At least until you get all the settings set up. It does have a nice feature where it shuts the screen off after it hasn’t been used in a while, which saves the battery a bit. I use mine for walking and floor exercises, and it works great for those. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for running either. The price was really good when i picked it up, and the build is very comparable to other much more expensive models. Definitely recommend this one.

I absolutely love this product. I bought when i started p90x because heart rate is important in that program. What was so helpful was the ability to program your weight in so you are able to get the accurate amount of calories burned. The belt the straps on your chest, underneath your bra, for the ladies. You really don’t feel it at all during vigorous workouts. The battery did die after about 6 months in the watch, but that’s easy to replace. I would recommend this product you are concerned with accuracy in calories burns.

I just tried my pyle sports phrm38 today. It beeps correctly when out of target heart rate and stops beeping when in the zone. The band is comfortable and the watch is good. I don’t like heavy watches, and this one is just that, not heavy. The batteries are user replaceable as stated on the manual. It doesn’t seem waterproof, which is fine for the use i’ll be giving it. The display is clear, it’s easy to configure and the functions are enough for the home athlete. Way better value than paying 3 times more for the same thing in other brands.

Affordable and functional, works great right out of the box once you complete the easy setup. The watch is a tad uncomfortable to wear on my wrist, but i rarely wear it there, i prefer to clip it on a belt loop or something like that. Make sure to wet the heart rate belt sensors before putting on, that’s a mandatory step. An added bonus which i did not expect is that this heart monitor is compatible with my precor efx elliptical, so now i can observe my heart rate on the elliptical’s screen (don’t even need the watch at all).

I decided to purchase this heart rate monitor because i wanted to track my calorie burn during my workouts, i didn’t trust the machines so i wanted an accurate reading. It came at record speed, right before x-mas so that was nice. I tried it out right away and it took what i felt to be an accurate reading. The instructions were not very clear, hence the 4 out of 5 stars. I had to search the web in order to understand how to read the numbers. It was fairly easy to set up. I was worried about it not working after a short period of time. Some reviewers claimed that theirs worked about three times and then broke. Mine appeared to do the same until i stumbled on another website that had some tips for such issues. One review said that after theirs stopped working they used spit instead of water to moisten the sensors on the chest piece.

I had purchased this item to see how many calories i was losing while doing my workouts, but come to the realization this is a good product. It does keep track of my heart. I have no issues with this so far. Reviews do show that problems arise as you use it. My one problem i had right off the bat was that the heart rate monitor could not adjust smaller it was at its smallest and just fit me. I want to lose weight and if i lose anymore in my chest area i may need to find a way to make it smaller other than that no problems yet.

I was looking for something fairly inexpensive to help me track calories. I’ve read several reviews about the directions being very difficult, but i did not find this to be the case for me. They don’t come in some super detailed booklet, but it’s similar to an instruction booklet for a sports watch. It took me a few minutes to personalize the settings, and i was good to go. I’ve only had the hrm for a few weeks now, but i haven’t had any issues with it not reading my heartrate, or reading incorrectly. I’ve done a few spot checks of how it’s tracking my hr, and it’s been fairly accurate. You do want to make sure you wet the sensors on the chest strap like the directions say — and i also recommend making sure everything is clean and dry after a workout to prevent some of the other issues i’ve seen outlined in the comments here. For what i paid, i think this is a great product. I wasn’t looking for anything fancy, i just want to know how effective my workouts are.

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I got this yesterday and programmed it last night. The only reason i didn’t give it 5 stars is because the directions were a tiny bit confusing (not too much so however) and that i had to convert lb to kg. I used it at the gym this morning and i was very pleased. I would definitely recommend it to my fellow fitness enthusiasts.

  • Budget results from a budget heart rate monitor??
  • I suppose it works fine
  • Very nice for the price

Pyle Fitness Heart Rate Monitor – Healthy Wristband Sports Pedometer Activity Fitness Tracker Steps Counter Stop Watch Alarm Water Resistant Calorie Counter Target Zones – PHRM38PN (Pink)

