that actually worked. The heart rate on this is accurate. The screens are easy to read.

I use this every single day when i work out. It comes with tons of options for the type of workout i’m doing. The phone app that connects to it is super awesome. Keeps track of all your workouts and exactly how hard you push yourself. Even gives advice and goals achieved. When i workout and sweat a lot it doesn’t slip off or become uncomfortable. It’s really neat to see the color heartbeat range i am in and whether i need to calm down or push myself harder. My only complaint is i wish it could connect to multiple phones. Once you link it to your phone then no one else can unless you deactivate your account each time. Other than that it’s an awesome buy.

This is one of the best trackers i have owned. I had a vo2 max test done and wore the device. It was as accurate as the sophisticated equipment used for the test. I do not wear it at night so its no big deal to me. They definitely need to up their game in this arena. It drains most when you are doing activities. You may get 2 1/2 days out of it at best. The polar app is easy to use. However, i do see if you are new to the tracker world it could be a bit confusing at first. Because of the shear number i have tired it was easy to get going. The device is simple to navigate. It links with my fitness pal and other nutrition and fitness apps.

I bought this along with the h10 chest strap hrm to help with health issue pacing. I’m somewhat regretting this purchase because i have yet to get the device to load favorites in order to notify of heart rate ranges. I’m thinking of trying factory resetting the device. Another issue is the battery life. Just having it connected to my phone via bluetooth seems to be too taxing for the battery. I’m having to charge it about every other day. If i manage to get this working for my requirement and as many have described it is capable, i will update this review. If not, i’m likely to go back to using a fitbit.

6/25/17 update: added screenshots from the mobile application. These show the new ‘day’ view. A gear button was added to the top-right corner to toggle between the two types of views for the day. On the first view, (circular one), you can touch the icons to view a pop-up displaying brief description of what the icon represents such as min-max heart rate for the day. On the other screen, you can see how your heart rate changes throughout the day, with the most significant parts noted with a circular icon (min-max for when you’re sleeping and awake). The bottom section below the graphs show summary details such as calories and steps. 6/23/17 update: fairly pleased with tracking so far, though for some reason the watch didn’t record my detailed sleep analysis last night. I attached a new photo showing a comparison of the new a370 (bottom) and old a360 band (top).

I wanted to wear this a few months before posting a review to really try it out. This is the fifth polar product i’ve had, including more expensive watches and fitness monitors. I have to say, despite it looking massive on my puny wrists, it is perfect for my needs. In fact, i wear it day and night. Up front, it needs to be said that if you are a serious athlete in a specific sport, then this watch is probably not for you. It is a nice fitness tracker for those of us who are more generalists in nature and don’t need specific training data – lap times, splits, etc. Here’s why i love this watch:-it tracks the basic data i care about, namely steps, sleep, fitness level, heart rate, heart rate zones, and it does it without the pesky chest strap. Big improvement-the various touch screens allow me to easily see where i am for my fitness level throughout the day, but there isn’t so much data it is overwhelming- which was my previous experience with polar. -it is comfortable to wear, and i sleep with it on. -it has a timer for the days i need to track my running pace and shows me the break down of where my heart rate is during various training zones.

  • Fantastic fitness device for gym going fitness enthusiasts and non-die hard runners!
  • So far, no real complaints
  • Evolution of A360

This is an indepth review of the a370 with tips & tricks for those that own it or are about to own it:9/11/17 updatei purchased this on july 17th and used it for about a month with no issues. After that i noticed that when in workout mode and paired with my h10 hrm, i would get an error saying ‘something went wrong, please reset the device’ and lose all my training data for the workout in progress. I reached out to polar and they had me do a factory reset through polar flow, after doing that and resyncing my personal data (took roughly 1 hour because i had some issues resyncing and had to contact polar again) i was back in business. But after a few weeks it happened again, then suddenly shut off while i was wearing it and would not turn back on. After plugging it in with a couple different usb chargers in various ports on my computer, it finally reset itself. Then after resyncing my personal data, i am, once again, back in business. Hats off to polar for their excellent and responsive customer service. If having to reset the device on occasion ends up being necessary, i think i’m okay with that.

Bought this one to replace my polar ft7 and so far i’m liking the fact that you do not need to wear a chest strap with it. I use the smart watch technology only when i’m working to get text notifications. Battery seems to last a couple days. And the face of the watch has never popped off like other reviewers mentioned.

