Got this for my alta amd it was easy to put on. I got it because of the watch-like strap. The original strap keep catching on things and coming off. This was a perfect solution.

Perfect for my fitbit alta hr. I cannot tell the difference between this and the one that came with my fitbit.

I ordered this band in fuchsia to replace the original fuchsia band received with my fitbit alta hr that broke after 6 months. To my surprise, i also received the band in coral, which i’m wearing now. The bands seem well made and similar in quality to the original band. I believe the original fitbit clasp is metal and this clasp is plastic, but it doesn’t seem cheap or flimsy. Perhaps sized slightly on the smaller side based on the hole i was using on the original band versus the adjustment needed on the redtaro band. I’m optimistic enough that i ordered a second set to send to my mom. Will update if my opinion changes, but as of now i’m saving this item to my favorites to that i can buy more colors at a later date.

I have only been wearing this for about a week, but i love it so far. It seems to be great quality and it looks as good as the original which recently bit the dust.

Edited on 6/28i would say do not buy. Compared to other fitbit exercise bands that i have bought on amazon, the price is not worth it. This band only lasted me four months before the band became to week to stay on my fitbit. I almost lost my fitbit over four times before i decided to stop wearing the band because i was afraid it would fall off and i would lost my fitbit. Spend a little more money on one of the other bands on this site and get a better quality band that will last you longer. 00i really love this product and i will never buy a fitbit band from fitbit again just because these products are so great and so worth the price. These last longer than the fitbit bands and i have one in grey that i bought over a year ago that just broke on me. The lavender one that i bought came as it was shown in photos. My one complaint is that the sizes run really large, i considered my wrist to be a large but the large is way to big in the lavender size.

While listed as ‘hot pink’ this band does not look like the photo, nor live up to the name. I’d call it ‘medium pink’ as it’s not too ‘light’ yet not ‘hot’ either. The size is good and quality seems to be good as well, just a bit let down by the color.

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I was looking for a gray band, but this hue is even better–a bluish gray that stands out more on my wrist. Quality is great, from on-device connectors to the feel of the band itself.

I’ve been wearing it for months now, and it’s holding up well.

The original band kept on falling off because the pin holes were getting enlarged. This band takes the stress of losing her fitbit off the table with its more conventional design.

I am surprised at how great this band has been. For the price i wasn’t expecting this great of quality. It is just as good as the one that came with my fitbit. I think i like this one even better.I have had two fitbit bands in two years, i got them from fitbit. This band is far more inexpensive and the quality seems very comparable. I will be purchasing in different colors. So glad i found this product.

I really like how this band looks and feels, but it already looks dirty after less than 24 hours of wear (see pic). I changed it out after a day and will only wear it occasionally from now on. I don’t even know where that discoloration came from because i wasn’t even wearing sleeves that covered it. Tried cleaning it and the dark marks won’t budge.

It is so comfortable and to my surprise there was an extra band in the package. The colors are perfect and the fit is amazing. I will absolutely be purchasing more of these bands and i will let anyone i know looking for new bands to purchase these.

Great quality for the price and holds up well just as the original fitbit brand band does. Here are the specifications for the RedTaro Bands Compatible:

  • RedTaro replacement bands fit for both Fitbit Alta HR and Fitbit Alta; For more Fitbit bands, please search in RedTaro store;
  • Fitbit Alta HR/Fitbit Alta bands have two sizes: small bands fit for 5.5”-6.7” wrists and large bands for 6.7”-8.1” wrists; small and large are available;
  • Multi colors for Alta HR /Alta Fit Bit bands: solid color bands in latest design and printed design bands; black, teal, navy Blue, white, coral, gray, plum, pink, brown, light pink etc. Much more colors will come soon!
  • Fitbit Alta HR and Alta Classic Accessory Band only; Not included Alta HR/ Alta fitness trackers;
  • Alta HR and Alta watch bands come with 30-day money back guarantee and great customer service.

