These are just the ticket, the wife was very pleased. Fit well, likes the double closure, that’s what failed on last band she had.

Good quality and fast shipping. She usually has allergic reaction to metal clips of the edge of the band from non-genuine fitbit band. Must be using stainless with better quality.

These are the best replacement bands i have found. Super great quality without the price of a name-brand band. They saved me from having to buy a new fitbit.

A friend of mine told me about these after my original band broke and i’m honestly glad she did. I love that these are similar to a watch strap so they cant just pop off like my last one. The colors are brite and the band feels exactly like my original, thick and sturdy.

My fitbit band broke for the 3rd time in 2 years (all directly from fitbit) so i figured i’d try a 3rd party one. So far i can say the fit is good and the band feels of high quality. Can’t comment on durability yet. The two things to hold the band closed are a little annoying but not a super big deal. I docked a star because i got the blue/black/grey color set and the grey band has a very purplish tint to it. Not really something i would wear and doesn’t look like the grey in the photo. Blue and black are fine though.

Well, i did like my purchase. However, i purchased a size large. The original large had a nice fit, this one i need to move it a notch or two over to get the same fit. Not a big deal for me but good to know before you buy.

The band clipped right on and the connection feels secure. The bands are a little more rigid than the fitbit band, however, to me, they seem more durable. I also love that the clasp/band has two slides whereas the fitbit band only had one. I’m so glad i purchased these.

I have very sensitive skin and these don’t feel as comfortable as the original band that came with my fitbit alta hr. However, if you’re not incredibly allergic like me, you’ll probably love them. They look great, very similar to the original band but a slight bit longer, and good quality. Update (10/14/2017) – yesterday i received a package from redtaro that included a really special handwritten note and 2 more sets of bands (version 2 and version 3) that they’ve developed to work with my allergic/sensitive skin. Their customer service is amazing. The version 2 bands were a bit large for my wrist. However, the version 3 bands they sent worked great and are super attractive. (the gray band in the photos is version 3.

  • Not good for super-sensitive skin but very attractive bands
  • Order this, you’ll be pleased!
  • Great replacement bands
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RedTaro Bands Compatible with Fitbit Alta HR/Alta-Pack of 3 Colors, Adjustable Replacement Accessory Bands/Straps/Bracelets for Fitbit Alta HR/Alta for Women/Men(no Fitbit Fitness Trackers)

  • RedTaro replacement bands fit for both Fitbit Alta HR and Fitbit Alta; For more Fitbit bands, please search in RedTaro store;
  • Fitbit Alta HR/Fitbit Alta bands have two sizes: small bands fit for 5.5”-6.7” wrists and large bands for 6.7”-8.1” wrists; small and large are available;
  • “Multi colors for Alta HR /Alta Fit Bit bands: solid color bands in latest design and printed design bands; black, teal, navy Blue, white, coral, gray, plum, pink, brown, light pink etc. Much more colors will come soon! “
  • Fitbit Alta HR and Alta Classic Accessory Band only; Not included Alta HR/ Alta fitness trackers;
  • Alta HR and Alta watch bands come with 30-day money back guarantee and great customer service.

I don’t get the few poor reviews. My original fitbit band wore out after less than 4 mos. One side would not lock and it kept falling off. These bands arrived in less than 2 days and they fit perfectly and securely. I ordered a second set so i have brown, black, white, navy and two grey bands. I love the colors and hoping being able to change out bands will make tgem last longer.

Great bands — they work perfectly with my fitbit and come in fun colors. Much better than the snap-on band that came with my fitbit — that one popped off when i was out once, and i was lucky someone noticed and called my attention to it. No worries with these; the buckle system feels very secure. Considering buying more in other colors.

Really like the fit bit alta watch bands. I find they area good bargain.

I needed a new one after mine broke. These came quickly and have more holes since i have small wrists. I can get it to a much better fit with these and they were pretty self explicit when putting them on. I wear my fitbit 24/7 and i have only used one that has lasted the whole time.

Almost identical to the original fitbit bands, except longer with more notches – which is fine with me. Nice colors and great price.