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I’ve been a fitbit charge user for the last 1 1/2 years, but was frustrated since i couldn’t wear it swimming and also have been disappointed in the quality of their units as far as durability (the original one cracked within 9 months and the replacement they sent, which was refurbished, has also cracked and the band is falling apart) so i making looking for something else and decided on this unit. I’ve been using the polar a370 for about a week now. I like the fit and comfort of the unit on my wrist much better than the fitbit and the quality of the product is much better. I’ve worn it in the shower and the pool with no issues. Being a previous fitbit user, it took me a couple of days to get used to how this tracker works and reading the data captured in the app; once i got used to it, i found it very easy to use and read my results. The information it does track is detailed and seems to be fairly accurate and consistent, with more detail than what i was getting before from my fitbit. I like how i can rate and track how i feel after each activity for sleep and exercise. Some disappointments are it doesn’t continuously sync automatically between the unit and the app; i have to push and hold the button on the tracker unit to get it to sync. It also doesn’t remain paired to or recognize my smartphone device. At least once, sometimes twice, a day i have to reset the bluetooth on the unit to pair the devices again or restart my smartphone (my phone always shows it recognizes the tracker device, it’s the tracker that states it can’t find any devices it’s supposed to be paired to) which is frustrating.

I have tried and tested a lot of wearables so i really hope this one is a keeper. I’ve owned or tried: apple watch 2 nike edition, fitbit: surge, blaze, charge hr, flex 2, garmin 735, 235, polar 300/400/360 moov, up3, and bodymedia band, i am sure i forgot something. The package came last night and the set up to the computer as well as the phone app was pretty easy, no syncing issues at all. I ordered the white, not by choice but it was the only color that came in small. I really despise white but it’s more of a dull white, not super bright so that helps. I wore for sleep tracking and i did wake up at midnight so it caught that as my ‘bedtime’ so the sleep was a little broken there. At the gymi always pair my watches with straps for the accuracy, i wanted to test the optical with strength training though. I have to say i was pleasantly surprised with the results. It was a shorter workout but leg day, so squats and other movements using my wrists.

‘techy agent’ on youtube is a great review and comparison to fitbit. My two main purposes were tracking workouts of relatively high intensity. (average hr around 110 spikes up to 180bpm. ) i have been using this against several other methods to include sensors on machines, other apps, and good ole fashion feeling your own heart rate. I have found it is surprisingly accurate as long as you have it tightened well on your wrist. Does not particularly seem to be affected by sweat which was a huge bonus. Usually within 5 bpm of other tracking methods once 10-20 lag is accounted for. ) the only reasons i would not give it 5 star is i’ve only had it about 3 weeks and would like to see how durability/ battery life hold up. Also, i would like to have been able to get a protection plan as i am hard on equipment.

Features of Polar A370 Fitness Tracker with 24/7 Wrist Based HR

  • Continuous heart RATE – have the A370 intelligently Track your heart RATE through the twists and turns of everyday life.
  • Assisted GPS – Use your phone’s GPS to Track speed, distance and route ; Get notifications for incoming calls, messages, social media and calendar appointments right on the screen of your Polar A370.
  • Improved sleep analysis – get the valued insight you need to get a good Nights rest ; The wristbands are made of a soft material and come with a secure buckle.
  • Broadcast heart RATE – the A370 can be used as a hr sensor. Pair it to your favorite fitness app. Water resistance:WR30
  • 3Rd party compatibility – exercise and activity data is automatically sent and is available to be used in services where you allow it. Wristband material – Silicone

From the manufacturer

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Polar Flow

Track your workouts, analyze your progress and achieve more with Polar Flow – the complete fitness and training platform available on desktop and mobile.

Polar Flow helps you plan, sync and analyze your workouts, follow your long-term progress, find inspiration from other like-minded people and customize your Polar A370 to fit your needs.

Polar A370

Fitness Tracker

Polar A370 is the perfect 24/7 companion that keeps you on the pulse — it’s a fitness tracker, continuous heart rate monitor, calorie counter and sleep tracker all in one neat package.

  • Continuous heart rate
  • Polar Sleep Plus
  • Workout guidance and feedback
  • GPS via phone
  • Smart notifications
  • Changeable wristbands

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Continuous Heart Rate

Follow your heart rate around the clock and get a full overview of your day. Learn your lowest and highest heart rate and get comprehensive activity and calorie burn data.

Sleep Plus

Track your sleep with Sleep Plus and let Polar’s valuable sleep insights help you towards better sleeping habits.

