I love this option of having different colors for your band. My original black one broke after 2 years & when i found this option i was super exited. I ordered them & once i looked at the tutorial in the details & figured out how to change the band, it took maybe 10 mins. It’s so easy i can change band colors weekly if i wanted to.

Exactly the same as the original band, and functions well. The end is not slip out as it did with the original band due to a raised section on the end.

I received these on time and they are so colorful. You can change them easily, and seem to be holding up very well.

Perfect replacement kit for my great garmin watch. Appreciate the additional band guard included as mine broken last year.

You get 5 colors to try out. However, i can only see myself wearing the black and the blueish grey. I also don’t see myself constant swapping out bands. But you have the option if your style changes or if one breaks. The silicone material is soft, and a tiny bit more comfortable than the original. However, i never thought the original was uncomfortable. The trade-off is that it’s stickier, which makes it slightly harder to adjust.

I bought this because the original band broke after 2 1/2 years. I got a color because it was more fun than just black. This came with the appropriate tools to swap out the old band and put this on. It took 3 minutes to have it all set up again. I love the color, its true to the picture and i like the band better than the original. It has a nice raised bump at the end to really secure it in place. I’ve gotten many compliments.

Absolutely satisfied customer here. The reason for my purchase was that the loop broke on my original watch band. These new bands far exceeded my expectations. To begin with, 5 bands for $15 is a steal when garmin charges $30 for one. Haven’t had them for long enough to know their durability but they seem quite sturdy (and i have 4 new backups anyways). The colors look great in person and the tools included make installing the bands quick and simple. I was also excited to see that there is a raised bump at the end of each band that holds onto the loop and keeps the band in place, which is a great addition. Furthermore, each individual band comes with a backup loop (the piece that eventually broke on my original), meaning theoretically i could break the same piece ten times before running out of bands. Overall, super happy with my purchase. Highly recommended to anyone in the market for new watch bands.

I’ve been wearing one of these bands since i purchased them a couple of months ago. They were simple to put on and have held up well. I’m also happy to say that they don’t smell bad yet either. Sometimes plastic/rubber watch bands can get down right stinky. Good product and i love having the color options (although i’ve stuck with the dark blue one almost the entire time – my wife wasn’t impressed with the zombie green – smh). Good product, well worth the price paid.

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My daughter wanted a new band for her garmin and these did not disappoint. Instead of one band, she got 5. The price was great price and the product is a great quality. The bands are so easy to change out, she loves being able to swap colors.

Feel like this watch band is a better band then the original. Hands down, worth the money.

This was a perfect replacement for my original vivoactive band. It was a little tricky to fasten the new band since you need to hold down one screw while screwing in another on the opposite side. Once i got the hang of it, though, it went smoothly. I had been tempted to buy bands in multiple colors but am glad i didn’t since i don’t see myself replacing the band regularly. It seems like the band is a little more rubbery than the original, but i like it.

Not as rubbery as the original band, but still excellent. Only drawback is a few of the colors are slightly off from the picture. Here are the specifications for the QGHXO Band for Garmin Vivoactive, Soft Silicone Replacement Watch Band for Garmin Vivoactive/Vivoactive Acetate (No Tracker, Replacement Bands Only):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Personalized Your Garmin Vivoactive / Vivoactive Acetate Sports GPS Smart Watch with this refined replacement wrist band
  • Fits 5.31″-8.46″ (135mm-215mm) wrist. Come with 2 screwdrivers for connecting the band and watch
  • Band can be installed onto Garmin Vivoactive / Vivoactive Acetate watch precisely and securely
  • An innovative pin-and-tuck closure ensures a clean fit. Metal parts made with hypoallergenic nickel free stainless steel
  • Easy and direct installation and removal. Soft silicone with smooth finish for a sporty look. Watch NOT included

Great, matches well, will see if color lasts like original.

I was worried how easy this would be to replace, and was impressed that they included 2 small screwdrivers to take the old band off and replace with the new one it was very easy to do, i fouund the new band to be comfortable, and looks good, i dont know about the durability yet but it appears to be good quality but at this price point if it doesnt last that long it easy enough and cheap enough to replace again. Over all im very impressed by the value and quality fo this watch band.

I like the band and the colors, but the clasp is too soft. Fits the garmin vivoactive, no problem. The soft clasp is difficult because it’s hard to take the watch off because it is so soft and flexible. The band is comfortable though, color is true to the picture.

Each color comes with a set of tools. They do not come with pins just in case you are wondering.

I’m so excited to have some new band colors for my vivoactive. They are so easy to change out. Each strap comes in it’s own package with it’s own set of tools to change out the strap. I think it might actually be better than the original strap that cam with the watch.

