Received quickly and as described.

No problem with changing from original band to new one. Had the old style polar band and i like the new band features with the locking clip.

This is a good quality band and fits the a370 perfectly, would recommend.

Fits my a360 much better than the one it came with.

The wrist strap was a perfect fit for my a360. Soft/flexible material, yet strong. Much better than the original wrist band. This one has more holes, which allow the skin to breath thus the less likelihood of a skin rash. The band is also much more secured than the original.

My original band broke while on vacation. I was very upset at the timing. Ordered this replacement band and am very happy with it.

Better than the first one, now polar is brand new now.

Bought this to replace the band of my a360 (yes, it does fit the a360 as well) after the original ripped. My original band was a s, so i was a little apprehensive about the m/l but it was all amazon had in stock in white. The extra length of the band took some getting used to, but i barely notice it now. It also feels thicker and more substantial than the original band, so i imagine it will hold up better.

I’m surprised it doesn’t stain easier. In fact, with the new material used in the a370 band (vs the older a360 bands), the white is easier to keep clean than the black. The black attracts white dust and gets white stains on it, possibly soap film or hard water, something. The white is working out well,. Even motor oil and greasy dirt has quickly come off of mine.

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I bought this band because my phone came with the white one and i want to have more versatility and the black is the only other choice in the small band. This is a great band – much superior to the blue off brand one i bought which does not hug the watch well enough for me to trust it.

This band is absolutely worth the investment vs the cheaper brands. The fit, material, integrity and stability of the band is immediately noticed. I’ve tried many other cheaper versions and throw them out every few months. I highly recommend investing in the more expensive version from the get-go.

I bought this for the a360 last year and it fit without problems, so far it has withstood several sweaty trainings, swimming in pools and i haven’t noticed any sign of damage so far.

After you unsnap it to charge the tracker twice, the snap doesnt hold as well. So if you hit it hard or bump into something, the unit could pop out of the strap.

I ordered this product on 5/27/18 and received it on 5/28/18. It was amazingly easy to remove the old band and replace the new.

This was a perfect replacement. It’s actual not a third party band and it’s from polar. I purchased this band for my 7 year old son, so he could compete in our family step challenges. I don’t wear the polar a360 anymore because i’m now wearing an apple watch. My son favorite color is blue so that was a plus. His wrist is little so there is some extra band sticking out, but you can make easy adjustments. The device hasn’t come off the band.

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Received quickly, very easy to swap out my old band for this one and it looks really nice.

Far superior then the original band you get when you purchase the polar a350. Stays in place feels stronger quality and more comfortable.

Polar A370 Wrist Band : The best accesory to buy when you get a new watch. It never hurts to have an extra one, specially if you use it everyday and during hard exercise rutines.

Wrist band fits perfectly with my polar watch.

I needed a replacement band in a hurry so i only had the choice between black and orange at the time of ordering, so i chose orange. The orange is bright, think safety orange bright. It’s ok when working out but perhaps a bit bright for everyday wear. It fits my a370 perfectly and snuggly and i have no concern at all that the watch will accidentally pop out. Definitely worth paying the extra $$$ to get the polar one rather than the cheaper copies.

Its not the same as the original band but it fit my a360 and my wrist really well. I didn’t like the strap holder that came with the band. It had a double loop you had to push the strap through which made it more difficult to put on. Just switched it out with a different strap holder and not it works perfect.

Original band perfect fit polar quality.

Perfect fit for my a370, easy swap from my old band. Wish it didn’t cost multiples of alternatives. Will likely try one of those if i need to replace the band again.

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Doesn’t move at all during intense workouts.

This wristband is a little different than the original that came with the watch, but i like the updated band better. Excess strap doesn’t flop around as much and feels more secure on my wrist. I also like the texture of this one more than the plain smooth of the original.

Perfect fit & super comfortable.

I was nervous about buying a replacement band, even if it was from polar. This is the exact one needed for the a370 unit. I read that they also fit the a360, but i do not have that one, so i can’t speak to that. The ‘petrol’ color is a very pretty teal-love it.Putting the new band on was very easy and quick. Perfect fit just like new for the a370. Next time i need a new band, i’ll only get this one.

Polar a370 wrist strap, m/l, black¡ excellent product .

Fit perfectly on my a360, love it.

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