This is my first fitness monitor purchase. I have worn this polar for about 45 days, and it has been perfect for my needs. I am new to my fitness program and just need the basics – this monitor tracks my heart rate and my steps and also has some sleep features (haven’t yet used those). Set up was fairly simple and didn’t require a lot of tech knowledge. The display is better than average, and also has a watch. I was nervous about the “cut to fit” sizing, but it was easy to cut the band to size and it stays on perfectly. The tracker looks nice, and is a good size – it doesn’t get in the way of anything, i don’t even have to take it off at work to type. My favorite feature is that it syncs easily with the under armor my fitness pal app: your tracked steps and exercise from the polar are shown in the app and automatically calculated against your caloric intake. I recommend this polar for anyone starting out on a new fitness journey.

I had brought this one for my wife. The one i have was giving to me by a stroke study that i am in. I use it every day it works great. Down side the battery only last about 2 days. I also wish that they had it showed the date along with the time.

After 4 months it went out on me and i took it off tried to charge it after a month and it worked perfectly. But after a while it went out on me again. To me it wasn’t a big deal i just kept leaving it off for a day or so and then charging it again. It was like a reset or something. But loss the charger and i do not really care to find it. I definitely don’t think it’s worth it to buy another one.

Love that it calculates how much sleep, sit, stand, walk and running i do based on the app. Love that i get notifications when someone is calling me. But i dont love that every 3 days i have to charge it.

What i was looking for in a fitness tracker was comfortable to wear and waterproof so i could shower and swim while wearing it. Most of the other ones really irritated my wrist with the size and shape of the tracker and their bands. Mostly i need a tracker to remind me to move and to keep an estimate of my steps so i will move more. My exercise is a treadmill so i can’t review how it works with more active exercising. I don’t use most of the options this tracker has. I do have it set up to know when i get phone calls and text messages which is handy as i usually leave my phone in the other room. And i realized yesterday when i was at the movies it lets me know about calls and texts when my phone is on silent, which was really handy. Another feature i really like is the way the band closes. It has a fold over like catch that does not open completely so it makes a ‘bracelet circle’. So when i am typing on the computer, i can open the catch and just slide it up my arm out of the way and not have to take it completely off.

I have the first version of this in another color but have misplaced the charge cord. I ordered the white one to go with summer clothes but when it came the charge cord was missing. Rather than go through the hassle of boxing it back up and returning it i ordered a charge cord separately, costing me another $20.

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Bought it to track my daily steps, plus it allows deactivation of bluetooth (something many other fitness trackers don’t allow) works great do far, and isn’t bulky on the wrist. Just be careful when trimming the band for fit – i accidentally snipped into the groove meant for the clasp. Luckily, the next link was the right fit for my wrist.

Not only does it look nice, but compared to the other trackers (i have also fitbit) this is by far better. The charge is somewhat short (4-5 days), but otherwise it syncs easier, and even without the sync, it tells you on your wrist the time, steps, activity and remaining activity need, remaining charge etc. Without logging online, waiting for sync and then checking a separate dashboard. Also, this automatically tracks your sleep time and sleeping habits versus fitbit where you’d need to remember before you fall asleep to tap the fitbit a certain way.

  • Good but buy the first version
  • So far, so good
  • Trusty, waterproof, inexpensive, accurate

Polar Loop 2 Activity Tracker

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Motivates you to reach your daily goal by tracking your steps, distance, and calories burned 24/7
  • Vibrating inactivity alerts help you keep moving throughout the day
  • Automatically tracks your sleep time, quality of sleep, and sleep patterns
  • Compatible with H7 Heart Rate sensor for continuous, accurate heart rate
  • Syncs with free Polar Flow app and web service for additional workout planning, motivation and guidance
  • Water Resistance: WR20

I cut the band down a tad bit too much but i have to work with it since it is all one. I do like the tracking it does but the information is not easy for me to locate. I think it may have updated itself and it’s not as easy as it was in the beginning.

Purchased in sept 2016, and after 4 months of normal use, one of the silver accent pieces on the face of the band fell out, exposing the internal compartment of the device and ruining the waterproof quality. Love the look, but since this is clearly at least a defective part issue or a serious design flaw, i would carefully consider the quality of this particular model. I hope that polar would replace the device or refund the cost, as eventually the moisture will render the device unusable less than 6 months after purchase. Very unhappy, as i have had good experience with other polar devices in the past. Edited 1/26/17 corrected rating to 3 stars after contacting polar and having the display case repaired under warranty without charge. It looks good as new and has been tested for water resistance, so we will see how it continues to function long-term. I am pleased that the repair was covered, although we had to pay for shipping one way. The drawback is that it took almost 2 weeks to ship it there, repaired, and get it back (and i shipped it from ny to the center, in ny.All in all, i would still consider other styles that might be more robust in order to avoid having to send it for repair.

Great product, proprietary charging cord stopped working after 2mo. Unfortunately it was outside the return window, and the manufacturer just directed me to purchase an additional charging cord.