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A bit concerned when ordered due to material of the band. It ended up being a nice replacement for my watch. My original finally tore and needed it replaced asap. I like the feel of it and cost is great for the number of replacements you get.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I love the tab in the band!
  • Happy with the replacement
  • Great priceeven without the screws!

Great assortment of colored bands. Each band comes with the 2 screw drivers needed to change out the bands but not the screws. So be careful with your original screws since you must reuse them. I would recommend getting a spare set of screws to keep on hand. For the price of these bands, i don’t mind that they don’t include the screws.

This is my second purchase of the replacement band from amazon after the original got ‘destroyed’. Quality is pretty good and, as an added benefit, it comes with an additional strap loop (small rubber piece on the band), which is more prone to wear and tear.

From constant use and adjustment i keep breaking the little ring on my watch band and the band itself becomes discolored with perspiration. It’s great to be able to find an inexpensive but quality replacement. This was a perfect match and came very quickly.

Got it for my wife and she loves it. Very comfortable and the color works well with the white watch face.

This worked for several months, then the band holder broke, just like all the other rubberized. I’m to active and needed a more reliable one. Bought a metal band with a magnet clasp.

Update:after posting my original review (below), i was contacted by their customer service regarding my issue and was given a refund for my faulty band. Their customer service was very attentive, helpful, and responsive. I’ve added a star because of their efforts. I appreciate a company going out of their way for their products and customers. Original:(3 stars)i broke my original band after about a year of daily use and got this one as a replacement. Silicone band was soft, non-irritating, and rather stretchy, which i didn’t mind. Unfortunately, after 3 months the main band developed tears (see photo) and the loop that holds the end of the strap down broke. I had no real issue with the band, but i’d rather not have to replace it after 3 months of normal use. (sorry there’s no photo of the small loop, i lost it.

This band is easy to install and is better than the factory band. One reason is it has a raised piece at the end of the band to keep it it the keeper loop.

Fits great and is the exact style like the original black band that came on the watch. I’ve also received several complements on the band/watch and have recommended this seller to them.

Especially for this price, i really like these. Great design, comfortable, good quality. I love the tab on the end (i’ve attached photos). The original one that came with my watch didn’t have this feature, and i was constantly adjusting the end of the band. It was blessing in disguise that my original one broke.

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Can’t beat the price for 5 watch bands. Fit perfectly and well made.

I like the silky matte feel of the band. The only thing is the band lock on the end band with the holes that goes into the securing ring is so tight that it take a few seconds longer to put it on, but you won’t have to worry about it coming undone. I workout 4-5 times a week and it does’t ever come loose like the original would.

This was the perfect replacement for my garmin. The band is smooth and fits perfect.

Comfortable, fits perfectly, they even threw in an extra loop for the strap as that’s the part the breaks.

They do not come with screws, so make sure you hang onto yours. That was a little disappointing but i still had the original screws so it was not a problem. They do come with 2 tiny screw drivers.

Cada pulso viene con sus herramientas para cambiarlo, adicional traen doble correa para sostener el pulso en caso de que se dañe el primer caucho tienes un segundo. Lo único que no incluye es el tornillo que va de lado a lado del reloj para sujetar el pulso.

I have the garmen vivoactive and ordered these bands as the price for 5 replacement bands can’t be beat. The bands do not come with directions, but each band comes with the tools to change the band. You do need to use both of the tools to hold one side steady and twist the opposite way with the other side. It is a screw that comes off on one side and a long pin that holds the band in place. I actually like these bands better because they have a little ridge at the end of the band that prevents the band from slipping out of the hold. The original band did not have this. The bands are very durable and comfortable, not too stiff, but hold very well. Would highly recommend for someone looking for replacement bands for their garmin vivoactive.

Due to my own brut strength, i sheared the original strap holder right off my garmin watchband. Electrical tape was a temporary and unstylish fix until i ordered this strap replacement kit. It was easy to install and so far i haven’t broken it.

I like it better than the garmin band that came with the watch. The material is softer & more flexible and it doesn’t smell like the included one. Going to order more in other colors.

I’ve been using the replacement wrist band for about a month now and have been happy with it. It was easy to replace and so far no cracks or anything in the material. It is soft to the touch and yet has a certain ‘stickiness’ so that it stays where i put it on my wrist, whether i wear it higher or lower on my wrist. However, that stickiness also means that it picks up and holds on to dirt and lint and such. It needs more frequent cleaning to keep it fresh and nice looking. Overall, i’m happy with my purchase.

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