Bought this for a more stylish band option for the fitbit charge 2. Clips on to the fitbit perfectly, very comfortable, and infinitely adjustable sizing (within your band size obviously) due to the band design (as in it slides and is magnetic and can therefore be clasped anywhere instead of only to the spots where there are holes in other bands). The only complaint i have is because it is a magnetic closure, when it comes close to some other metal items, the magnet may be attracted to the other object and cause band to loosen. I noticed this with my dogs collar tags when i went to pick her up (arm with fitbit went under her front side to scoop her up) and suddenly my fitbit was much looser.Didn’t lose it, but definitely surprised me. Something to be aware of if you have a pet. I don’t really wear that much jewelry so not sure if this would be an issue with other metal jewelry as well.

I didn’t expect the magnet closure to be strong enough and i was anticipating problems with it, however and surprisingly it holds really well. The magnet is very strong and the band won’t get lose. It is actually strong so much that it will attract any other metal you may have around such as long jewelry, metal buttons, name tag lanyards, etc. Sometimes i find this a little annoying, but on the other hand my fit bit is always in place with this band. I have been wearing for a several weeks now and i don’t see any signs of discoloration with wear, so hope that it will stay that way. I bough a small size as i have a small wrist and it worked well for me. The fit bit charge 2 is bulky and big on its own so this band may emphasize the bulkiness a little but this is really a fit bit issue rather than this band. It really easy to put on and take out and i use in combination with my regular plastic fit bit band. It not flashy, it looks more like a stainless steel somewhat grayish color rather than silver which is ok with me.

I wear my fitbit to work/in my everyday life and wanted to dress it up so it wouldn’t look out-of-place with non-athletic outfits. This band definitely helps, though it still looks a little clunky due to the thickness of the charge 2 screen. It is relatively comfy, the silver matches with the side of the fitbit, and i really like the magnet closure, which makes for easy on and off and a perfectly customized fit. I usually have to retighten it about halfway through the day, but it generally stays in place well. And the price point is impressive given the quality. I plan to purchase this as a gift for other fitbit owners.

The band that comes with the fitbit charge 2 was disappointing. After only a little wear it takes on an odor that requires constant cleaning to get rid of the odor. I ordered this band as a replacement. I absolutely love this band. It was easy to put on, is lightweight, and easily adjusts to fit. The only reason i did not give it 5 stars is the part of the band that connects to the watch face came with some small scratches.

I love that i can change up the look of the band to fit my outfit (this for more formal, original for working out, leather for casual). What i really like about this is it makes the whole unit smaller, less bulky looking. The original band makes this looks so bulky when wearing, but the milanese strap makes it sleeks. Also, the original band pulls hair off my arm every time i unhook it — this band doesn’t at all. Lastly, the ability to infinitely adjust the fit is great. Only two downsides is that, after a several months of use, the black coating starts to wear off, especially on the bottom of the wrist around the magnetic connection — seems ok around the top where there isn’t much wear. Not so much that it looks bad per se, but it doesn’t look as nice as when new. If you use a silver band, i imagine it would look great for a long time. Also, the magnet is strong enough in most situations. I do find, from time to time, if i am more active with it, that the magnet can start to slip a bit. Not much, but enough that the unit rotates more on my wrist. A quick readjustment is all it takes, so no biggie.

I purchased three of the milanese loop watchbands, one in gold, one in rose gold and one in silver. They dress up the fitbit beautifully to look like an expensive watch. Recently, the gold watchband fell apart, months after the return date. After communication with the seller, the watchband was replaced in a very timely fashion. The customer service was excellent and the watchbands beautiful. The clasp is magnetic and adjusts to any size wrist.

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This is absolutely one of the best items i bought – it looks beautiful and was so easy to put on. The magnetic clasp is really secure. I wore it for a day of running and a night of going out and it stayed in place. Also got alot of compliments. The bands just slip and clip on and feel safer than the original fitbit bands which don’t stay snapped in if place especially once you have taken them off and then try to put back on. The color of the band is not the exact shade of rose gold as the fitbit but there is not a glaring difference in tone. Its a very subtle difference. I will say that if you are very active and rough with your accessories, then the metal will scratch but you have to be really rough with it. Other than that it a great buy and will buy the other colors.

This band is so pretty and makes my fitbit look like i paid more for it lol. Plus the rose gold matches my phone. The magnet is really strong so there’s no worry of it ever slipping off. It hooks onto the fitbit really easy as well. After quite a lot daily wear and getting some water on it from my job, there seems to be slight discoloration, just a little duller. Anyway great price, great quality, but if you work as a dog washer or a lot with water, maybe this would be a good band to wear only out of those situations.

