I’ve had it for 6 months and have had zero complaints. The only thing this band doesn’t have is the little hook to hold the band in place so it doesn’t slip out from the rings. It doesn’t bother me enough to switch back to the standard black band. I will be buying furture replacements from this company.

Good replacement for the original. Easy to replace and like the feel of the material.

Can you truly ever replace the original ban?. Only thing i didn’t like was the loops. My original loop broke and it’s just not the same.

Quality seems good on this band. Only complaint is that it has two standard loops to hold the end of the band instead of the loop with the lock like the factory band. Easy fix: pull the two loops off the band and replace them with the loop from the original garmin band.

These bands for were husbands vivoactive hr– he likes them. Only wish they included some extra pins when you try to switch the bands out. The pins are super small and if you loose one (like he did–plan on spending the next hr crawling on the floor looking for it) or change it in a safe place so if the pin drops you can find it. All that matters is – he likes the bands –happy husband – happy life.

The band is slightly shorter then the original. Also it does not have the little chip ins to hold the extra band. I haven’t had to many problems with it moving around.

I bought the cyan band and as someone with a journalism degree, i can tell you this isn’t cyan (blue), it’s now if a light green with a little blue in it. Other than wanting more of a blue color, the band works great and it was a decent price.

I wanted to add some flair to my garmin vivoactive hr and this white band did the trick.

The two band clamps to hold the extra band down do not have the detent on the insider to keep itself from sliding off. When the band gets wet from splashing or swimming, the clamps slide off and the extra band flops around. Would be nice if it had the detents like the stock single clamp.

It came with the tools needed to switch out the band. I was replacing the original black band that wore out quickly with this grey one and it looks great. I like the two tone of the watch now and the band seems like it’s good quality.

I love the multiple colors, i can quickly change the bands.

Great colors for my vivoactive. I broke my first band after two years, so decided to buy multiple colors so i can change them at my whim. These are exactly the same as the original band and look great.

My original band broke, so i gave this a try. Been holding up for a couple months just fine, and i love the double keepers. The band is basically the same size as the original (not xl) band size. Here are the specifications for the QGHXO Band for Garmin Vivoactive HR, Soft Silicone Replacement Watch Band ONLY for Garmin Vivoactive HR (No Tracker, Replacement Bands Only):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Personalized Your Garmin Vivoactive HR Sports GPS Smart Watch with this refined replacement wrist band
  • Fits 5.5″-8.1″ (140mm-206mm) wrist. Come with 2 screwdrivers for connecting the band and watch
  • Band can be installed onto Garmin Vivoactive HR Watch Lugs(not included) on both ends precisely and securely
  • An innovative pin-and-tuck closure ensures a clean fit. Metal parts made with hypoallergenic nickel free stainless steel
  • Easy and direct installation and removal. Soft silicone with smooth finish for a sporty look. Watch NOT included
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I really like the color of this band. Because it’s like a rubber, the band doesn’t slide but is always get caught on clothing. Other than that, i do like this band and wear it most days. If your concerned about this band getting caught on cloths than i would suggest getting a cloth band instead of this. Or maybe just use this band when working out.

I’ve tried a couple different bands and this is my favourite. This band is soft, comfortable and the colour is bright yet perfect. There are two loops to hold the excess strap down, extremely helpful, and while it does easily slide, it does not do it without someone physically moving it.

You only need about one extra strap though. Getting the strap on and off is a real chore. Needed to watch a youtube video to figure it out. I would rather i had bought just one, but these are nice quality.

The little loop band on my original hr vivoactive band broke and needed to be replaced. I found this complete replacement for the whole watch band and it works great. Note that the little loop is not the same. It does not have the little nub on the inside that fits in the slots of the band. But that has not been a problem at all. Instead it has two loops and they work great. The installation was slightly awkward as i fumbled with the included screwdrivers but it only took a few minutes to replace the band. It works great and looks and feels just like the original band (minus that loop mentioned earlier).

Was a little worried ordering this item after seeing the reviews, about how hard it was to change them out. I will tell you that i did order them. Hoping this helps you guys out. I figured out that there is a reason for the 2 screwdrivers. One to hold one end the other 2 loosen or tighten the other end. It can be trying, i did however manage to change it by myself. Love my new bands many colors to choose from.

It rubs my skin less then the original band causing less irritation. I also had the xl band and this fits great.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great band. There are small differences between this and the original, but nothing major.
  • Quality product at a great price.
  • Great and affordable replacement watch band

Great replacement band for wanting to change colors. However, the small piece on the band that keeps the band from hanging loose does not have the notch-thingy. So, i put my old one onto the new band and it works great.I kind of like the two-tone look too.

Very nice band but only giving 4 stars because it doesn’t have a notch on the loop to hold the strap in place like the garmin band so it is always coming out. Maybe the manufacturer could fix that?.

I purchased this as a gift for my boyfriend. He had been checking around our local stores for a replacement band, but only finding the device itself or nothing. For the price the band felt well made, not at all flimsy. I was concerned of that because of the fact it was less than $10 dollars. It came with the tools needed to switch them out. It also came in a giant box, completely unnecessary for actual package size. However, it did arrive quicker than expected. It seems to be holding up well to showers and work. Will update if it turns to trash.

