I have a heart condition so i use the polar oh1 to track my heart rate all the time even though that is not really what it is designed to do. Of all the devices i have used. (apple watch and fitbit) this is the most accurate. It seems to be as accurate as the polar chest straps which are also very accurate but are painful to wear for long periods of time. The apple watch is fair at tracking the heart rate but if you move your arm al lot even doing simple things like brushing your teeth it can read quite high. The only time the polar oh1 will miss read is when it gets flipped over on your arm and then your watch will show no reading. One of the things better about the application i use on the apple watch to track my heart rate is that you can see about an hour of your heart rate history on the apple watch and you can go to other application on the apple watch or your phone to see longer history all while you are still using the apple watch to track your heart rate. You have to retrieve the date from the polar watch at the end of use to get any history. I get 12 hours out of a charge for the polar oh1. The polar chest straps go for much longer.

When i ordered the oh1 i was a bit worried that it would not be accurate. I order it because when using the normal chest strap when i get home i had to strip my riding gear in order to take off the chest strap. The oh1 is just what i hoped it would be. I can remove the arm band without taking off my riding gear. I tested the oh1 accuracy by wearing the polar chest strap paired to my polar v650 while wearing my polar a300 paired to the oh1 and there wasn’t more than a beat difference on a 20 mile ride. The oh1 can operate alone with polar flow with a bit of button pushing and it will show my heartbeat throughout the night. It needs to be recharged every day like many usb rechargeable devices. It has turned my a300 into fitbit like monitor. And the best part is that there is no discomfort with the armband which is not true with the chest strap.

Really convenient for ‘normal’ use. Do download the manual which is far more informative (of course) than the brief overview in the package. Though i was happy with ease of pairing and convenience, i returned it since it does not track rr values, which are necessary to use polar’s ortho and fitness test. That said, still a huge fan of polar, my v800 and my h10’s :).

My new polar oh1 a very simple to use and seems quite durable. It consist of three parts: 1) a small black arm band; 2) a little black disk consisting of 1 button and an led light that can emit amber or green light; and 3) a small usb cap that you snap over the little disk when you want to charge the disk. I charged mine by plugging the small usb cap into a usb female jack that i normally use with my iphone. The light blinks amber while charging and then turns into a blinking green light when it’s fully charged. I installed the ‘free’ polar beat iphone app and then paid an $7. 99 ‘in app’ activation fee to turn on all the features. I went to the gym and took the five minute polar beat ‘fitness test’, which showed i was ‘very fit’. Then i got onto a treadmill, set incline to 15 degrees and speed to 2. 5 mph, and started the polar beat ‘running training’ mode. (personally, i find *walking* at a 15 degree incline with one hand on the railing is better exercise for the heart than running).

I followed the instructions. It keeps saying there is no data when connected to the computer. I tried the email link for support and instead of submitting the form for help, the only button is for giving ‘feedback. ‘ i want help, not feedback. Form shows no evidence of having been submitted or received in three attempts. Finally spoke to a live person at the company. Turns out, if you want the device to record data, you have to hit the silver button twice. This little operational gem of information is not mentioned in the manual for some reason. I’ve increased rating from one star to three.

I had used charge 2 which was ok in terms of hr accuracy. It was usable when running or stair climbing, but nowhere near useful in strength training or hiit. Then got versa for a couple of weeks which was better than charge 2 but again was lacking when it came to hr tracking in hiit. So looked around, chest straps were not for me. So got this to give it a try and so far has been very very good. The attached pic is interval training on rowing. Such a great reflection of what i was doing. It did very well with weights and core work too. It is very slightly uncomfortable on my forearm but not too bad.

  • Ease And Accuracy!
  • The only optical HR that I’ve tried that works.
  • Works well with my iPhone 7Plus

The bad: the device refuses to update polar flow when used independently from a polar watch and or bluetooth device, which if independent operation is key to your purchase there may be an issue (device sync’s however no records appear on the web app). The good: accurate to 2-3bpm (tested with h7 chest strap for comparison), lasts 11. 5 hours with constant use, water proof, comfertable, relativilty inexpensive. Bluetooth compatability as a function. The interesting: can be used vertually anywhere; out of curiousity i placed the strap on my foot above the ankle, wrist, lower arm, all read my hr just as effectivly as the upper arm when running/cycling. The polar beat app work well without being overcomplicated.

