The flowlink does exactly what it says it will do; transfer data from your hrm onto your pc. To be fair, i haven’t really dug deep into the website to see exactly what features it has but, so far, all it seems to do is put data onto a calendar. I haven’t found any graphical capabilities, workout history is only displayed one week at a time and i don’t see any ‘recommendations’ or any other info to help optimize my workout using the data i download. I think i could do a better job using xl and saved the $45 to buy a new pair of workout shoes. In summary, the product works exactly as advertised and was easy to install. Unfortunately, after you’ve transferred the data, the supporting website leaves much to be desired.

The item was delivered ahead of the promised date. The service was awesomethe device worked exactly as advertised. It is disappointing that polar does not have a native mac app but pulse-o-meter has a nice beta (as of this writing) that works reasonably well with the mac. I am satisfied with the ease of use of geting the data transferred from my ft7 heart monitor watch but am disappointed that it doesn’t capture as much data as i was expecting. The limitation is not a problem with flowlink but rather the heart monitor. Maybe later i’ll step up to a better model. Flowlink works well but i still believe it should be included with the watch itself. I gave it 4 stars because i believe mac support and richer features should be included but in fairness, it works exactly as advertised.

If you have a compatible heart rate monitor (hrm), this is a great way to track your progress. I owned a polar ft7 for a few months before buying this. I am the type that enjoys analyzing my workouts. I recently had surgery, and stopped exercising during my recovery. Being able to look back prior to my surgery, and compare my current heart rate to my past heart rate has helped me monitor how quickly i have gotten back in shape. This device (with a compatible hrm) will upload your workout stats to [. /, and allow you to look over past workouts. Now, i just wish this coordinated with my fitbit. ]

This was fairly simple to set up, i’m assuming any bugs it had in the past have been worked out since it was basically plug it in and go for me. The software that syncs it to other polar sites is a bit clunky and on my computer won’t maximize to more than a tiny box. I bought this specifically to sync to my insurance rewards site, which is having issues of it’s own so only time will tell if it was worth it. For the small amount i paid, it serves it purpose so no complaints.

If you want to get data from your watch to your computer, you either do it by hand, or use this. Pros: the software installed from their website pretty seamlessly and my ft7 watch synced with it without much positioning at all. And upload time was pretty good. Have not seen any spam from polar since i activated my account. Cons: you have to use polar’s website to view the data, which means you have to register an account with polar. And the watch only records avg heart rate, max heart rate and the percentage you spent in each zone, so that’s all you get on the website. Polar has two similar sites, polarflow and polarpersonaltrainer, and there is a lot of overlap of function between the two, but you have to upload into polarpersonaltrainer to get the data into polarflow. I include these comments about the website because without the website, the device is useless. If you have a recent bluetooth-enabled smartphone, spend a few more $$ and get the h7 strap and the polarbeat app. But if you were using one of their watches and you want to upload the data from the watch, the flowlink is the only way to do it (besides typing it into a spreadsheet by hand).

While the polar flowlink gen device works great, the polar software (polar training website) that it sends your data to is awful. Very dated website that is poorly constructed and presented. The polar website only provides very superficial information: time spent in fat burning zone, time spent in fitness zone, time length of workout, max heart rate, avg. Heart rate, and the number of calories burned. Wish i could see graphs of my heart rate throughout the duration of my workout, but the software is unfortunately too archaic to provide this type of information. Back to the hardware – it does work very well. Simply place my ft7 watch on top of the sensor and it the flowlink automatically reads the data from my workout and uploads the data to my polar account online. Overall i recommend, but just be wary of the clunky software. Btw, if you want to save some money, you can just manually enter in your workout stats and punch them into your polar account. The flowlink just takes the manual input stage out of the process.

