I use this watch for running only and charge my gearfit 2 while on my daily jog. My gearfit 2 would not always find the gps signal and would give me an extra mile or 2 on my 6 mile a day jog. This polar works good for running. Great gps, heart rate, and battery life. The bad is that it over counts your steps. I love the band and the fact that the display is always on. Not a fan of charging cradles, they are finnacky and you have to clean the contacts often. With the m200 you don’t have to worry about the stupid cradle. I wish polar flow had weekly competition like garmin connect has.

I did not understand the website info on this product. I thought i would get up to 16 hours of ‘training’ tracking in a single charge and i only get up to six hours. (the 16 hours refers to ‘activity’ tracking which is just the watch making note of you being alive and walking around which i think is stupid – sorry all you fitbit junkies) for me i wanted something with battery life that would track an entire day of cycling that would then link to strava, so that i did not have to run down the battery using strava on my iphone. I may start cycling at 9 am and complete the day at 5 pm. There will be stops for lunch and chores along the way, but i still wanted the charge to last the entire day and to track the entire time i am cycling s ‘training’ and it will not do that. After six hours i run out of battery power. So in that regard the watch does not do much better than my iphone but at least my phone will remain charged while i run out of watch power (tee hee) and with the watch i track heartbeat too, which is nice, but since i am more of an endurance cyclist than power cyclist, my heart rate remains relatively low. The polar flow app is fine, what i really use is the link to strava.

The polar m200 would be a great watch if it were easier to sync to the polar app. My watch no longer provides notifications and i have not turned off the phone notifications feature. Also, it is difficult to depress the buttons mostly due to the band. The gps is accurate for running which is my primary sport but i am also able to track other activities such as strength training, cycling, etc. I do like to the training summary. Overall, i will go back to garmin given the features and overall dependability of the product. I did not have difficulties trying to engage the side buttons on the watch.

I run about 40 miles a week and i have bad cell service, so i can’t use a phone for gps on distance calculation. Plus, i hate running with extra objects attached to me, so a gps watch is necessary. This watch does not disappoint. It’s gps accuracy is amazing and it even picks up my route where i just run on one side of the street vs the other.I do wish though that your step count (for the actual workout) would display in the end of workout stats. I’m working on lengthening my stride and decreasing my step count per mile, which has improved my running speed. But the watch doesn’t provide, instead, i have to load the data to my phone and view it after the workout has completed. But i’d also like to see it during my run, so adding it to one of the screens you can view along with hr, mph, distance, time elapsed, etc. :)other pro’s:easy set-up and connection to phone.

Wish the battery would last longer. I could barely use it for 2 days before the battery drains. It always loses sync with my phone and have to keep connecting it to my computer so it can resync. I think i was better with my old polar. I bought this because i didn’t want to wear the heart rate band any more, but i would wear it any day if it would make my battery last.

First the good things, looks pretty in red because is fashion and more fun than a traditional black watch , yo can see yout whatsapp messages in the screen through bluetooth, this watch allow to show you each day your actuvity and rest, and you can sync your activities with strava. For the other side the not so good things are the battery lasts between 2h 30 min and 3 hours when the gps is on, is not too much for people that loves long rides, the bracelet looks veru dirty after two weeks, and sometimes the hr is not accurate and can be scary, is a good watch for people that loves sport but has a low budget and doesnt need to turn on a gps all day, is a fun smartwatch forpeople that loves sport.

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There are some really great features on this watch. The ease of use just can’t be beat. It only has two buttons, and that won me over right away. Learning all the functions of a new watch can be overwhelming, and i am a newbie to running watches, so i was looking for something that would be simple to learn and use right away. Recording a training session is simple and the gps connected to satellite within seconds. I am not in an intense season of training and am only running a few times a week. With that amount of activity, my watch battery lasted 6 days. That is definitely a good battery life for a watch that has as many different functions, including heart rate. In regards to the heart rate monitor built into the back of the watch face, i was really happy with how quickly it was able to give me a reading and that the watch never encountered any errors trying to read my hr. I was able to easily navigate between my hr reading and lap screen while running.