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There was suppose to be a blemish from the center but i couldn’t find anything wrong with it.

I received my tracker this morning. Seal broken at top of box, noticed it said on other end to open from bottom. It opened easily and fell out of box into my lap. Put on my wrist and it fit loosely but thought that curious as band is supposed to be ample and needs to be cut to size. I touched the screen and unit lit up saying welcome back?. After checking out contents of the box, i realized there was no english instruction booklet (just 4 other languages). Saw in spanish booklet the picture of the opening tool for band and it was missing also. Looked closely at the band end and could see it had already been cut. Replacement to arrive in 2 more days.

I’m a polar loop fan all the way. I have a polar loop that needed to be replaced so i bought the polar loop 2. My complaints are that i dislike the thinner design of the clasp, and the wrist band is shorter that the polar loop. I cut my loop 2 band to match where my loop band was and the new band is almost too tight.

I really like the device itself and the flow app but the latching mechanism that keeps the device securely on your wrist constantly comes loose during the day. It seems like one side of the device was out of alignment or easily comes out of alignment so the button you press to unlatch the watch is never fully secure when wearing the device. Can’t recommend it though because of this issue.

Fairly basic tracker from funtionality point of view. It doesn’t do much more than telling you the steps and calories. The calories however are not based on actual movement but derived from the steps. If you do a cardio exercise where no steps are involved, you do not get the correct calorie information. I asked polar support whether there are any movement algorithms in the band that can interpret moves. That is disappointing as it seems mostly software related. The good things: looks, notifications (albeit basic: when message/call comes in) and the fact that you can swim with it.

I like that this activity tracker has a subtle look and looks more like a bracelet than an activity tracker. I also purchased the heart rate monitor strap to track exercises more accurately. Polar’s app could be a little better, hoping that they update it.

I had the polar loop 1, and loved it so much i upgraded to the loop 2. It serves my fitness needs well, and i love that i can connect to a heart rate monitor if i choose. It reminds me to get up and move around once an hour and survived a kayaking trip (thank goodness for being waterproof). I love that i didn’t have to hook it up to a computer out of the box if i chose not to, it syncs with my phone / ipad via bluetooth. Polar has been a trusted brand for many years, and i would pick this tracker over other trendy brands solely for that reason.

I have only had it for two days. I wasn’t looking for anything special. Water proof feature is nice to have. Simple would be a good way to describe the polar loop 2. It’s comfortable to wear, doesn’t feel bulky or clunky. I love that it tells me what i can do to meet my activity goal (ex. ) mine has been syncing just fine but last night my band read a higher number of steps and my app read less.

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I don’t like it as much as my fit bit. Only because the fitbit it easier to use. This has promise, but i need a tutor.

The main difference between version 2 and 1 is that ver 2 adds smart notifications. – if your phone gets a call, the loop will vibrate and display the text ‘phone call’. That’s all you get over a ver 1 as far as i can tell. It’s nice but for me personally it is not something i found very helpful so i turned it off after a few days. Also it sucks battery since it uses bluetooth. Since ver 2 does not add much beyond smart notifications i would recommend ver 1 and save $10 or so. I had a ver 1 for around 3 years and was very happy with it until the battery died. The new ver 2 one i have is also great; i just don’t use the new smart notifications.

I really like polar for actual hr reporting. The best i’ve run into since many years ago. My old polar watch with chest strap finally gave up and i moved to the loop. Here’s my only and biggest complaint. Try to read you polar outdoors in bright sunlight with a sunglasses on. You have to find shade and cup your hand around the unit and squint. Am i the only one experiencing this?. How did polar let this slip by?.

I have had it for several months it does as it says it would. This is my first activity tracker so i really have no other experiences to compare it to however it fit, it syncs, it notifies, it records, it vibrates, and does all the other stuff that polar says it should do along with the h7 monitor. I am enjoying this product as my first fitness tracking experience.

I have the original polar loop for almost a year now, and worn it every day. Like any product, there are people who love it, some hate it and some just thought it is not worth the money to pay for it. I like it for one reason: i believe polar has the best algorithm to calculate your daily goal, and this is super important. Using the polar loop with a polar heart rate monitor is the best way to know your true level of activity. Most other activity trackers seem to use the benchmark of 10,000 steps as a daily goal; polar actually takes into account your heart rates and the activity you are doing to evaluate if you have reached your daily goal (i am on a level 2 activity and could reach my daily goal with just 30 minutes of power walk on the treadmill or an hour of bike ride at 15 mph). I start feeling much better and losing weight by meeting my daily goal at least 5 times a week. Using only step counts for daily goal has an inherent disadvantage: if your tracker does not keep step count accurately, you may not reach your daily goal. All activity trackers have this weakness: none that i know of can track your step count accurately, some missed by around 100 steps, some missed even much higher number of steps. Polar loop is accurate within 50 steps or so. So why i look to upgrade to polar loop 2?.

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