For the price it’s a great deal, the only downside is the band is about 3 notches shorter than the original garmin band so it took a couple of days to get comfortable with the slide being closer to the silver part.

This would be a five star review but for one thing. It’s a bit shorter than the original, and doesn’t provide quite as much free band through the retaining loop for those of us with just a bit larger wrist.

Came in two separate baggies, the tool provided was easy to use, and the quality of the band is a bit ‘cheaper’ than the original band, but it’s not a huge difference. It feels a tad more plasticy, but it’s not bad and still feels as sturdy.

Look and feel just like the band that came with the device.

Came with the tools to switch out the band. Only reason i didn’t give 5 star was that it is not garmin brand but you really can tell the difference. I switched the band clasp to the garmin and looks great.

Slightly thicker than original. Just reused the original ones.

It works fine but it is definitely not the same quality as the original garmin band.

Came packaged with changing tools. Feel a little thicker than the originals, not a flimsy band.

Fits great and is just like the original.

Extra pins are not included in any watch band as they are with the garmin. No problem, can certainly reuse, just be careful not to lose the pin or screws.

These are really good aftermarket garmin vivoactive hr replacement bands. They come with the correct tools to remove the old bands and are easy to install. The quality is almost as good as the oem bands. I haven’t noticed any skin irritation of discoloring yet.

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Band matches original and quality looks the same. Only one difference, no garmin emblem on band. I will purchase this from qghxo again.

I wanted some colorful bands, but also wanted to keep the little nub on the band holder. Most of the aftermarket bands on amazon don’t have the little nub that catches in the band holes to keep it from slipping. Some don’t like this feature, some do. As for colors, they are almost all a little off from the photo, but that’s pretty much to be expected. The rose color is lavender in real life (that was a relief to me – i didn’t want pink). The dayglo is a little more on the green side but pretty close. The other colors are pretty much like the photo shows. Each band is separately packaged with two screw drivers. There are also two band holders in each package, unlike the garmin brand that makes you reuse your original black band holder. The metal buckles are a little thinner than the garmin brand and the edges aren’t as rounded, but they are still very comfortable. The bands themselves are almost carbon copies – i can’t even tell the difference in the diamond pattern.

Overall i recommend these to replace the original band on vivoactive hr’s. They are nearly identical to oe, with exception to the band holder/strap. It has a notch to keep it in place, however it pops loos fairly easily, unlike my original band which stayed in place. However, for the price it’s nearly a non issue.

Great product and stylish too. Got a lot of complements when i changed bands.

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Fit perfectly, easy/simple diy installation with the tools provided. My only gripe (and it’s not really a gripe) is the fastening buckle is not as good a quality as the original garmin. But for $9 for two straps, i’m not complaining.

At a great price, fast shipping too.

These are so cool and stylish that some people think i’ve changed my orientation. You can play with the colors and the color of the stays – very fun.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Best Replacement Bands
  • Great replacement bands
  • Great variety, great price

There are very small pieces in the pins that hold the bands on. Be careful when you unscrew them.

8 pcs set: all great colors although slightly different in person than in the photos (which is to be expected with any product). Quality of band feels amazing and almost feather weight. Bands come with the notch on the loop that holds the excess flap (yay).

Awesome colors all for a great buy.

These plastic bands are ok ok quality. They sell in par of 8, you can use them for atleast 1 year.

I really only wanted the red one but went with the multipack in case the colors were off. These are pretty much just like the factory band. I’ve worn mine through a savage race and it held up just fine.

Works great, just as good as original band. Used during hiking, biking and other activities.

Love the variety of colors you can get for the price. After wearing for a while, the band seemed to stretch a little. One of the screwdrivers didn’t have a proper end on it, which almost stripped the band screw that came on my garmin. Thankfully each band comes with a set of screwdrivers and i was able to use one from another band. Glad it didn’t ruin the screw.

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It was easy to switch out the watchbands. Great quality for the price. I was hoping for a truer red though- the ‘red’ band is more ‘watermelon’.

They work are a multitude of colors, and they are a low price. A good quality band as well.

Would give it 5 stars, but though it came with two strap holders on every band (the part that holds the strap to the band that you tighten), they are loose and slip off. I purchased this for my teenager, and i always am seeing the watch band hanging loose. He tries to put it in the loops, but 5 minutes later it has slipped out. There are things you could do to mitigate it, just not exactly a 5.