Key specs for Polar M200 GPS Running Watch with Wrist-Based Heart Rate:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Optical Heart Rate – Continuous, accurate heart rate without a chest strap. FlowSync compatible with computer running Mac OS X 10.6 or later and Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
  • Integrated GPS – Speed, distance and route tracking
  • Activity Monitoring – Follow your daily activity and sleep 24/7
  • Mobile Connectivity – Seamless communication via Bluetooth Smart to Polar Flow app on mobile devices
  • Running Program – Free running plan made just for you and your needs. NOTE: Refer start-up guide and user manual before use
  • Water Resistance: Waterproof (suitable for swimming). Thickness 1.2 centimeters

Comments from buyers

“My 1st Polar product I did NOT like
, Best Running Watch
, Good watch for the money. Has exceeded expectations so far.

I am loving this fitness watch so far. It is accurate for distance while i walk. This is the main reason i purchased. I am retired and like to take different routes for my daily walks. My past watch would not calculate the distance correctly. Heart rate also appears to be accurate for me. I love the polar flow app and the ability to see all the stats of my walk, and where it occurred on the map. It is easy to use, but i am still figuring out all of its capabilities. The description had me worried that is was for running. I can no longer run, but for walking, this is just the item i wanted.

Had it for several weeks and used it on a dozen runs. The watch looks like a real watch, not a mini ipad. With only two buttons, the watch is easy to use. The gps is a bit slow to connect, but reasonably precise. The heart rate measurement is accurate most of the time. With the polar flow software, the m200 has no problem to synchronize with an ipad, and the software is easy to use and informative. The lack of cadence measurement is regrettable for a running watch. Update:after 6 months and a few hundred miles, the watch has worked generally well and comfortable to wear.

Bought this product b/c i had a good experience with other polar gadgets over almost 20 years. Also, the wrist-based hrm seemed a neat feature compared to my polar m400 chest band which often is uncomfortable to wear. Anyways, since i owned both the m200 and m400 it was natural to compare the 2 during my regular exercise sessions. Below are my unvarnished observations:-setting up the watch was possible only via computer or a smart phone app. I did not find it well explained in the tiny instruction attached. Not a big deal but the m400 does not suffer this. -once set up, the watch performed as advertised. -the 180mah rechargeable battery appears to perform as advertised. I have a gadget that measures the recharged energy consumption.

I’ve had this watch for 2 weeks now and it works fine. The only complaint so far is that the gps keeps turning on in the sport profiles when i turn them off daily. Theres no need for the gps to turn on when i am inside doing aerobic, indoor activity or dancing. I turn them off in polar flow and it lasts a day then the next morning when i do my treadmill activitiy the gps is back on and on the other indoor activity settings also. I dont know why the settings change but this is annoying because i dont want to be tracked inside my house. I think i will be returning this one.

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Price is fair and ther’s no need of chest stripe, what is great. Screen size a bit small than expected once most part of the display is just a plastic stick figure. Digital display should be larger for the price. It takes several minutes to capture the gps at the first walking in the day. Harte rate works 95% compared to the models that use chest stripe monitors. Interface polar flow could be much more user friendly. It has lots of space to improve. st synchronization was a nightmare.

Can’t beat this watch for simplicity and price. The hr monitor tracks very closely with a chest monitor i wore to test accuracy. The gps can take a minute or two to connect, but once connected, i have never lost the signal even miles into the woods on some remote mountain bike trails. The battery life is excellent without using gps. I do charge a couple of times a week if i ride more than twice in that week. I love how the watch has a built in usb plug – no keeping track of charging cords. The iphone app is simple and informative – i like the option to add notes to the workout summary.

Charged it the day i received it and it went 3 1/2 weeks without needing a charge even with 4-5 workout sessions a week being recorded. The only downside is when your battery is on one bar it won’t let you track any new workout sessions til it’s charged so i haven’t been able to fully kill the battery before charging. Hr monitor can be a little bit annoying the way it sticks into your wrist but after finding the right place to wear it and getting used to it i hardly notice anymore. I don’t have a hr chest strap to compare it too but it seems accurate when i’ve done my own calculations. Haven’t used gps yet but i’m sure that will wear the battery down. Overall, if you’re not a major athlete training for anything and just an average person that likes to work out and want a decent fitness watch at a modest price point, this is the one for you.

I purchased this after returning my brand new m600. The m600 had the following flaws: 1) could not see display in bright sun. 2) vibration alarm was barely noticeable. It does what the m600 did not for me. The charge lasts 5 to 6 days, whereas the m600 needs daily charging. Notifications from my android phone are good. In my first test, the hr monitor was not nearly as accurate as the m600. I compared both the m600 and m200 vs.