  • STAY FIT: This heart rate monitor and watch is the perfect addition to your training program. Monitor your heart rate as you run, jog, or doing any cardiovascular exercise. This watch also includes a chronograph, daily alarm & heart rate statistics
  • MONITOR YOUR HEART RATE: Simply wrap the included belt around your chest before exercising and enter the heart rate monitor mode on the watch. While you exercise it keeps track of your current, maximum, average heart rates, current and average speed
  • HELPS YOU TRAIN: Knowing your maximum heart rate can help you train at an optimal level. The calorie counter is conveniently equipped with a target training mode to help you reach your best levels and notify with an alarm you when you have
  • BY THE NUMBERS: Your watch generates a wealth of data from your workouts. You can view your total calories and average heart rate all at the touch of a button. Don’t exercise without Pyle Sports
  • GREAT SPORTS WATCH: Includes time & date functions, a daily alarm and a chronograph with resolution up to 1/100 of a second. The LED backlight allows for use in low-light conditions or at night. The watch is water resistant to 33 feet/10 meters/1 ATM

The watch is working fine so far. I wanted a basic heart rate watch without too many extras because i just want to watch my heart rate when i use my treadmill. I didn’t want any of this technology stuff to act with my phone. I’m older and simple is the best for me. Don’t stop making this type of heart rate monitor please.

I suppose it works fine, a family member purchased this on my account and i pleaded with her to please again with my permission something i never do to write a review the fact she never complained about it the fact she uses it every day tells me that it works in excellent condition and it meets all the expectations with that said i would recommend it based on the fact she’s never said anything negative and like i said she uses it every day hopefully this is enough to help you decide whether or not you want to buy want too.

So far it is working as advertised. Only slight issue is the watch will stop showing the hr. I have to click on the mode button to reconnect. Only started this issue in the past two days. Not a big issue for me, but if continues, i will be sending it back and buying next one up.

I am a fitness professional that has personally been using a polar rs300x for the passed two years to help track my training sessions. I decided to start looking for another heart rate monitor for my clients to use and did not want to spend a lot of money. The pyle phrm38gr had all the features that i was looking for; user settings, average and maximum heart rates as well as calories burned. For the price i thought it was a steal if it works. When the package arrived and i opened it i thought to myself the build quality looks kind of poor. The watch is somewhat over sized and cheaply crafted, so i started getting concerned with my purchase. When i put on the strap the watch immediately picked up a signal. Second thought was a little more positive than the first. As i sat there the display read a normal heart rate, i even compared it to the polar at the same time, then i sat there for and hour to see how many calories that i would burn. The polar displayed a number, but the pyle did not.

I ts been a month since i have been using this product. It works great, shows heartrate and calories burnt. I do not wear it any other time but it does have the time so you can wear as a regular watch. As indicated wet the sensors before putting it on to get the heartrate working accurately. I have two complaints though, the instructions are a little complicated/incorrect however after you figure it out you will be able to setup the watch for your self. – this is more a minor irritationmy biggest issue is the fit of the watch portion as it pushes against your wrist if you are doing any exercises that involves the bending of your wrist such as push ups, lunges, etc. If you are running, skipping etc it is as if the product is not even on you but any bending of wrist will hurt. I have had to wear the watch very loose to counteract that. That being said i will be buying another one for my wife as i feel the benefits (price and accuracy) outway the negatives.

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I was able to set up the basic functions (time/date/etc) without the instructions. Though it’s been noted in other comments, i will say it again. The chest strap will not work unless your heart rate is above ‘resting’ rate. I just wanted to wear it to test it out. I wet it, tightened it, moved it all over my chest and got nothing. But, once i started walking and moving around, it started registering. So before you discard it as malfunctioning, get up and move around and do a little exercise.

I was on the hunt for something that would show me a fairly accurate count for calorie burn, and this the pyle sports phrm38bk heart rate monitor watch is what i went with. It shows the time and date, as well as present heart rate, calories burnt, maximum heart rate, alarm, average heart rate, and stopwatch. It also has led backlighting. For the price, it does what it should. I now own a polar ft4, and prefer that.

I have a fitbit and was looking to add a little additional information and for the price this seemed like a great product. I was initailly concerned about the negative reviews – but sometimes you just have to go for it and figure it out for yourself. The directions could be better – but i am an insturctional designer and could be a little critical. I figured it out and was concerned that i would have to listen to the ‘heart’ beepsing when ever i worked out – but it actually only beeps when you are out of your target zone (which you set up). In a nuteshell – ‘so far so good’. If you need help – please feel free to reach out to me, i would love to help.