I wanted different colored bands for my fitbit to bring to the gym, and i love that these clasp like a real watch. They fit perfectly, and the colors match the images shown. I was expecting them to take over a week to come in (i ordered on christmas), but they actually came within 4 days. I even received an email from the company recently to see how i liked them or if i needed help returning. Love the bands, and the company is great to work with.

These bands fit very well on my fitbit. Love having the different colors. Received them in a very timely manner.

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I like having the bands with the buckle closure for security. This multi-pack came in nice basic colors that i can use with just about any outfit.

Better than the one the fitbit originally came with, since it has two straps to secure the extra band.

These bands fit really nice in my fitbit. I have very small wrists & these fit be a lot better than the original band once they are broken in. I do wish the buckle was metal instead of plastic for longevity purposes but over all i am very happy with them.

Nice selection of colors they’ve put together in three’s, and a great price. Had a large size for a couple of years as a gift before it broke. Got a small and fits perfect.

I love the quality of theee bands. They only reason i give this a 4 star rating is because i first ordered small bands, which i wear in every other brand i have ordered, but had to order again in large because the small was not sufficient.

Wow, very nice, the colors are better than the original fitbit colors and i like the embossed design more too. I never had an issue with the original pin clasp but the toggle and buckle on these are sure to be more secure. So nice to get 3 for such a great price too.

My original fitbit alta hr band broke last week and i ordered this three pack as a replacement. They arrived super quickly, within 1 business day and so far are just like the original band. I love the addition of the second strap to hold the band in place (my wrists are super tiny and my old band always had too much extra strap). Super pleased with this purchase and i love that i have some back ups now.

Received wrong color the first time. Returned it and received the correct one. No issues with quality and fit.

The blue and pink colors show dirt bad. I like how there are notches to keep the excess band out of the way.

The bands are the perfect replacement for the original, with a bit more security, as the original had a tendency to catch on things and just snap open and fall off. These have a more traditional watchband type latch, similar to a belt. They fit perfectly and are easy to connect to the fitbit alta.

These alta bands match the measurements of my previous favorites (no longer available on amazon). The small size is evenly divided between the straps unlike many other bands i have tried. They also have two bands to hold the end of the strap in place. All others i have tried have only 1 band, with the exception of my original favorites.

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The small size bands fit just like the originally fitbit band and the quality is great. The only complaint i have, is that i wore a dark shirt and the color transferred to the coral colored band. I have had the shirt for years and wore it with my original fitbit band and never had a problem but after wearing the shirt for a short time with the new band, i noticed the coral band has dark marks all over it from where the shirt rubbed on it. In the future i will probably order more bands in different colors from this seller.

Wife loves them, though it took a little time for her to get proficient at changing them.

I ordered a set of 3 and i was happy when i noticed that i got 4 bands instead. It fits perfectly and it’s very easy to change the band . I love the colors mine is a s size wrist and i ordered l band because the color i wanted was not avaible in s size but i am happy that l bands have enough holes punched to fit my wrist .

Shipping took forever, but in all fairness, i did order two other products so that could have been the hold up.

Look just like the original band on my alta hr. Easy to switch out the bands. I ordered a three pack and got an extra band. I will look for other colors from this maker.

Identical to the ones fitbit carries.

I think i like it, was nervous about the materials but the buckle seems durable as does the band, but does have flexibility. I bought the large just so i can wear it loosely. Fitbit alta compatible as stated, quickly received, let’s hope they last. Oh, also happy with the colors received, teal, rose pink, navy and a purple plum.

These bands seem to be just like my original, except maybe a little stiffer at first. They even came in a resealable pouch that i keep them in. I plan to purchase more in the future and will make sure they are from redtaro.

I broke my original alta band, and had to get a replacement band. Then, i broke the tiny little silicone band that keeps the strap in place. After it being super annoying and getting it caught, i decided to look for a sturdy replacement. I love that these come in a set, and that each one comes with two tiny bands to hold the strap in place.

Bought a set of three when one of my other replacement bands started looking pretty dingy. I purchased the black, grey and navy blue set. These seem to be quality bands– i’d rank them as good as the original fitbit bands. I like that the clasp is plastic. Looking forward to getting to use all of them.