Product works as intended, and is not to large. Replaceable watch band is a great concept, and is inexpensive is band is broke. Relatively accurate heart rate while running, however, has issues monitoring a heart rate with cross training exercises that require bending of the wrist (push-ups, pull-ups, rowing). Gps is not extremely accurate, but good enough to get a relative overall distance (+ or – 0. The biggest fault of this product is the usb charging port. The port protrudes from the the watch on an extremely thin usb connector, which makes it extremely susceptible to breaking. This happened to my watch when it accidentally fell on the ground. The charging port ‘snapped’ like a broken branch. This would be a good heart rate watch if the charging port was inset/internal one (usb c, or micro usb) going in to the device.

So i’ve had this watch for some time now. So i feel very confident in the following observations. Functionality – i love the features of this watch. So easy to use along with the app. Very easy to customize / adjust settings and comes with a surprising number of options. I also love the messaging pairing with my iphone. Nice to get the alerts even though you cant see the whole message. Gps – good when it works but mostly not good. Tend to run outside 3-4 times per week. Typically 3-4miles per outing. I live in new york city but have tested it in the chicago suburbs, atlanta suburbs, new orleans, west des moines, central michigan. It takes way too long for the watch to link to a satellite to monitor your speed/distance.

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This polar is a great watch for the price. In spite of taking too long to connect gps to the satellite it gives accurate data. The polar flow site gathers all the information and put it together to help me make sense of my performance and progress. The programs offered are very easy to follow and gives me options to choose from. The watch is light and easy to use.

The first night i had this, i charged it for two hours. It said the battery was ‘almost full’ and since people had said it can go long periods of time without charging i figured i was fine. The next day, the battery ran out of juice in the middle of my workout. I again charge for just short of two hours. The battery runs out 30 minutes into my kickbox class. (the first time i’d made a demand of the watch all day) that night i managed to charge until ‘full’ and so far we’re at 24 hours and going strong.

Works well but after 2 runs the battery’s die out mid-run. Each of my runs last for an hour to an hour and half though so i think that using the gps for that long during runs drain the battery. So i just charge it everyday to keep it fully charged before each run.

This watch is everything it claims to be so far for me. Been enjoying it for two weeks now training for a half marathon, and the watch and app are both very easy to use. I was worried about needing to buy a small band for it, as i have tiny wrists, but since the band has holes along the entire band, the m/l band it comes with has been fine. I’ve found it very comfortable.

The watch feels well build and has a ton of slots on the band to ensure a comfortable fit, regardless of wrist size. I highly recommend this product for its built in gps and hr features and its affordable price makes it a great bargain. The smart notifications actually are growing on me and i find myself just glancing at my wrist rather than digging around in my pocket fro my phone. If you are an athlete or just someone who wants to track their activity i would highly recommend this product. My only concern was that polar flow app is not the most intuitive apps to get started with, but after a while you get the hang of it.

My fitbit surge broke after 3 years, and i was very upset at it’s short lifespan. When researching a fitbit replacement, i was looking for waterproof, ability to change bands (surge lacked in style), gps, and heart rate. The m200 has all of this and moremy favorite feature is to create training plans. I do not even know i wanted it till my watch startes vibrating when i was not in the proper zone. I really like that it warns you when you have been sitting to long. It gives you an inactivity stamp. Really cool motivator to get up. The m200 is a perfect watch.

First impressions from a first time gps watch buyer but seasoned endurance athlete. So far this watch has exceeded my expectations. It is comfortable and easy to use. It has everything i was looking for. 1) sufficient wrist hr readings when needed, 2) bt connectivity for chest strap hr monitors (i use a wahoo tickrx) for more precise readings during training, 3) accurate gps. I was surprised how accurate it was when running in a forest of 50′ tall trees blocking out most light, 4) multiple and adjustable readings during training such as current pace, overall pace, lap and total time, elevation climbed, of course hr,and many more 5) it is waterproof and can be used swimming. I’ll even get hr readings using my chest strap, 6) it is a ‘running’ watch but the polar flow app allows me to set it up in a multi-sport fashion. I cycle just as much as run, 7) connects to my strava and fitnesspal, 8) it even receives smart phone notifications. Although this is really basic and i don’t plan on using it, 9) it has good battery life and it looks like i’ll only need to plug into the charger 1-2x/week. If i want to listen to music, let my wife live-track my position, or call/text then i’ll just take my phone with me still.

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