I just wanted a clipboard without all that fancy connected to a box and all that stuff. This was perfect for what i needed.

Love stopwatch option and ruler on side.

As a nurse i love this clipboard. All of my paperwork stays together tightly and the calculator is right at my fingertips. Also like that it is black, so no marks and stains.

I bought this for my classroom. I use it for running records and grading and it is a useful tool. I found it somewhat expensive for the quality and still have to press the buttons a bunch of times to get it to stopwatch mode which is annoying.

Very easy to use and durable.

The calculator, stopwatch, and timer work as advertised. However, it’s not a real clipboard in that you can only fit a few sheets of paper at a time. If that’s all you need it for then you might be ok, otherwise you’ll likely have to walk around with a folder as the papers tend to fall out of this one with more than 10 sheets of paper.

I’m a licensed psychologist who primarily conducts neuropsychological tests. I use this clipboard when i complete assessments and rely heavily on the stop watch as well as the calculator feature. Makes the testing process and materials handling so much easier. Many peers who have seen how i use this in my work have been impressed enough to buy their own. This is my second robic clipboard in ten years, as i just plain wore out the numbers (the white faded from my using the buttons so much) on the first one and now use it as a backup. Never had a battery fail so the solar recharging feature must work well. Highly recommend this product.

It seems to work fine, but i thought based on comments that the beep could be turned off. As such, i am unable to use it until i get the right tools to remove the speaker. And then hopefully it’ll still work after that.

  • An essential tool
  • Great Tool for Timing
  • Great Classroom Tool

Robic M457 Clipboard with Calculator and Stopwatch

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Sold as an Each
  • Strong spring-loaded retainer clip for papers
  • Attached is a stopwatch and full function calculator
  • Solar powered for convenience and lower environmental impact
  • Large easy to see display screen

Great all-in-one concept, but falls a bit short for the price. The calculator and timing functions work fine. The board has more flex to it than i would like. Setting date, time and alarms is not intuitive. There is no way to prevent the buttons from being depressed if you pack the clipboard for travel, so be prepared for date/time/alarm resets every time. The hourly chime is unnecessary and distracting. If the board were a bit sturdier and if a button cover were available (or perhaps an aluminum version), this would be a great product for the industrial workplace.

I too am using this product for psychoeducational/neuropsych evaluation as i needed something to hold my protocols as well as a stopwatch and calculator. And would be even more distracting to my clients than my ticking mechanical stopwatch. I looked everywhere for a non-mechanical solution to turn off the sound, but to no avail. So i took the clip board apart and just removed the speaker. All you need is a pair of fine needle nosed pliers and a fine philips head screw driver. Here is the mechanical fix on how to turn off the stopwatch sound. So, you pull the pins out, one at a time.

It works great, but i wish i could stop the beeping.

I am reading teacher that does lots of assessments. Clock with alarm, calculator and stopwatch make this a no-brainer for purchasing. Kind of on the expensive side and not intuitively designed, it is still a solid purchase for my needs.

This tis the second one that i have purchased–the last one lasted 9 years. This one is even better because now i can change the battery when it is needed. I use it for testing reading scores for my local school district and since the timer doesn’t have to signal with a sound, it is even less intrusive to the testing process.

This is a very good product for testing.

I recently purchased this clipboard. The quality is fairly good, i notice numerous reviews criticising the strength of the clip. This has possible been rectified as i think clip strength is adequate. The instructions are weak and even incorrect at times. It took me a while to work out how to turn the alarm off. However, all functions can be worked out with some playing around. There is a battery which powers sound, which can be removed to turn the sound off. It is plastic and i think is solid enough, with a useful ruler. Overall, instructions are a little unclear but not much else to complain about, a good product.

Very useful clipboard with clock time indication.

As a school psychologist, i love the clip board and stop watch combination. I’ve reordered this a couple of times in 10 years as it can be fragile. I had an intern who hit the buttons too hard or something and broke it (i have no idea how, it had been fine for 5 years). I broke another by trying to change the battery in the calculator.

This is helpful for the assessments that i give, but i find the timer and clock features difficult to navigate. I also suggest not taking out the battery because it is a real pain to get back in. There should also be a feature to make the timer silent.

Does not do lap splits, only cumulative time.

We find it very useful to have a calculator right where you need itat the moment it’s needed.

I work for a neuropsychologist doing neuro/psych testing. I do a lot of iq, memory, attention span and problem solving tests that require me to write something while timing or checking the time. This clipboard makes that so much easier. Not only does it make my work easier, it allows me to time things in an unobtrusive way, that most patients do not even notice. It also allows me to check the time without blatantly looking at my watch. I like the black plastic design that is more durable than traditional pressed clipboards, and also allows me to permanently tape often used information to it. This makes my job so much easier, i would definitely recommend it to anyone who has similar needs.

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