This hrm works well as far as keeping track of your heart rate; however, i purchased it in order to keep track of how many calories i was burning during my workout. It does not keep an accurate count. I worked out for 40 minutes keeping my heart rate at about 155-170 for about 35 of those minutes and it said i burned 220 calories, and then the number changed to 240 after i stopped working out and went back to view the calories burned option. I used several calculators online that take into account your average heart rate during workout, age, gender, and weight, and they all said i burned around 380 calories during my workout. So that leads me to belive that this hrm is off when calculating calories. After experiementing with the hrm, it also says that i burn 3 calories per minute during a walk when pushing a stroller (heart rate at about 115), and when i am running (heart rate at about 165). I understand that people do not burn as much as the machines at the gym say, but i know i burn more than this monitor says when my heart rate is around 160however, if you are only purchasing it to keep track of your heart rate, go for it. The watch part of the monitor is a little large, but i have petite wrists, and the strap is comfortable.

I bought this to keep track of my heart rate during runs & other cardio & to make sure i’m pushing myself enough. Ive never had any issues with it not working during cardio. However, it does not do a great job monitoring my heart rate for weight lifting. It doesnt always pick up my heart rate during activity which involves a lot of position changes (such as push-ups, planks, squats), which is fine for me because it wasnt my intention to use it during weight training anyway. It is also pretty large for a girl. I have it on the tightest setting and still have to tuck it under my sports bra to keep it tight against my skin. That’s why i gave it 4 stars instead of 5. I would still buy it again and recommend it to others though, i use it everyday and you can’t beat the price. I’m definitely in better shape now that i can constantly make sure i’m within my target heart rate.

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I did a little research on the best set up for a heart rate monitor after starting (and completing) p90x. This one got great reviews and was a great price so i went with it. It did what i needed it to do (it just stayed up on my frame, i’m a 34-b but rather petite) and the watch is a little bulky on my 4″ diameter wrist (seriously little-grade-school-girl arms) but it was, overall, fine. I referred it to a friend who also liked it. So, yeah, wear it for your health.

Never managed to get the mobile app in but the item works well & did its job. I dont think it was accurate enough but gave me somewhat of an idea where im at.

I used this quite a few times. I never could get a good placement for the chest strap. The heart rate monitor isn’t great. My heart rate seemed erratic & way too high most of the time, therefore i never could get an accurate calorie burn count. (ex: during a yoga class that normally burns around 250 cals, mine showed over 500. ) the watch itself is a little difficult to figure out. You have to push a lot of buttons to get to the screen you want. I personally think i would have been better off buying a more expensive monitor.

So surprised since it’s incredibly cheap. Does it sometime not want to work right away?. However i have 10 more issues with my 150 dollar mio fuse than this little guy so i am happy.

I bought this because i was curious about just how many calories i was burning, but not curious enough to throw a lot of money into it. What i do is reset the stopwatch and then put on the chest strap, then take some tap water on my fingers and wet the sensors on the chest strap part – then it beeps when it picks up my heart rate. I usually have to tuck it under my sports bar to keep it in a comfortable place. I have used it to while lifting weights, bike riding, swimming, during aerobics classes and boxing – it has pretty accurately worked in all those circumstances. I’ve compared the heart rate it gets versus various cardio machines at the gym and they’re usually within 10 beats of each other. The only time it has stopped working is while i’m driving – don’t know if it is the angle or something else, but it has been necessary to put it on at the gym or wherever rather than before i leave the house because of that. Mildly annoying, but still useful for what i wanted.

It was cheap and i did not expect it to do anything but let me know my heartrate. It does do that but a couple of things to consider. Either my heartrate is super eraitic or this is not the most accurate (wild variations at times while running a fixed pace on a treadmill). The primary display on the screen is the time. It would be nice to have the heartrate as the primary as i have a hard time telling the heartrate at a quick glance since it is secondary (small numbers) display on the screen. Would i spend a little more for a better one?.

I bought this heart rate monitor (hrm) in august 2012 to replace a mio hrm i had been using for over a year. It actually worked pretty well for the price i paid (around $25). I’m trying to lose weight, so i needed something to give me a calorie count and also help me to monitor my heart rate in spin class. It was easy to set up, and it was quick to detect my heart rate. I noticed in october, though, that it seemed to take longer to detect my heart rate. I figured maybe my sports bra was interfering with the chest strap touching my skin, so i just ‘re-racked’ everything and it was fine. By december, i kept having heart rate detection problems. I go to the gym 4-6 times a week and wear this every time. Then earlier this month (jan 2013), i noticed that my heart rate kept jumping around on my watch. I thought maybe i didn’t have the chest strap properly seated on my skin, so i moved it a little to the side.

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