Got it for my friend for bday, she loves it. Nice materials and good quality.

This is a good simple pedometer watch. The issue we had was that the bands didn’t lock closed so the watches kept falling off our wrists. My husband lost his after 2 days. I contacted the company and they refunded my money and are addressithe design issue.

My family has been looking for ways to get fit and so i ordered this one for my son. It measures his heart rate, calories and steps and the greatest part is that it is waterproof. So far he likes it and now we can have a competition because i have one too.

I really like this tracker, i bought it as a backup and find it to be really similar to my $100+ tracker. It keeps the stats accurately, it’s lightweight and easy to wear. Definitely a good value for the price.

This fitness tracker is small and light which i think is great.

Excellent tracking with downloadable app.

  • Cool Product
  • Good Watch/Easily Scratched
  • Good value good product

Everything in this product works exactly how they advertised it and i do believe it’s accurate i did take it with me on a 7 mile hiking trip but then after that i didn’t really need it anymore so i put it away but it functions exactly as advertised.

I like that it tracks my bp and hr which are nice features to have. I also like how convenient it is to charge by simply plugging it into a usb and letting it charge for the short period of time. It also tracks sleeping patterns which is a bonus for a device like this. I don’t like that the face is very easy to scratch and not long after getting it out if the package it had a permanent black streak across part of the display. The final thing i do like about it is that it displays a short portion of your alerts and the source (fb, text, twitter, etc. ) overall a decent fitness watch.

Nice and comfortable, loved the features, easy to use.

Needed to replace my fitbit and found this fitness tracker. I’ve used it for a few days and it seems to be doing a great job. One thing that i like is i can shower with it where i had to take my old tracker off.

Features of General Remote Control for BN59-01006A

  • General Remote Control for BN59-01006A

General Remote Control for BN59-01006A