Polar Flowlink

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Transfers workout data from compatible Polar heart rate monitors into, Polar’s free training site
  • Compatible with Polar personal heart rate monitor devices
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Compatible with the following products: Polar FA20, Polar FT40, Polar FT60, Polar FT80, Polar RS300X, Polar FT7
  • Includes limited two-year manufacturer’s warranty
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I have read quite a few of the reviews of very unhappy people who have not been able to get the polar flowlink to work correctly. I am fortunately one of those people who have had no problems. So far it has worked flawlessly. I am running windows 7 professional edition. I followed the (sparse) instructions that came with the flowlink, but the setup was very easy. I went to polarpersonaltrainer. Com as instructed, set up an account and downloaded/installed the polar websync software. I ran the software, placed my polar rs300x on the polar flowlink as instructed. The align light blinked a few times, then the data light blinked and i received a ‘synchronizing’ message from websync. In about 5 seconds the data upload completed and then websync launched the polarpersonaltrainer.

This flowlink works with my polar ft7 heart rate monitor. When you set it up go to ‘polarpersonaltrainer. I did both together and it confused the computer and i had to un-install everything. So once you have polarpersonaltrainer. Com up and running there will be an icon on your desktop. Make sure you check the box ‘read monitor automatically’ then your life will be easy. After each workout just throw your watch facedown on the tray and bam, your program will launch automatically and give you your results in seconds.

I recently bought the polar ft40 heart rate monitor/watch. I wanted to keep track of my workouts at the polar personal trainer web site. The polar flowlink is a nifty gadget. It’s very easy to use and loads up all the data information from the watch very quickly. I don’t have any problem with this product, but i do have an issue with the polar personal trainer website. In fact, i am very disappointed. It’s not as user-friendly as i had hoped, and that’s saying a lot coming from someone who is internet/computer-savvy. The diary section is all i use right now. The calendar shows the dates the european way, meaning that it will display the date as ‘day. That can throw people off for those of us in the western hemisphere, as it is very easy to mistake 06. 05 for june 5th, and not may 6th. Whoever designed the personal trainer program for the polar site must live in europe, and made things much too complicated than they need to be. The display of the workout summaries is a joke because it’s confusing, and there are dates all over the place, which you have to figure out each time because they show it as ‘day.

This is my first use of polar products, principally because timex could store data and it would work with my imac. Since then, it seems that manufacturers have improved quite a bit, and this flowlink is no exception. The polar flowlink automatically and instantly recognizes my watch, a polar ft7 hrm, on its platform and quickly downloads/uploads my information, unlike the timex ant+ for which the connection can be flaky, in that the watch needs to be near the usb-based receiver. Even then, the timex would sometimes not work, either the dongle not being recognized by the computer or the data connection timing out and failing to load. Even the polar personal trainer website is nicer than timex’s training peaks, with more free features. The only nicety of timex’s training peaks is that it graphs each workout. Otherwise, the polar site is overwhelmingly better.

My wife and i have always used polar hrm. We recently upgraded our watches and decided to purchase the flowlink as well. We have windows 7 on all our computers and the flowlink has worked flawlessly on all 5 of them. We downloaded the latest version of software from polar, plugged in the flowlink, and bam. It workedwe used to use the old system with a microphone and listening to the ‘chirping’ emitted from our watches. It always worked, but sometimes took 2-3 tries depending on the ambient sound in the room. The flowlink has never failed for us. We’ve been talking, watching a movie, or even blasting music on the stereo. The upload and sync to the website it perfectfollow the directions and you have nothing to worry about.

The polar flowlink is an easy to use and setup device. It took less than 5 minutes from opening the box to usage. I installed it on a windows 7 64 bit machine. As stated installation was flawless. I have used the device daily without a single error. After a single or several workouts one simply sits the watch face down on the flowlink and it fires the software, synchs with polarpersonaltrainer. Com and uploads your workout(s). Then, if you desire, the program will open your browser to polarpersonaltrainer. Com and allow you to log in. The flowlink isn’t necessary for using the free polarpersonaltrainer.

It works great with the ft-7. My only wish is that it would show a graph of the heart rate over the span on the exercise routine. It only shows max, min and average heart rates. Good charts for comparing exercise workout routines.

