Already wearing them but spring will be the best time.

He’s active, and becasue of the buckle, there’s a far lesser chance of it accidentally falling off his wrist.

Beautiful band and it is soft and flexible. Fits nicely around your arm.

It’s great to have a band that holds together.

I like the looks of the band, but the buckle bothers me. Not as comfortable as the original bands.

The colors are nice to change up but what i like most is the security of the band. It’s harder to come loose with the way it locks together and for busy people this is a bonus.

I really loved how bright the colors were. The clasp kept the band on my arm a lot better than the standard band.

Key specs for RedTaro Replacement Bands Compatible with Fitbit Flex 2, Secure Buckle Closure/Watchband, Solving Falling Off Problem/Flex 2 Bands/Fitbit Flex 2 Wristbands:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • SECURE BUCKLE CLOSURE: RedTaro replacement wristbands for fitbit flex 2 has a watchband with buckle and strap holder, securing your Fitbit on your wrists. Don’t worry about Fitbit Flex 2 falling off problem!
  • Standard Size:5.5”-8.1”.
  • The replacement band made of DURABLE FLEXIBLE TPU material,perfect fit and comfortable to wear,giving you silky soft & smooth feeling.
  • WATER-PROOF MATERIAL-waterproof,soft and durable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material
  • RedTaro SERVICE-365 days quality guarantee,30-day no question return and 24 hours message reply

Comments from buyers

“For the price, I’m satisfied with what I got
, Fitbit Barbie
, I like them, but the lights are difficult to see

The seller shipped very prompt. The redtaro band has comfortable fit which i appreciate very much. Unfortunately, the design starts to rub off/wear away quite quickly. I am an elementary school teacher and constantly using my hands to assist students, teach important concepts, or even just daily living; i have noticed the edges lost their printed design within a week of daily use.

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The original band was far too difficult for me to put on by myself and i needed a more traditional watch band style. The variety of colors is awesome too.

These work great and i was excited to swich out my band; at 4/$10 you can’t go wrong. They have loosened up along with the two clasp straps supporting the band staying closed, but i have worn them a lot so that was to be expected. I have gotten many compliments on them.

Easy to insert and remove the module, and it stays in securely. Like the adjustable buckle because my left wrist is a size larger than my right, and i don’t have to work with the strange fit bit fastener.

They have many patterns and colors. My flex 2 is easy and securely installed in the band and the ‘watch band’ type hook and bar has many adjustments and is quick to fasten.

Well made – great price – very pretty designs.

This works for me a lot better.

“large” is not comparable to fitbit’s large.

Now that i have these bands, i can answer the questions i couldn’t quite find answers to before i bought them. In general, the bands are great. I like the watch style closure, and i find that the fitbit itself fits in the band snugly with no fear of coming out. I haven’t had these long enough to say whether the decorations rub off over time, but for the price, i don’t really care. The big question i had was whether you could see the fitbits lights through the holes in the band. I had read some reviews that said you couldn’t. There are holes in the tops of the replacement bands that match up with the fitbit lights, but for some strange reason, the holes don’t go all the way through leaving a thin membrane of plastic/silicone covering the lights. On the black bands, this prevents me from seeing the lights, and if i want to see them, i’d have to poke a hole through that thin membrane. On the white band (i have one white band with a lacey pattern) the lights show through just fine.

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Easy to trim down to a smaller size using scissors. A little bit of a nuisance popping the centers of the holes out. But other than that, these have been great.

It fits both the fitbit and my wrist well, and it is sturdy and durable, although i am not sure the print will stay bright for long. I prefer this watchband-style clasp because it can’t fall off. I can’t give it 5 stars though, because the print is ‘silver swirls’ but has apparently been copied off of a mattel brand toy. Among the swirls, it has tiny barbie silhouette heads and the word ‘barbie’ printed in script.It is subtle, and kind of hilarious on my 50+ year old wrist, but neither dolls nor copyright infringement are really what an adult woman is going for in a fitness wristband.

The fitbit lights show perfectly. Will order another one in a different style.

My band was exactly as it was presented on amazon and came right on time.

I have gotten so many compliments. I wear a different one everyday. They are soft and flexible and feel soft on my arm.

Received item very fast and price is great with different colors can change fitbit to match clothing.

Like many other reviewers said, the lights of the fitbit are difficult if not impossible to see. I will most likely have to take them home and figure out how to poke larger holes/remove the membrane over the light holes. Additionally, i purchased my fitbit flex 2 with a lavender band, and the lavender band purchased here does not match the color of the original fitbit band that i love so much. I likely will use the original fitbit lavender band over this one, but thankfully i have the pink, white, and aqua too – those colors are quite vibrant and lovely, especially without an official band to compare them to.

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My only complaint was that on some of them, the lights didn’t show through. I didn’t mind it too terribly much as it’s not like there’s a face on the fitbit or anything, but this does mean i have to take it out or plug it in to my computer to check the battery life.

Great price but i wear this every day and the design is wearing off already, it’s only been a week.

The band is really durable, which is great. I just wish the brown was more brown and less burnt sienna.

These replacement band stay on. Never have to worry about losing my fitbit. We will see how long they last.

These were for my wife but she likes them which for her is a big compliment.

Can change them out to match my outfit or my mood.