I would have given 5 stars if i could figure out how to set it. To complicated i had other people try and they couldn’t figure it out either so i don’t use it.

Good product, it’s what i expected.

It has other functions but i use it primarily as a heart rate monitor. The mileage was close to what runkeeper had and that’s without calibrating it. The display is difficult to read and the instructions are not great. I had to reset the watch right out of the box but haven’t had to since.

Hard to program internally ā€” must leave one saved workout to use calibration and data and uses kcal ā€” but it automatically synchronizes with the electronics of all equipment at the ymca and is very accurate.

Counts steps, heart rate, calories burned, current mph. And you can set a target number for all that. Did not have a count my steps all day function you have to stay the timer and i think it record up to 24 hrs max. Did not see anything about w water resistance. It’s not an blue tooth heart rate monitor. This unit will get crazy readings when passing traffic lights.

I have used it and it works great, it has been hard getting used to the settings, it keeps resetting to noon. May be iā€™ doing something wrong.

Purchased this as a father’s day gift for my dad based upon the posted reviews. The look and feel of the item was great. Unfortunately, portions of the display were too small and difficult for my father to read. I chose this item purely based upon the reviews and the fact that my dad does not have a smartphone. If there are no visual limitations, then this may be the pedometer/watch for you. It just didn’t work out for us.

Great product fast shipping, very accurate, have tested the heart rate against counting, and its dead on. The step counter is closer to actual steps than fitbit. I like that you can toggle between steps and km/h steps, hr, easily, after reading directions. After learning the buttons its quite easy to use. Would be nice to have an app to upload data to store and compare to. Easily out performs more expensive sports and fitness watches.

  • Portions of display too small
  • Five Stars
  • I asked him how he liked it and this was my reply
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Smart Fitness Heart Rate Monitor – Digital Sports Wrist Watch Activity HR Tracker w/ Chest Strap, 3D Sensor, EL Backlight, Alarm, Used in Exercise or Running, For Men and Women – Pyle

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • DUAL FITNESS KIT: Pyle introduces a fitness tracker kit which includes a digital wrist watch and a heart rate monitoring chest strap. Perfect addition to your training arsenal. Monitors your heart rate as you run, jog or do cardiovascular exercises
  • 2 SELECTABLE MODES: Features walking and running modes and help you train at an optimal level. Simply wrap the chest strap around your chest and enter the heart rate monitor mode on the watch. It also keeps track of your total calories or fat burned
  • DIGITAL ALARM FUNCTIONS: Equipped w/ daily alarm function and target distance/time/speed alarm settings. Also features target heart rate zone settings, chronograph w/ 15 record memory, key tones/chimes, low battery detection and programmable calendar
  • BUILT-IN 3D SENSOR: The heart rate monitor uses a 3D accelerometer sensor that detects and measures acceleration in walking or running, with intelligent step filter function that only counts steps after an initial detection of continuous steps
  • EL BACKLIGHT: Great for nighttime use w/ the electroluminescent backlight. Keeps history data to recall past records. Displays current, average, max, min heart rate/speed, distance w/ 12/24hr selectable time format. Operates on 2 CR2032 battery cells

I orde his item last month and it has been working well then all of a sudden the chest strap won’t work. I imagine that it could be that the battery is low so i plan to buy a new one and see if that solves the problem. Otherwise it has worked well for a month. If the battery is the problem then it’s lasting for a very short period.

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At little confusion for me, due to not a tech person.

I purchased this product for my son. He needed something to monitor heart rate, speed and distance primarily during his run. I asked him how he liked it and this was my reply:i love it. Works great and does everything i need and then some. Its lightweight and does not interfere with my workout. On the business end from me-the company ships super fast and is greatdiane.

The chest band must be reasonably close to the watchband unit, or it will display false readings. Otherwise, the unit operates as advertised.

I was a 34 inch rib size, im 5’5 and 125 lbs. It is a bit too loose on me and i need my sports bra to keep in place. Once you figure out how to use the watch (read all instructions) it can be a good first product. Definately would pay more for higher quality.

Great heart rate monitor for working out. Very bright green, which should come in handy in the dark.

This heart rate monitor works great. The count down timer on the watch was very helpful in a recent timed run. Just wish the display would stay active longer and the size wasn’t so large.

I hardly notice it when running.

The instructions that come with this item are very poor. We finally figured it, mostly by trial and error. We bought it for our son who is traing for high school cross country. He got very bored of trying to set this thing up and finally handed it his more patient mother.

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Great tool for heart rate monitoring to allow for maximized workout zones.

Cons: would be better if it came with a little ultrasound gel. Just enough to get a couple applications with, along with contact info to order more.

I purchased this item for the heartrate monitor alone. For the price of $29 it was a great buy to try. I use an up24 band to track my steps/calories, and i use the myfitnesspal app to track my caloric intake. The up band only guesses how many calories you burn in a certain period of time. Since i need to consume the amount of calories i burn for my daily goal, i wanted something that would give me a better idea of what i’m burning during my workouts. I only wear the watch and monitor during weights and cardio. I don’t use it for steps or anything else. I was considering a fitbit charge hr since it actively monitors your heartrate throughout the day, but i figured this would be a more frugal purchase to get what i need out of it. For a heartrate monitor i think it’s doing the job. They could be written better, but i was able to figure out how to use it for what i need it for.

My trainer had me to use his and i fell in love with his so i bought one.

Quality is good however a bit bulky on the wrist and difficult to wear often.

The controls bring you back to the little casio watches era. The display is very small, and not very intuitive – it took me quite a while to figure it out, even while consulting the little user manual. Anyway, after you get the hang of it, it seems to do its job quiet nicely. We use it mainly as a heart rate monitor while exercising, and no complaints there. For its price and purpose, it’s really quiet alright.

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