I switched out my extra long band with this one. For those wondering, this band is shorter by about 3/4′ or so but it still fits my wrist on the 6th notch. The band feels almost exactly like the original one, but like many people have mentioned, there are two strap retainers which i have had no issue with letting go or even moving. The color is a little brighter than it is in the pic – i ordered the orange one which looks burnt orange in the pic, but it’s really more like a fluorescent orange in person. I’m very happy with the band, but i’ll reserve the 5th star for how long the band lasts. I wouldn’t hesitate on purchasing another band.

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More comfortable and less annoying to put on than the original black band that came with the watch. The color wasn’t representative of what i got though, it’s noticeably brighter than the photo.

Problem is the band guards move out of place too easily. It’s annoying to have to readjust them several times a day. If your active several times an hour. I would not recommend these to a friend.

My son gave me the garmin vivoactive hr for mother’s day last year. I started getting skin rashes from the original band so i purchased this band. I wear the watch 24/7, and so far i have had no issues. Update (08/31/18) – it seems i am allergic to the metal of the watch. No issues with the band otherwise.

Used this to replace the broken watch band on my vivoactive hr. I probably could have called garmin to get a free replacement, but i liked the idea of having a custom band. It’s working great so far, seems to be very durable and sturdy. The band clips don’t have the notch on them, which is probably why there is two, but no biggy.

In my opinion, they are superior to the original because they don’t use that weird notch system on the band that holds the excess length of the band down. Sorry, that is a horrible description. Once you couple the clasp on a traditional watch (which this is, in terms of the clasp, if not the watch itself) there is an inch or two hanging loose. Strap makers handle this by putting a band on the strap into which the loose part of the strap is inserted (hope that makes sense). On the original band, this strap had a sort of peg or notch that stuck into the holes on the loose end of the strap. I imagine this was supposed to be more secure. It does help with the band slipping. The peg/notch system wasn’t my favorite, because it made quick adjustments (which i make a lot because rubber doesn’t breath, so i feel the need to loosen and tighten the band all day) more difficult, and i’m convinced the added strain of pulling the strap up each time to lift the peg before inserting it into the loose end of the strap is what lead to the strap breaking early than i feel it should. The straps (there are actually two) on this band simply insert with a friction based fit i.

I love my garmin vivoactive hr and saw these bands on amazon. What a great way to accessorize and personalize my garmin. The bands came quickly, and in fact, each band is in a package with a set of the tools to change the bands. The colors are great, they are a soft, comfortable silicone, and the metal parts are stainless steel which is great as i am allergic to cheap metals. The first time i changed the band it was a bit difficult, but after doing it several times now, i have it down pretty well. The screw that comes out is tiny, so i put something underneath where i am working so that the screw doesn’t roll away. If you check the price of single bands, you will see that getting eight for this price is an awesome deal.

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Excellent watch replacement band. Includes screwdrivers to change band.

Received this recently to replace the band on my vivoactive hr garmin fitness watch. It’s designed only for this model so do be careful. Comes with two screwdrivers to facilitate replacement. Happy to say that the whole process went smoothly once i figured out how the posts work. Quality of the band is indistinguishable from the original. (obviously i got a different color) metal clasp section feels well made and is sturdy. Tab section to hold down excess band is different than the original in that it is missing the post to hold it in place and the replacement band has two loops instead of the original one. I actually prefer this to the original. (the tab was what broke on my original band, i postulate from lack of flexibility). This difference is correctly reflected in the pictures of the product on amazon.

I really like the texture of the watch band. Pairs well with the other silicone bands i have purchased. I do wish it would have included rods to hold the band to the watch, itself. I have stripped one of the screws, so i am hesitant to change the band to frequently. Love that it has 2 guards for the watch band to slip into.

Installing the new watch band takes only a few minutes – if you have someone to help by holding the watch. It’s a little tough to hold the watch while using the two opposing tiny hex wrenches to remove the screws holding the band on. With someone to help it is not a problem at all. . Once installed the band works well and looks good.

This band seems to be of good quality. It was easy to install on my garmin and looks sharp. It’s more colorful than the black band that came with it.

They do not have a tab on the band that holds it in place, like the genuine garmin do. The two little holders moved around a lot and did not serve my purpose so i ended up buying a genuine garmin replacement. Otherwise they fit and work just fine.

Tools included were needed for installation. Two loops are used to retain extra band past the clasp—original band had one band with a tab that engaged the notches in the band to keep the loop from moving. This band’s loops have no tabs but the extra loop helps hold the band in place.

Very nice, good quality band. However, know that it does not include new screws, which i wish i had noticed before ordering. I need one of the screws, which is partially why i ordered a new band in the first place. I assumed all new bands shipped with replacement screws.

Two small downfalls in this product though. One is that the little “clips” that are supposed to hold down the band’s fit doesn’t actually have the clip that goes into the holes in the strap. It’s rare though since it has 2 to keep it down. The other thing is that the screw drivers that come with the band to replace doesn’t work. I had to go to a watch repair store so they can help replace it. The screwdriver had to be sharpened a bit so it can latch onto the screws of the watch band and make it come loose. Not sure if it was just my screwdrivers, but that was my experience. Little things that could have been improved, but i am still satisfied with these bands.

Great price and it’s just as good as the original band. Easy to install and it’s nice to have a variety of colors to choose from now.

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