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This is a really great product and the app is equally good. The down side:sensor has trouble reading accurately when i sprint. I think the motion of my arm is being mistaken for heatbeat. Like most people, i do a similar set of exercises in rotation. There is no option to create a quick list of my most frequently used options, rather than have scroll forever or type out search parameters. The upside:durable, lightweight, good battery life.

Thank you polar for designing a heart rate sensor with its own rechargeable battery built in. It connected right away to my v800. Now can we move forward by making the oh1 waterproof for my lap swimming?.

This is the first optical unit that i’ve tried (including scosche, polar a360, and mio) that reliably reads my hr. It should get five stars, but there are two things i do not like about it. First, the battery life, while on par with the mio and scosche is abysmal. 5-3 hours max per charge, and that is not long enough for longer runs and xc skiing. Second, the thing is so small that it is very easy to lose. Pros:* reliable hr reading – tracks well with my polar chest strap, and works better than the strap when it’s very cold (. * good charging solution (small usb dongle). * easy and pain-free pairing with my v800.

I recently went through a couple of the newer polar wrist wearables (m430 and a370) and returned them due to the sleep tracking. I went with another wearable that i’ve used in the past and tracks my sleep without issue. But i wanted something that i could trust when working out. I’ve come to trust polar hr tracking products and love the new design of the updated devices with the 6 leds. I saw this and had to give it a try. I couldn’t be happier with this. It works perfectly with polar beat on my note 8. My treadmill and resistance training sessions are easily tracked and i get a pretty consistent hr compared with other products. I feel that polar has a more ‘honest’ calculation for calories burned, compared to other products which may be over-calculating the calorie burn. The only ‘con’ i’d say that i have, is that it seems to have a hard time syncing after doing a fitness test.

Features of Polar OH1 Heart Rate Monitor

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Convenient – Embrace the freedom of Polar OH1’s unmatched diversity for use in countless different sports. This optical heart rate sensor offers an easy-to-use alternative to heart rate chest straps
  • Versatile – pair it with your favorite smart phone, iPhone or Galaxy app, your Polar watch or other training device or broadcast your heart rate data in a group environment
  • Built-in memory – store up to 200 hours of training data
  • Updatable – heart rate monitor contains firmware updates that enhances its functionality
  • Rechargeable – heart rate monitor lets you enjoy 12 hours of operating time on its rechargeable battery
  • Providing versatility, comfort and simplicity, the Polar oh1 is an optical heart rate sensor worn on the arm. Whether running, riding, or rocking a workout at the gym, this heart rate monitor armband accurately and consistently captures heart rate using P

From the manufacturer

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Polar Beat & Polar Flow

Try Polar OH1 with Polar Beat, Polar’s free fitness and training app and get real-time heart rate on the screen of your phone during your workouts.

Polar Flow is Polar’s free app and web service that helps you plan, sync and analyze your training, follow your progress and find inspiration for training from others.

Polar OH1

Optical Heart Rate Sensor

Polar OH1 optical heart rate sensor tracks heart rate from the arm and makes heart rate tracking easier than ever. It’s a great alternative for heart rate chest straps. It attaches to your arm with a comfortable textile armband and measures heart rate with Polar’s high-quality optical heart rate solution.

  • Optical heart rate (6 LED solution)
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Works with all Polar BLE devices, Polar Beat and many other fitness apps
  • Built-in memory (4 MB, 150-200h of training time)
  • Waterproof (30 m)
  • Machine-washable textile armband
  • Rechargeable battery (up to 12h of operating time)
  • Updatable firmware

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Connected mode

Polar OH1 streams heart rate to Polar sports watches, cycling computers and compatible apps and gym equipment via Bluetooth. It’s a great alternative for a chest strap heart rate sensor.

Train with an app

Polar OH1 is compatible with many popular fitness apps on both iOS and Android phones. Try it with Polar Beat, Polar’s free training app.

Standalone mode

Train without your phone or a watch – Polar OH1 has a built-in memory for up to 200 hours of training data. You can easily sync your training data to Polar Flow, Polar’s free app and web service.

Comfort and convenience

Polar OH1 is easy to put on and take off anytime, anywhere. You can wear it on your upper arm or forearm. Heart rate tracking is now simpler than ever.

