The band is super soft and breathes so much better than the original. As others have stated, it is a bit shorter than the original, but worked fine on my large wrist. I actually prefer the shorter band, as the end tucks inside the clasp end. The band clasp takes a little practice, but once you get it, you will love it.

I had a problem with the original fitbit band causing welps and staying sweaty. Bought this and i haven’t had any issues. Not sure if it’s the extra holes that helped or if was having a reaction to fitbit’s band. But my wrist feels much better.

Very flexible and unique band for the fitbit charge 2. I’ve gotten several compliments on the black/white holes version i bought. The holes do help ventilate on hot, humid days. The only con, and it’s not a fault given its material, is that it takes a little more effort to get the excess strap under the holder strap. It’s not hard or difficult but takes a little more effort as the material sticks and won’t slide easily under the strap. But, that’s the only flaw i’ve found and it’s not much of a bother.

My original fitbit band broke, so i was on the hunt for a replacement band. This is the band that i chose and i am so glad i did. This band is way better than the original band for a few reasons: 1. ) sizing: the numerous holes in the back of the band make it easy to size perfectly to your wrist. I have a really skinny wrist and i was able to size this band to my wrist perfectly. On the flip side – if you have a thicker wrist, i am positive that you’d be able to have the same positive experience with sizing. ) material: this is so much better than the original fitbit band. The material is soft and flexible. It is a more quality band than the original band.

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I’m new to fitbit, just a user for about a week or so. I wanted to get some bands to change things up occasionally. With that said, these are really great bands for fitbit charge 2 at a fraction of the price if purchased through fitbit website. They fit true to size and seem to be made of durable, quality material. I love the holes in the band which allows more air circulation. Helps my wrist not feel sweaty and gross. Feels much more lightweight and less noticeable than my original solid fitbit band. They do take some finagling to get clipped in.

I won a fitbit at work two months ago, but it was a large band. I’ve been looking for a replacement and finally settled on this one. I made sure to connect it securely until it clicked. It did take me a little longer to actually get it on my wrist– i didn’t realize it was just a pin buckle. Getting the pin in the right spot was a bit trying, but i assume that over time it will automatically go there. Size wise, this is waaaay improved over the original band i had. I’m sure it’s because i went from a fitbit large, to this brand’s small (according to other reviews the sizing isn’t the same across brands), but this one is much less clunky. It also seems a lot lighter. I was always aware of the old large band on my wrist. With this one i barely notice it’s there.

The band on my fitbit charge 2 broke so i had to buy this. It’s much better than the original. Not only is it softer, but it has holes all over the band for air circulation. I wore my other one kind of loose, but it still managed to acquire an unpleasant odor and i had to clean it at least a couple of times a week. I’m certain that problem won’t happen with this one because of the holes. I’m very, very pleased with this purchase and wish i had bought it sooner.

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Key specs for POY Replacement Bands Compatible for Fitbit Charge 2, Adjustable Breathable Wristbands with Air Holes Straps:

  • Two adjustable Sizes: Large size for 6.7″-8.1″ wrist, Small size for 5.5″- 6.7″ wrist.
  • Breathable Wearing Experience: These bands for fitbit charge 2 hr are made from soft silicone, designing multiple air holes makes your wrist ventilated and comfortable to wear, sweat resistant & water resistant.
  • No Worry about Falling off: These replacement wristbands for fitbit charge 2 design with Metal Clasps on both ends, which locks onto the charge 2 precisely and securely.
  • Hassle Free: Simple to install and remove, NO tool required.
  • 1 year Guarantee: POY provide a wonderful shopping experience, if there is any problems, just contact us and then we will offer a solution by replacement or refund immediately.

Comments from buyers

“I love it. It’s much better than the original
, Neat-o!
, Comfortable and airy

I like the concept of the ‘breathable holes’ it offers vs. The original strap that was making my wrist sweat under normal everyday wear. Changing the band was relatively easy to do, no directions with the packaging though. Had to come back to the selling site here on amazon to confirm what i needed to do, but once i did that, it was very quick and easy to change. The ‘l’ on the strap means ‘large. ‘so far, its just as comfortable as the original strap, its just able to breathe better.

My husband has gone through 3 different bands, one even fitbit brand, and they’ve all broken at the same metal piece. He is in construction and is a little hard on it so i got this one to see if it would last longer than the others and doesn’t have the same metal piece to break off. It has been working phenomenally and he loves this style now. The holes allow breath-ability while he works too so his wrist doesn’t get as sweaty and soggy.

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