Well made, comfortable, and looks identical to the band on my husbands more expensive fitbit. I love my fitbit alta but the band kept coming undone and i was afraid i’d lose it. This new band solved that problem.

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It came with the 2 little closure straps to keep it in place. I’ve worn it for over 3 months & it looks identical to the original band. I’m very pleased with it & will purchase another if needed.

This band is longer than the original band that came with my fitbit (despite ordering the same size), but it hasn’t been an issue. Been wearing it for over a month now and it looks new. My original fitbit band was a light color and it discolored to a disgusting degree, but this one is dark and hasn’t discolored.

Love how vibrant the color is (teal). I ordered a large because i have previously owned a fitbit blaze and the size large seemed to fit just right but when i ordered my alta band in a size large i’m like on the first notch lol love it and for the price i paid for it, cant beat that.

My husband ordered this to replace his old band. He really likes the color and comfort of it.

I decided to go to a solid color band, being every printed band had rubbed off and i was tired of it. So thinking a hot pink colored band would be great. Well i had it approximately 3 day’s and it got black rubbed it on it, i think it was my shirt. So i looked at it and it had black area on the edges of the band. I tried to scrub it off and it would not scrub off. So now i’m gonna use the original fit bit alta hr black band that came with it. It wasn’t a bad band, not at all. I just couldn’t get the black to come off the band.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Was great at first, but became weak quickly
  • Great Replacement Band
  • Great Customer Service

I haven’t had any problems with the band except that it shows dirt easily. I have small wrists and the small was good. I think this band runs slightly smaller than the original fitbit band.

It fits my wrist better than the one that came with my fitbit. I like the double-loop that holds the strap in place. They came quickly when promised and customer service followed up to make sure i was satisfied.

Fits me and the tracker perfectly and matches the fitbit size. I am a big fan of this blue/gray color and i also love the color matching modern buckle.

Update: customer service was wonderful and remedied the situation by giving me a refund. The lavender color is much more pink than purple. It did not look like the picture. The band broke within a couple weeks of wear. The plastic connector broke. It just broke one day while i was hiking.

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Fits my fitbit alta perfectly and is the same length as the original fitbit band. The little rubber stoppers to hold the extra watch band in place work great as well because they have little notches in them to hold them in place. All around a great purchase and will definitely purchase again.

The fit is great, easy to attach and feels very secure. I have a small wrist and it fits with adjustments to spare. I was disappointed in the color as it did not match the picture very well, the actual is more pink than the picture (i was looking for a flesh colored). Red taro customer service contacted me proactively to see if i was satisfied and when i expressed the same concern to them, they were responsive, offering different colors and pictures to make me happy. I ended up keeping the one they sent as they sent another color too and it was a reasonable price. It was a very good customer experience.

Skinnier band than original one was that came with fitbit & i love that as i have very small wrists. Service experience was great. I would definitely recommend this company to friends.

The quality of this band is as represented but my problem is with the band color. This is not light pink, but more of a flesh color. It’s not worth returning since shipping for the item will be as much as the band itself.

I just don’t like the bulky plastic buckle.

I have had several different bands for my fitbit alta, and the redtaro band that i just purchased is far better than any i have had before – even the one that came with my fitbit. I have similar ones, but the clasp was bigger (and more clumsy) than the redtaro. It is more narrow, and has two bands to hold the excess part of the band, instead of one wider one. I also had a mesh one, which looked nice, but it kept catching and snagging my clothes.I will continue to buy the redtaro brand from now on – when this one eventually wears out. Very pleased with my purchase.

Perfect, they look feel and perform exactly like the band that came with my fitbit.

It is almost identical to my original band and i like the double buckle bands. I would definitely reccomend this band.

This band gets the job done. It’s a little pinker than i expected (definitely not as purple as the picture), but it arrived with an extra band (skin-tone) that i did not even order, so i’m giving it an extra star for that.