OH1 H10
Heart rate Optical Chest strap
Placing Upper arm or forearm Around the chest
Internal memory 4MB, up to 200 hours of data With Polar Beat, for one session
Bluetooth Smart connectivity
Battery Rechargeable (USB, battery life up to 12 hours) Changeable
Works with Polar products
Works with Polar Beat
Works with fitness apps

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I am a longtime polar heart rate monitor user. I’ve always worn the chest strap as it has always been hailed as the only reliable heart rate measure. But when performing certain exercises like supermans, burpees, pull-ups and even clean and jerks, i have either popped off the transmitter or moved it out of place enough that it stopped transmitting. So, this oh 1 was appealing right off the bat for those reasons. My concern was accuracy- and i am pleasantly surprised that i needn’t have worried. The oh 1 is right on target with my chest strap readings in the same exercises. It is sooo much easier to just slip on my arm and get to it, instead of having to just about expose myself in order to wrap the strap around my chest and hook the transmitter on when i’m running late to classes. Also great not to have to constantly rinse a stinky, sweaty strap. Only negatives are with polar instructions which they make you have to dig for in order to pair the oh 1. Note: you have to pair it inside of polar flow and beat before you pair it in your phone’s general bluetooth settings.

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Easy to use and linked to iphone straight out of the box. Download polar flow app to tracking sessions. Works well in record mode for swim sessions. Just remember to turn in on with one long push. Let it pick up you heart rate indicated by single green pulses on the led. Then push the button twice quickly to initiate record mode. You will get double green pulses from the led when recording heart rate. Lasts about 8 training sessions of an hour before it needs charging.

This is the perfect heart rate monitor for training in the gym. I have been using it regularly for almost 2 months, and found it to be as accurate, or more accurate in some cases than a traditional chest strap. I wear mine on my upper arm with the sensor positioned on the side of my inner left bicep. It is light, comfortable and secure. I found that other optical heart rate sensors like those found on some activity trackers cannot handle measuring heart rate during strength training. For me, they’ll usually show something like a 65bpm eventhough i am in the middle of working hard on strength exercises and can feel my heart rate to be much faster. With the polar oh-1, i get reliable results that actually mirror the effort i’m putting in. The total calories burned at the end of a session is always a sensible number that allows me to properly calculate my nutritional needs for the day. This item is a highly recommend for me. You can pair it with the polar a300 which looks like the most affordable option, and is the watch i have been using.

Doesnt accurately monitor heart rate in real time as it claims. There is a delay in registering my heart rate during workouts which is expected with the type of tech polar uses in comparison to their chest straps. My only gripe is that the oh1 i have wont automatically sync. For some reason it wont detect and sync my last recorded work out. For some reason i have to record another session, turn the device off, turn it back on and hope it registers my bluetooth connection on my phone to the polar beat app in order for my work out to register. -otherwise syncing with my desktop is automatic.

I like this sensor much better than the chest one i had previously. This sensor works very well and my only complaint is i don’t get anywhere near the 12 hours advertised on a single charge. My guess is it is closer to 5 hours. Not a huge deal, but the battery level got too low at the end of my workout this morning and wasn’t transmitting strong enough for my phone to get the signal, but thankfully i had less than 5 minutes left in my workout. Overall i recommend this sensor and i’m pleased with it.

It took me a couple tries to figure this out (pressing the button once turns it on, but you have to press it two additional times for it to actually track your heart rate), but overall it works well. I only have two complaints; first, the on/off button is really small and therefore hard to push. But what i really don’t like is the blinking light while the device is in use. I suppose if you’re running or doing solo training, it’s not a big deal. Most of my workouts, however, are in martial arts classes, and i feel extremely self-conscious having a visibly blinking green light on my arm while sparring. I actually put a piece of black tape over the light so it’s hidden. Maybe some people find it helpful, but i wish there was a way to turn it off. But other than that, it’s a great little device. My actual calories burned is more or less what my fitness pal estimates it should be for martial arts, so i feel confident that it’s pretty accurate. And it’s comfortable enough that i don’t notice it while working out.

Convenient – Embrace the freedom of Polar OH1’s unmatched diversity for use in countless different sports.

I don’t notice i’m wearing it and since it fits up on the inside of my arm i can wear it during all of my tkd/karate/judo workouts. Took a few minutes to get used to the start/stop and sync process but once you get that figured out it’s simple. You turn it on and then push the button twice to start. When it’s on and in standby it keeps blinking with a single blink, when it’s logging data it double blinks. Once you figure this out it’s very simple to use. Charges quickly and lasts up to 8-10 hours between charges.