Looks nice and very easy to take on/off. If you are between sizes (like i was) on the regular wrist band this can be adjusted to fit you perfectly. There are some issues if you exercise with it though. If you get really sweaty it can sometimes loosen up a bit. Doesn’t always happen, but it’s happened enough to warrant mention. It is also not great if you’re doing anything where people may be touching your wrist. When i play basketball if our hands get tangled in close quarters or fighting for a loose ball it almost always gets loosened. It doesn’t bother me much though as i’m just playing pick up games with my friends. If i was in a competitive league, i would definitely not wear it as it is a distraction.

I have bought several replacement bands of the regular style, hoping maybe a new band would help with the issues i was having with fit and skin irritation. Finally i just gave up and stopped wearing it, then i saw these as a recommended item. Yet again amazon saves the day lol.This is exactly what i needed. I can adjust the size so it’s not too tight or loose, and it doesn’t irritate my skin. Plus it looks much nicer than the rubber bands. The magnet stays on very well, and i can always swap back to the other band if needed for intense exercise or extended time outdoors/around water. The magnet does occasionally attach to things – like other jewelry, metal office furniture, laptops, my car, and so on. After wearing this for about 6 months it’s developed some sharp edges as well.

So much more comfortable than the silicone band and more convenient to take off and on. Love this band will get other colors.

I just received this today, so i can’t speak for longevity, but it appears to be of good quality (especially for the price). I wanted a band to make my fitbit look more professional while at work. I got it in silver and it looks nice. The magnet is very strong, doesn’t seem like it would budge unless you are trying to undo it. Fit onto my fitbit charge 2 perfectly.

Outstanding quality band that looks more expensive than what it is. The magnet on the clasp is very powerful and it does not budge an millimeter once it is attached on your wrist. No fear of it suddenly coming undone. The color is extremely close to the color of the apple iphone, so it will match well. Overall my wife loves this band. Here are the specifications for the POY Metal Replacement Bands Compatible:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Available in two sizes – POY Infinitely adjustable length Replacement Wristbands for Fitbit Charge 2 fits 5.5″-6.7″ wrist ( Small ), 6.7″-8.1″ wrist ( Large )
  • Breathable Wearing Experience – Made from Milanese Stainless Steel Material, top woven stainless steel mesh loop keep your wrist ventilated and comfortable.
  • Unique magnet clasp design – Strong magnetic closure automatically stick and lock to another end of the band for fitbit charge 2, no buckle needed. Ensure your watch be secure.
  • Convenient Use – Scratch-Resistant, Not Deformed, Not Fade & Lightweight. Best for both men and women.
  • Free warranty – 1 year Money Back Guaranteed.
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I really like this watch band and how it makes my charge 2 look a little more professional as opposed to just using the rubber/silicone band the fitbit comes with. However, it takes some time to get used to wearing something metal around your wrist, especially when sleeping. Not entirely as comfortable as i’d hoped, but i am sure i will get used to it. I love that it allows for a perfect fit with the magnet adjustment and i love how nice it looks on my wrist.

I gave my wife a fitbit charge 2 for christmas along with a bunch of different bands. This was one of the bands and it’s her hands down favorite. The bands are so easy to change that she could do it easily each day if she wanted, but once this one went on the fitbit it has stayed there. She’s a physical therapist and she wears it daily at her practice and it seems to be standing up to the rigor. Her watches get bumped, scuffed and gooped up with biofreeze. She’s particularly picky about the clasp mechanism on her watches and she says she loves the magnetic clasp mechanism on this band, the magnet is very strong and she has no worries about it loosening or falling off.

I wanted to wait for over a month after receiving this product to leave a review. I have seriously sensitive skin and most metals leave a green mark on my skin. This was marked stainless steel but that doesn’t always mean it is, i have to wait for my skin to tell me the truth. This product is exactly what it says it is. I wear it everyday all day and night (except in shower or pool). Worn this band and i’ve really sweat in it and it has been perfect, no discoloration and no green skin. I ordered it in the multi colored option as will be buying more colors now that it last the test.

Comfortable and easy to put on and take off because it closes by magnet. I wasn’t sure if it would hold strong enough but i have had zero problems with the magnetic latch. I opened a metal covered spice tin one morning. Upon cleanup, i could not find the cover. I looked all over, swept my entire kitchen floor. Finally, i took a break from the search and lifted a nice glass of water to my mouth. Looking down, i noticed the jar cover firmly held to my band. Ten months later, it is still holding up well.I have taken an old tooth brush to the mesh a few times when the magnet seems to weaken.

Just got it today, really pretty and more dainty than the original band. Plus it has a magnet closure so it’s easier to get it on and off.