Workout Guidance

Train at the right intensity with heart rate zones, plan your workouts ahead and get guidance and feedback that helps you reach your goals.

GPS via Phone

When you explore the outdoors, Polar A370 uses your phone’s GPS signal to track your speed, distance and route.

A370 A360 M200 M430 M600
Continuous heart rate
Wrist-based heart rate
Sleep Plus
Activity tracking
GPS Via phone
Smart notifications
Changeable wristbands
Running Program
Color touchscreen
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Continuous heart RATE –

Setup was easy and intuitive, the instructions easier to understand than past polar products i’ve had. They have clearly got much better at translating to english in the half dozen years since my last polar purchase. I bought it primarily for the heart rate monitoring while i work out on my indoor rowing erg and bicycle. I bought a new h7 strap along with the a370 (my old strap was non-bluetooth, but the h7 can be picked up by both the a370 and the sensor/monitor on the rower). For the first workout, i had the a370 reading my wrist and the rower reading from my strap. According to polar, this is a challenge for wrist-based monitoring because the muscles in my wrist are constantly tensing and relaxing on the rower. The result was barely acceptable- the resulting curve in polar flow showed a lot of noise, but the basic warmup/session/cooldown was discernible. If i had needed to, i could have used it. I then synched the belt to the a370, and the curves produced by the rower and the a370 through polar flow from subsequent workouts are identical.

Works great with h10 chest strap. Love the graphs it displays for your workout. The polar flow app has all the les mills classes on it which is a huge plus for me. If you like black bands (like me) and have a small wrist, you can order the small band from the a360 and the a370 watch face will work with the old band. Otherwise, the medium/large black band it comes with seems a little bulky on a small wrist. I do feel like the watch thinks i’m sleeping when i’m just laying in bed still trying to fall asleep. So i’m not convinced the sleep data is 100% accurate.

I love the features but tracking my heart rate is sketchy. There will be times when the graph just shows dots and no up and down peaks, unless i wear it super tight which then chafes my skin and leaves intentions where the holes are. I’ve researched that optical sensors aren’t the best for those with dark skin. There’s been times where i’ve been in a middle of a workout and it can’t detect my heart rate even being on tight. There has also been two times where i’ve lost all my training data because i get a error that says something went wrong a370 needs to restart. Other than that it’s a good tracking tool. I’ll make it work for know but had higher hopes.

I’m a few months postpartum so i’m trying to get myself back in shape, and i do best when i have some sort of clear goal and i’m competitive where i want to beat yesterday’s stats. I ordered the small white band and i love the feel of it. It’s still small enough that it doesn’t look bulky on my small wrist. I def recommend this product.

Few months into my use of the a370 now and i’ve got no complaints; it does what its supposed to do and tracks my heart rate 24/7 (unless i forget to put it on) the singular complaint i can make about it is that the little charge-port-hatch (the part that lets it be actually waterproof) can actually bend about enough to eventually loosen up from its connection and fall off. But polar was willing to throw me a replacement for free this first time so i can’t really fault them there either with that level of customer support. I do recommend it, especially seeing as it is actually waterproof as opposed to.

We think this is the best fitness tracker in this price range. When we were looking for a tracker, my spouse and i bought both this polar a370 and a fitbit charge 2, and compared them for a week. First of all the a370 screen is bigger, full color, and much more readable. You can also set it to stay on during an entire workout, or to go on ‘do not disturb mode’ at night so it does not light up at night when you roll over. The fitbit has neither feature. The heartrate monitor on the a370 is also far more accurate. I compared it to my polar cheststrap monitoring system and this watch did almost as well (a good chest strap is always most accurate). Anyway we returned the fitbits and kept the a370s. The fitbit battery does last about a day longer on a charge, but for us the better display on the a370 is worth that different by far.

Assisted GPS –

Update: 2/11/2019i just realized i’ve had my a370 since september of 2017, and it has continued to perform perfectly. I recently switched from using it with the h10 chest strap to the oh1 arm band, and i really like it. A few times i have compared the hr accuracy and response among different devices, like the wrist grips on my cross trainer, an older hrm, a newer chest strap, etc. And i can’t complain about a thing. Original review:i have always used a hr monitor when i exercise (mostly elliptical cross-trainer, indoor rowing, or road bike. ) i’ve used the polar ft1 for a few years and it has always done a great job. Not long ago i upgraded my chest strap to a h10. I wanted to get even more up-to-date, and decided on the a370 rather than a fitbit because i read that it is compatible with the h10 chest strap. (fitbits don’t talk to polar chest straps, i think. ) i like the chest strap’s reliability and instant feedback of quick increases/decreases in hr.

