I usually have a hard time finding bracelets and watches that fit without altering them, but no problems with these. I don’t even wear it as tight as it’ll go. The fitbit is secure in them too. Step count seems accurate, but if you’re holding something steady while walking it obviously doesn’t detect your steps as well. Love that they come with a tan one, since it’s more my color and looks nude.

I bought the 10-pack bundle but wish there was a better color selection for smaller sets. I ended up buying the whole pack to get the few colors i wanted so now i have a bunch of bands i will never use. A few bands were more transparent than shown, like the dye was running short, which happened on the purple band and one of the reasons i bought the 10 pack. No worries of it falling out.

I’ve been wearing this lately on a necklace because the clips love to fall off of my pants. It’s been misplaced so often that i was looking up bracelets and boom found the trio. What would my one wish for change be?. So this is brilliant for the wrists but i walk on a treadmill with a trekdesk. So my count is off unless i strap it to my ankle which it fits on the last peg tightly. My only gripe – i shower with it and so far have not had any downfalls but if it breaks then it’s my own fault, not the bands. Side note – i did find the 10′ bands but they’re pricier than the 3 pack for $9. I got the hot pink and black ^_^ (https://www.

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I wear my device everyday now.

I love the option to be able to wear this on my wrist instead of clipping it.

Nice bands but the colors are not vibrant like pictured. I ordered the purple, blue and black set and the are more transparent (besides the black) however, still a good deal for the price.

QGHXO Buckle Bracelet for Fitbit One, Replacement Silicone Band with Chrome Watch Clasp and Fastener Buckle for Fitbit One

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Specially designed to fit the Fitbit One only. Fitbit device NOT included
  • One size fits most wrists size. Designed to fit most wrists (6.3″- 8.25″)
  • Turn you Fitbit One into a watch. Personalize your wristband to match your daily style
  • Simple and functional, keep your Fitbit One on your wrist, simple as that
  • Fix the tracker fall off problem. Easy and direct installation and one second removal

They are easier to use that the original fitbit versions. They are comfortable and a great price for so many. I would say one lasts about six to eight months before i switch to another.

She loves it and wears it every day. It’s a little annoying to hear about how many steps she’s had in a day, but it’s less annoying than staring across the dinner table at an out of shape person with whom i’m shackled to until she or i die.

I’ve almost been wearing my fitbit one more than my fitbit alta.

Needed to replace the last band i had and decided to put some more colors in the wardrobe.

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While a great replacement for the fitbit one’s sleep monitoring wristband, be aware that for its main uses, the fitbit one is programmed with the assumption that it will be worn on the torso. This is especially true with the floors climbed data; it registers your regular arm movements as stairs and thus without climbing more than two flights of stairs a day, i was showing as having climbed 30 floors. As such, wearing it on the wrist does not allow the tracker to function as it is intended. You would have to find a way to wear it on your torso, such as looped around your belt or on a necklace. This is not an inconvenience for me personally, and at this price for three, was well worth the purchase to replace the clip (which has always been damaging to my clothing), but i recommend you accept this limitation before you purchase, and know of a way to wear it so that the tracker can still function properly.

Very satisfied with this multi pack. They’re very durable and i am able to dress for fashion and wear one that matches my fashion.

Fits perfectly for my one fitbit when the original holder broke.

Works perfectly for my fitbit one. The strap is comfortable and has lots of small adjustment holes for a comfy fit.

Fits as well as the original.

Really like the comfort to wear this anywhere.

Very easy to close and they stay closed.

QGHXO Buckle Bracelet for Fitbit One, Replacement Silicone Band with Chrome Watch Clasp and Fastener Buckle for Fitbit One : Strap does not stay in place.

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Great quality and comfortable fit. I have a very small wrist and it fits nicely and does not move around very much.

Handy and nice having color options.

I love the color selection and the price i paid. Glad sellers still offer these as i am rough on my bands and have to replace them every few months or so.

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