I was having problems with my previous band losing signal. This one works well even during a rigorous workout.

It was old and it died, this did the trick and worked great.

Works as advertised with polar products.

The best, replaceable battery.

I bought a ft7 in 2013 and it stopped working. Every one said it was the band and you had to wet it and followed the instructions to a t. I gave it another chance and bought a replacement band and transmitter from polar and still did the same. I didn’t give up hope as i refused to buy another heart rate monitor. I do have the blaze and the calorie burn is not as sufficient. So i ordered the h1 and it fits perfect. I bought batteries for the watch and just tried a cardio workout and it works. I hope it continues it’s momentum.

I have had one of these for about 15 years while i was seriously running and then morphing into cycling. I managed to lose my first chest band and so bought this one. The design is relatively unchanged. It does what i want it to do which is give relatively accurate heart rate information. I do not need it to map my ride, order coffer or give nutrition tips so i want for nothing with this product.

I love this unit because i can change the battery myself. It works with the cycle equipment at the gym. It also works with with my polar a1 and ft1. I have five t31’s that have worked well but what a waste not being able to change the battery after it dies. I even tried a method to change the t31 battery featured on you tube but that didn’t work. This unit has a slightly shorter range than the t31 when i’m on the gym cycle but i can adjust to that easily. Love this unit and like all polar transmitters wet the band before attaching it to your chest.

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Key specs for Polar H1 HR Pro Sensor:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Provides continuous, accurate heart RATE measurement using 5kHz coded transmission
  • Comfortable textile chest strap with interference-blocking extra electrodes
  • Slip-preventing silicone dots and a secure buckle that keeps the strap firmly in place
  • Polar h1 is compatible with gym link. Compatible with ft1, ft2, ft4, ft7, ft40, ft60, ft80, rcx5, rs400, rs300x, rs100, cs300, cs200cad and cs100
  • User replaceable Battery

Comments from buyers

“A product that does what it says it will do
, Works and replaces T31
, My polar watch FT7 is revived I have hope

It works well, but my old t31-coded strap is of better quality and is easier to clip on and off. The h1’s advantage is that the battery can be changed, but the t31 battery can’t be accessed and changed.

Over the decades, polar has always been a reliable brand. You need to wet the inside before putting it on. If i go to the gym class and realize i forgot to put it on, i just take it out of my bag and rub a little water out of my water bottle to get it we first. It is so easy to put on, i put it on right there. And it is so comfortable, i forget to take it off and find it on at the end of the day. You will not be disappointed.

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