The band goes on and off my fitbit with ease. It looks nice on the wrist and i have hard no problems with the magnet slipping , it is quite strong and it keeps the band where i put it. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because the tone of the band is a bit more gold than pictured and i had hoped it would be truer to rose gold. Over all am pleased with purchase. I have only had it about a week so we will see how it holds up.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Awesome!!
  • Happy wife happy life
  • Very strong magnetic closure

I have worn this band with my charge 2 for almost a year and regularly get compliments on it. It’s a very nice band and i love how it makes a fitbit look like normal jewelry. My biggest gripe, though, is that the underside of the band, which is exposed as you tighten the band, is not rose gold like the rest. Instead, it is more of a true gold, but almost brassy color. It’s probably only noticeable to me, but it’s a little irritating. If it weren’t for the discoloration, i would have given this 5 stars.

I have super tiny wrists and the original fitbit band didn’t fit. This is super cute and fits perfectly. I’m kind of in love with it and would happily order again. Also, it looks way better than that rubber band that made it look like i was eternally heading to the gym. My only complaint is that the gold is actually more of a copper color. It’s still really cute but doesn’t match my gold jewelry as well as i’d like it to.

I have a small wrist and bought the small. I love everything about this band. I’ve had the band for two months. I use the champagne colored metal mesh band for non exercise activities and do not wear it to sleep. I would not anticipate a problem with either but i’d like to preserve this metal band for a more professional look. The band switches flawlessly and i’m going to order another color in the metal band for dress wear. (i’ve ordered multiple poy colored plastic bands i use for sleep, daily use, and exercise.

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The original plastic/rubber band that came with the charge 2 started having a pretty severe reaction on my wrist, and i knew i had to start looking elsewhere. I wanted to try metal as my skin doesn’t seem to react to it, and this band attracted my attention. I must say that i have not regretted the purchase one bit. The fit is excellent, and it is elegant looking, enough so that i have received compliments on how it looks. It has a small magnetic tab on the end so that when you put the charge 2 on, it is just a matter of sliding the tab down until it is comfortable, and then letting it attach itself. No effort is involved and it is easily done one-handed. I have had this a month or so, now, and there seems to be no wear or scraping of the color – it has remained black just like the day i received it. One of the problems i had with the original plastic band is that i had to tighten it so much just to get it to stay in place while i exercised. That is not the case with this metal band. It stays right where you put it without strangling your wrist.

I get so many compliments on this band. Matches just about any outfit. Stainless steel, so you don’t get any skin discoloration. No issues while working out with it. Stays on and is comfortable. Other things to consider: the end of the band has a magnet, that’s how it stays strapped on. If you are wearing anything metal it will attach to it, not a big deal, just a little annoying if you wear a lanyard at work or long metal jewelry. The magnet allows you to adjust the strap tighter or looser to your liking, it’s not at a set length. Which is a bonus for me, i don’t know about some of you, but i like my fitbit a little tight.

Looks and works much better then the original band. Had to get the large due to my wrist size. Have to unlink to get it over my hand, i guess mine are more huge then trumps. So it is a little bit of trouble to re-thread the magnet each time but like it very much. In september my magnet came out and it was a little hard to glue back in and now in october the battery has rusted from my perspiration and it expanded and almost couldn’t get it off. I am going to try and contact the seller to see if they have a new magnet.

This fitbit wrist band is fantastici ordered this one because i had a pretty bad allergic reaction to the wrist band that my fitbit came with and it looked like it might dress up my fitbit for work and when i’m not working out. It’s now my go-to band for all but my actual workouts. It’s attractive, super comfortable, so easy to put on and take off, and it allows the fitbit to rest so comfortably on my arm. It closes with a magnet, so i’ve found that it’s not ideal for workouts as it will loosen with jarring movement (note: this is not the case for normal wear). It will also grab the occasional car, file cabinet or other metal object you may rest your arm on – but that hasn’t been an issue at all. I absolutely love this band.

Great looking and well made band for cheap. I have had it for at least 3 months, and it is a huge improvement on the oem band. 1) the magnet closure on the sticks to my imac pro case, so when i use the built in keyboard, my wrist sticks to the computer. (not many computers have real metallic cases, and it is just a little annoying, not a huge issue)2) easy to clean3) band is showing a tiny bit of wear on the magnetic clasp.

I like the look of it and have used it daily for about 3 months now. My only complaint is that the magnet is not very strong, so it tends to slip looser and looser throughout the day and i need to continuously adjust it. It’s nothing that i can’t deal with, but a small annoyance becomes more noticeable when it keeps happening over and over again. Anyway, i’m going to try to find a new band now. Especially since i’ll be going on a trip soon.

I got this band yesterday for my fitbit charged 2 and i just want to said that is beautiful and fit perfect i will recommend this to anyone. Thanks to amazon i always find what i need and good price.