First off i would like to state that i have gone through a wide array of heart monitors and my polar rs 300x has been a great product , that stands heads and shoulders above the rest to include suunto. I believe that anyone who owns the polar rs300x will find that it makes an excellent pairing with this product. As a professional mixed martial artist, keeping track of my workouts and the physiological changes in my body is extremely important. This product allows me to log my data into polar’s personal trainer and differentiate the type of workout that i was doing, the time of day which it was executed and even quantify the workout with a mathematically determined work load. This allows the user to keep a ‘running tab’ on their results and provides a great snap shaot as to what is happening inside the body. I have been training with the monitor and the flow link for about 3 months now, and can personally attest to the ability to quantify my training load and how it has enabled me to push much further than i have in the past. I changed altitudes from roughly 300 feet sea level to over a mile high at nearly 6000 feet above sea level shortly after purchasing this product. I can clearly see the changes that my body went through and the acclimatization process which i experienced. The great thing was that the ability to quantify training loads assisted me greatly in maximizing my ability to not only quickly adjust to the elevation but begin seeing serious gains in performance. This is a great product for anyone from the stay at home mom who wants to shed some weight, to the average joe wanting to get in shape or even the serious athlete.

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This device allows you to upload the data for a compatible polar heart rate monitor to the polar personal trainer website. To upload, you just put the heart rate monitor watch on the round surface and it uploads. It is very quick and easy, and works well with my macbook air. The data is immediately posted to the polar website and i have not had any issues with the unit. My company uses virgin’s healthmiles system for employee incentives which is compatible with the polar system. The workouts from my heart rate monitor are transferred through both systems and i get credit for my workouts on the virgin site as well, allowing me to earn the incentives from my employer. Well worth it for me for that reason alone.

I purchased this to go with my heart rate monitor. Yes, you can typ ein your data to the polarfitness website but i never did it. However, i really founf myself wanting to track my progress and see the charts on the website so i broke down and bought this flowlink. I think it is overpriced, but it does wrok well and transfers the data over quickly. If i did i could just download thr app that does this for free. So i’m not keen on being penalized for my nonconfomity. But, technically the piece is sound and works well.

I’ve had the ft60 for over a year which keeps the workouts on the watch but i wanted to upload to keep track over an extended period of time and see trends. I brought to flowlink to provide that functionality and combined with polarpersonalfitness website, the uploades are easy and can quickly see trends. One note, for some reason the polar websync process would not recognize the flowlink if it was connected to a usb 2. 0 port but immediately recognized if plugged into a regular usb port (all on the same computer). Once i identified that issue, there have been no problems can don’t know if it’s a hardware issue on my end, or software problem with websync, but others should be aware if they experience similar problems.

Polar Flowlink : First off, this product works amazingly well. Works 98% of the time on the first try with no interference, amazingly easy to upload and track information via [. Please note several things that may require this item to not work on your computer that many people overlook:1) the installation software must be downloaded via internet explorer. When i tried to download the software via google chrome or firefox, the daemon would not install at all, which rendered the product useless, as this daemon file is what allows the upload to the polar website. If you don’t download the software via internet explorer, odds are it won’t work. Tried this on 4 computers, none of which would install it correctly using any browser other than internet explorer. 2) the flowlink itself can not sit on a metal surface and successfully sync your heart-rate monitor. It says in the instructions, in smaller print, that the syncing process is based on a magnetic field to transfer data between your watch and the flowlink pad. If the pad itself is on a metal surface, such as a metal desk, the sync between the watch and your computer has a *very* high chance of failure.

Beware, this will not work if you have windows 8. 0, unless you can find the correct driver for your pc. Fortunately, my laptop was windows 7. 0 and the program worked great. Data from my polar watch downloaded instantly. I have a polar watch with a chest sensor to transmit heart rate. Since my purchase and tracking my workouts, i have maintained a schedule that normally would be short lived. It’s a great motivator knowing that you can actually see your progress and fitness level improving.

