This timer has all the features i was looking for: timer, stopwatch, waterproof, etc, but the interface is a little hard to use. You can set the timer, but only after about 10-15 button presses. It does the job and is accurate, but i was hoping it would be a little easier to set. It would be nice if the screen had a back-light and auto-shut off, but at least the battery is long lasting and easily replaceable.

I bought this to improve my running. It has the features i need and seems well-made but the instructions are problematic. There are two issues, from my perspective. With multiple functions, it is crucial that the instructions provide clear illustrations and step by step instructions. Neither applies to robic’s instructions for this stopwatch. Second, there is no additional support apparent on the robic website. You can download a pdf of the same one-page instruction set with tiny print that is supplied with the watch, but that appears to be it.

The timer is good in its basic functions but it keeps resetting itself, generally this happens while i am actively using it (i. In the middle of a timed event etc). It’s also not the most convenient countdown timer to set and can only be set to one time (i. It’s good for casual use but if you need something more reliable or to be able to adjust your intervals/countdowns quickly keep shopping.

I had a robic stop watch that was in perfect condition for my whole 25 year coaching career. Someone stole it from my desk during the summer when i was off. So i got a new one and have no doubt it will last for just as long.

Works as advertised and i really like the tactile feel of the buttons. Only problem i have is that when the countdown timer reaches zero, the watch proceeds to chime for 20 long seconds – way over the top. I use this stopwatch to time r/c glider contests and usually around the zero time mark the glider pilot is deep in concentration trying to make a precision landing – not the time for a bunch of bells and whistles to be going off. I might try to take the watch apart and disable the alarm. Otherwise, a very good stopwatch.

  • Well made but poor instructions
  • Good watch, just a little too noisy in countdown mode.
  • Good countdown timer
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I needed this for the countdown feature for race practices, but i love that i can also get someones lap times while it’s still counting down the time left in the session. Once you play with it for a few minutes, setting it up is quite easy without having to refer back to the book. Love it, and if i lost it, i would buy this exact model again in an instant. I would have to say very good value for the money.

As described, great product.

Out of several countdown timers that i’ve bought recently to try out, this one, while not the best shape or feel in the hand, had the one feature that i would have thought would be a no-brainer. Apparently only these guys can make a timer that doesn’t start beeping several seconds before the time runs out. Why would i need to know time is about to run out?.What possible good purpose could be served by distracting me at an extremely critical point of the bout?. It is amazing how many times in a bout, when time is about to expire, that someone launches an attack or does some kind of action that requires the undivided attention of the referee. A referee does not need some piece of electronic gear beeping insistently that something is about to happen. Tell me when it does so i can concentrate. A little weird in shape, but whatever. Seems mostly solid, though time will tell. It’s going to have to be pretty impact resistant because when the kids referee bouts they drop these things like their hands are coated with butter. If i have more to say later on, i’ll do it. Basically, it looks like i’m going to be buying more of these.

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These watches are a good alternate to the robic sc-707 for dlg timing tasks. All of the same functions and previous flight memory feature. Perfect for quick turnaround tasks or for those of us who may forget to write down a flight on the time card and need to recall the round flights for verification. This is my second robic sc-606, purchased as a back-up to my first one which is three years old and still working greatnow i can use one for the round window time countdown while the other records flight times. Imo, these robic time pieces should be standard equipment for all dlg comps the world overdependable quality and ideal function.

Great in countdown but need time to adapt to see how everything works, but great device.

Features of Robic Stop Watches ROBIC SC-606W 50 Memory Chrono & Countdown

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Like two timers in onestopwatch and countdown
  • 50 dual memory stopwatch takes up to 1000 dual split readings, Memory can be recalled in ascending (Up) or descending (Down) order
  • Multiple mode Countdown shows time remaining: Countdown then Stop, Repeat or Count-up modes.
  • Preset Countdown time values from one second to 24 hours with 1/10 second resolution.
  • Lap, Split or Dual Split display timing operation

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

My husband bought these for his weekend job of being an official for bicycle races, he hasn’t had any issues, or complaints about it.

I knew what i was getting from past experience.

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Practico, cómodo y duradero. Lo uso en las practicas de yoga.

We use these to tell us how far ( in time) we are from the finish, in our road race.

I beat the hell out of these things and they never break. Great watches and easy to change the battery should you need to. I especially like the combination countdown and stopwatch functionality. The lanyard is a weak point – it breaks easily at the attachment point to the watch.

Top buttons break super easy. This is my husbands 3rd time buying for work. Decided now to go with the $60 stopwatch as it’s made better.

Like two timers in onestopwatch and countdown

I was looking for a dual countdown timer. That could alert me when 1 minute was left on a 14 minute interval. Originally this item was published as a dual countdown timer. That is what i was hoping for. The actuality is that it is a count down timer or a count up timer. Dual mode, not dual activity. I did find a timer that suits my needs, but gymboss b0036uswuqi would recommend it more than this one. Because it is small in size i can keep it on me with out worrying about it getting in the way.

50 dual memory stopwatch takes up to 1000 dual split readings, Memory can be recalled in ascending (Up) or descending (Down) order

Multiple mode Countdown shows time remaining: Countdown then Stop, Repeat or Count-up modes.

Preset Countdown time values from one second to 24 hours with 1/10 second resolution.

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