I bought this in april 2018 and have been using it constantly. The only drawback is the short battery life, but with a bit of diligence i have developed a routine to keep it charged when i need it most. One thing i found out early was that if the battery runs down during an event, it continues recording so finish the event, plug it into a charger and end the event and see your results. It is a great mid-level sportswatch. You have to pair it with your phone to connect to gps but the results have been accurate. The wrist-based heart rate monitor has also been great. I have spot checked it numerous times and validated it. In addition, the ability to set up my various profiles for cycling, mountain biking, indoor cycling, snowshoeing, etc. Has been a great way to track the impact of the various outdoor activities. All in all this is a good product and i would recommend it to others.

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Happy with it but some issues with pairing to iphones7. Stopped pairing abt 4 months later, not sure if due to a phone upgrade or what. But was also having problems updating to laptop even when plugged in using the usb. After several online searches and many steps listed on line and emailed to me from polar, it finally paired. This is my second polar fitband: i had the polar loop prior for several years. I stick with polar due to the waterproof and never having to remove.

Finally upgraded from the polar ft4 and i am soooo happy that i did. So far, i’ve used this in a zumba, bodypump, and cxworx class in addition to a normal weight training session. It doesn’t get in the way doing clean and presses etc like my ft4 did and it still gives accurate info without the strap. Screen quality is great although i feel like i will definitely need to purchase a screen protector. I researched for days and compared compared compared. My only regret is that i didn’t buy this sooner. Surprisingly enough, i was also able to figure out the polar flow fairly quickly which is super beneficial to understanding my workouts.

I bought this device about three weeks ago. I’m a long time polar fan and needed something for hr and swimming. I ran into two major issues so far 1) the actually device keeps popping in and out of the band. I’ve caught it several times at work and during runs. I loosened it although it needs to be fitted for hr and they helped a little. During my ‘training’ sessions at the 45 minute mark the watch would say it encountered an error and restart thus trashing all of the data from that days workout. This happened 3-4 times in a row. They were really good about getting me a replacement. I’m hoping the issues are directly related to the watch and not the model. I just put my new monitor now and will keep you updated through the week if this issue continues.

I have bought this watch back in december 2017 and i have enjoyed using it, so here is my review of this watch:the best things about it:- price was good compared to other watches of the same features and size. – you can swim with this ( which is one of the reason i have bought it in the first place). – comfortable fit on your hand. – option for sport actives to add up to 20. The bad things about it:- compared to other watches of the same features battery life is short, it would last 3 days with normal use and the fourth day watch will be on low battery mode which renders it useless because you can’t start an activity in this mode. – wrist band broke after 7 months of use, which is a very bad life cycle giver to the fact that this watch was designed for sport activates and swimming. And guess what replacement bands are at 24. – odometer seems off, some day i sit at the office for full day and i see that my target is met by 60%. – i would not recommend this to anyone deciding to buy it, because of the wrist band and the odometer.

Improved sleep analysis –

Smart watches are glaring examples of the trade-offs inherent in engineering and design choices. Many products aim at packing lots of features (large touchscreen. Smart design is not driven by ‘more is better’; rather, by simplicity. The polar a370 is an example of smart design. What they chose to put in, and, more importantly, what they chose to leave out make this a superb product. Although underfeatured relative to an iwatch, its battery life is so much better that one can wear it continuously (i charge it only briefly in the mornings and evenings while i am in the bathroom). It alerts you to incoming messages and calls on your phone. It can get gps signal off your phone without using its own battery. I use it with the h10 heart rate sensor and it’s thus quite accurate. Overall i am highly satisfied with it.

It is much sleeker than my old a300. To start, i love the touch screen feature. It’s easy to use and i can scroll quickly through options. I have no problem with it in the pool (all lap swimming) every day. The a370 can take water workout punishment, so if you like to play in water for hours, this will handle it. I like the continuous heart rate feature. It pairs to my h10 polar monitor easily when i don’t want to use the built in heart rate feature (like in the pool). I haven’t had any issues with the wrist strap, but i do recommend a screen protector for it. It does pop out only if you place the wrist strap above the wrist bone and if the wrist strap is too tight.

Broadcast heart RATE – the A370 can be used as a hr sensor. Pair it to your favorite fitness app.

3Rd party compatibility – exercise and activity data is automatically sent and is available to be used in services where you allow it. Wristband material –

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