I have been an owner of polar heart rate monitors for some time and am totally convinced i could not have lost the 90, that’s right, 90 pounds i have without it. I watch my diet, of course, but i also exercise and use the information supplied by the monitor and this device that lets me download and compile. It helps me keep my heart rate in certain zones. It tracks how long i have been in each zone. It allows me to tailor my workouts so i can burn more fat, improve fitness or improve maximum fitness. Did i tell you i have lost 90 pounds (and kept it off for two years)?.

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I just wanted to say that this device installed and operated perfectly on my hp notebook. I’m using it with an ft60 watch and there were absolutely no problems. I’m sorry to hear of some of the horror stories others have experienced but i have not been so afflicted. I did follow the advice of using internet explorer for the download instead of a different browser. If that prevented any problems, i don’t know, but all i can say is that this is working great for me. I’ll add that i’m using this with an ft60 and i had absolutely no problems with just setting the watch on the unit and watching the data upload. So much better than the old sonic link method which just barely worked.

As many have experienced upon initial installation i could not get the align led to light up when trying to sync with my ft7. I tried on my windows 7 computer and my mac laptop. After seeing it not work on 2 computers, i tried the silly stuff of metal surfaces with no luck. Then i thought, what do you do when something doesn’t work on your computer?. I removed the battery on the watch for a few seconds, went through the initial setup (all my workouts were still there and my personal settings, just had to set the clock) and it worked fine on the mac and pc. I read tons of reviews with weird suggestions, but no one said anything about the watch. 5 years and maybe it turns that feature off if not used in a long time or something, not sure. I hope this is the missing information for those still struggling. Bottom line is it now works great and surprisingly fast (on either computer).

The installation was a bit of a pain and took me about 2 hours. There was no instruction in the package at all. When you go to the web page, it is not readily apparent which software to download. Installation must be done using internet explorer. I tried on chrome and it failed. I actually had to install websync and gofit before the program would recognize my ft40.

I’ve used this for a week now with my polar ft60 men’s heart rate monitor watch (black with white display) and i’m very pleased with the device and its integration with polar’s personal trainer website. I’d like to add some additional information about the installation of the driver and support software, to build on other visitors’ helpful comments. I don’t know if there are different revisions of the flowlink hardware, but mine had a 2010 date stamp on the packaging. As i write this, the current version of the websync software (which is required for this device) is 2. It was posted on june 3, 2010. The pc i have flowlink connected to is running 32-bit windows 7 ultimate, and the browser i use is firefox 3. According to other reviews it sounds like there might have been issues in the past with polar’s website that prevented successful downloading/installation of the product with any browser other than internet explorer. Whether or not that was ever the case, it’s definitely not true now; firefox works just fine. When you create an account on the [. (you need to do this anyway in order to use the flowlink), the site immediately presents you a download link to the websync software. Now i didn’t have to use the “run as administrator” option to launch the installer, because i always disable the user account control (uac) feature on all my windows pcs. (this feature protects you from many viruses and trojans, but it also has a nasty side effect of breaking many device driver installations without any warning or indications of failure. You can disable it in the user accounts control panel of windows 7. ]

Now that i have it working, the flowlink seems to do what it advertises. I took a star off because it was so hard to get working and the polar website and customer service did not help. No matter what i tried, including reinstalling the software, the ‘align’ light would not stay on and a lot of the time it wouldn’t even blink on at all. I finally found a video online that showed putting the flowlink on a can of beans to get it to work. I didn’t have beans 🙂 so i tried another can of food and it worked right away and synced perfectly.

Place the watch on the flowlink. It automatically opens the free app, which you download from their website and uploads your data. I find it useful and use it daily. It not only allows me to tweak my workouts to improve them, it also has been useful in helping synchronize my diet with my workout. I had some trouble setting it up on a mac, because the app is not currently available on the app store. Polar does not seem to have a solution on their website so it required some research to find the workaround. After about a week, the program crashed and required reinstalling. Since then, it has worked great.

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