I cant get the little shiit to work. Might be good with batereys.

Works great to time physical therapy exercises.

Could be just a bit smaller for a countdown timer. The biggest concern would be the size of the start/stop bottom – the button should be recessed like the other buttons on the device. The device is to sensitive to touch and with the size of the start/stop button and the fact it sticks out from the device – one little bump in your pocket and the device stops. Fix those two concerns and drop the price to $10-$12 (not $18. 00) where it should be and the device becomes perfect for what it is supposed to do.

And it is simple to operate. And most importantly the price is just about right. Oh sure getting it in a box of cereal for free would just be perfect. But that’s just not in the realm of possibilities.

Haven’t had a chance to use it yet but read instructions and able to work it.

Works good and is what i needed.

Robic SC-512 Handheld Countdown Timer

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Counts down in seconds(up to 99 min. & 59 sec.) or in minutes (up to 9999 minutes).
  • Can be used silently or with audible beep confirmation.
  • Automatically resets to preset time at completion; Stop & restart for time-outs.
  • Lock Function protects the current reading which is entered.
  • Breakaway Safety Lanyard helps prevent accidents, promotes safe use.

Similar to the old sc-512 i have except setting the time to count down. It is a bit more complicated. Also has a count down function that audibly counts down the last 3 seconds. Takes some getting used to its operation.

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Great timer – use it for competitions with my dog.

Setting is fiddly and unintuitive to sete up during sessions but once set works ok. Disappointing compared with previous robic countdown timer which was ideal.

It is simple to use & it does everything that is promised of it. I can’t ask for more than that.

Use it everyday, reliable, easy.

Maybe if i spend more time troubleshooting, i could figure out how to turn off the 3-second warning buzzer before all time runs out. Would prefer to just have the final ‘buzzer’ with no warning as it is very distracting.

Once you get the hang of using them, they work fairly well. Practice well before an event or a trial, however. Also make certain you don’t accidentally turn the timer off when using it (which has happened to us several times).

Suitable for outdoor and sports activities. The screen is a little small but it is meant to be handheld.

I use it many times each day and it has worked perfectly each time.

I umpire and got one of these to use as my game timer. I like the lanyard on it, it makes it easy to just hang on the fence. I like that you can lock the buttons to the time does accidentally get reset or stopped. The battery life on the two of these ive ordered was fine. I’ve never had any issues with mine.

Useful for what i need it for. The quality is good and it could be a little thinner, but it works for me.

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Robic SC-512 Handheld Countdown Timer : I have been using and abusing this product for about 3 month now and no visual problems are noticeable, the unit works as described.

The subject line says it all. This is a functional countdown timer, easy to use and of reasonable build quality, though expensive for what it is. It’s a one-trick pony: it just counts down and chimes at completion. A nylon lanyard is included and it’s worked flawlessly since purchase. It feels light in the hand and i wouldn’t want to accidentally drop it too many times, yet feels robust enough to promise many years of trouble free use, with care. What i do like is the ability to ‘lock’ the device during countdown, so it’s impossible to inadvertently bump or depress buttons. I have quite a few timers and in spite of modern convenience, am tending toward the old-fashioned mechanical variety, though that probably just relates to my age and mistrust of anything modern. 🙂 on the subject of countdown timers, virtually all digital stopwatches have a countdown facility and so there are better made, more versatile and cheaper alternatives to the robic 512. I intentionally sort out a red unit, as it’s easier to spot when left about the place, especially outside, on grass or astroturf. Again, there are many red alternatives from other manufacturers.

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