I tried a couple of different hrms and ended up in this one, which works just fine. The arm band is kind of compromise between the chest and the wrist, but it’s not distracting during a workout and provides great indication of heart rate. It feels like theres about a 10 second delay between an actual change in heart rate and an indicated change in heart rate, but that’s acceptable for my workouts. I check accuracy against the old-fashioned manual method (counting beats while watching a clock), and have consistently gotten matching results. Pros:provides an accurate measurement of heart rate, real time. App tracks workouts, so you can get a feel for your progress. Armband fits comfortably and doesn’t move around during workouts, which beats expectations. Fits fine, works great, maybe the easiest thing to set up i’ve ever bought. Cons:it’s an armband, so it doesn’t have it’s own display. You’ll need to pair with a supported watch or your phone.

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I use this as a stand-alone product, so i don’t have any other polar accessories, just downloaded the app on my phone. As i read in other reviews, it’s really easy to screw up starting a training session. You have to press the tiny button twice, and there’s no signal saying you’ve started the session. On at least 2 occasions i thought i started a training session, but then nothing showed up when i synced my app – indicating that i didn’t start the session when i thought i did. Another reason for my 3 star rating is the battery life. I don’t run super long, but after two 45 min runs on two days, the light started blinking red, indicating low battery. If you’re doing longer training sessions this probably won’t last more than 2 hours. I have skinny arms, and i wear it on my forearm, and it gets just snug enough when i have it all the way tight. It fits, so i can’t complain, but you might not love it if your arms are super skinny. This was my first heart rate monitor, and i’m not in love with it, but don’t hate it enough to buy something else.

I have used polar chest straps for years, as i find them the most accurate and most responsive of the different methods and brands out there. I use my h10 strap with the a370 wrist device, and it’s an ideal setup. Unfortunately, i started to get an irritation on my chest (after more than 15 years of using a chest strap) so i decided to try just the a370 with wrist-monitoring. It works, but there are too many spikes and gaps during a heavy, sweaty workout; i like to look at my hr charts from time to time, and that’s annoying. So i got the oh1 and it works great with my a370. It may be a little bit slow-responding if you’re doing some kind of hiit stuff where you need to see your hr go up and down real fast within seconds, but for running, biking, elliptical, etc. It tracks hr right on the money and is plenty responsive for ‘normal’ type exercise. My estimate is that it’s no more than 2-4 seconds behind any big jumps or dips in hr. More importantly (to me) if you look at your hr chart, you won’t see any unexplained spikes or gaps where the monitor lost track. I’m probably going to switch from the h10 to oh1 full time, based on my experience.

Can sync to polar flow and also to polar beat. Have tried it on arms, legs and works perfectly fine.

So far i think it’s a good product. The bad is not too tight since it’s adjustable. The only thing i dislike is the life of the charge. It seems i need to charge it after 3 hours, which is fine. The app that came with the manual is not the app you’d use to track. Once you download the app mentioned in the manual then you are told to download a different app to track your heart rate, calories, etc.

Versatile –

The oh1 solved a major problem. I have an irrigular cheart beat and chest strap monitors go crazy trying to calculate my heart rate. The polar oh1 is dead on acurate. It is also more comfortable than a chest strap and it stays in place on my arm. It does have a major drawback, the heart rate display is on your phone. This is not an issue for me since i use it only while running on a treadmill. Polar has a decent display app that graphs your hr against time and distance.

So i just bought it like 4 days back . The most annoying thing about the beat app is when every you enter the green zone the app shouts out you are in perfect health . The urge to push myself is negated. And also if you leave your phone somewhere and walk away you loose the connection which is a pain so the app will stop recording the hr and you will need to pair again . Apart from these everything is alright. This thing gives the same hr when compared to the hr sensors inbuilt into the treadmills at the gyms.

I purchased this as i was frustrated with the wrist hrm on my garmin vivoactive 3. I set the oh1 up by downloading the app (polar flow) and turning the device on. It immediately connected to my iphone and updated the firmware. The process took about five minutes. I then paired the device to my garmin by holding down on the screen, selecting settings, sensors and accessories, add new. The garmin took about three seconds to recognize the oh1 and paired. I then put the oh1 on my upper arm and headed to a hiit class. I pushed myself hard with weights, jumps, etc, and the oh1 kept a solid connection, and what i believe is an accurate heart rate. (didn’t compare it to a chest strap)it is extremely small and comfortable, and for my use, an hour per workout, it is a great product. I’ll update my review if needed.

Built-in memory –

Updatable –

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