This product has worked well for me. The only problem, and it is not significant, is that the countdown timer starts beeping before reaching zero. I would have preferred not do that. Other than that, which others may desire, it is easy to use and designed well.

Reliable and does just what it says. Not completely intuitive, but the instructions are clear, and it’s not hard to get used to. Certainly for casual things, like getting a sense of the relative acceleration speeds for various cars (yes, being retired is really nice, lol), it works very well for me.

Easy to use, not overly complicated, and the main reason i bought it – big buttons. I can easily operate it by feel and keep my eyes and one hand on my patients.

I’m not tech savvy and some people said this is a difficult stop watch to use. It took me less than two minutes of playing around with the stopwatch to figure out all the functions. I bought the stopwatch to time lacrosse players while there running field sprits and my own kids durning there training sessions away from their teams. Secondly to use the countdown timer to time the duration of drills in order to use my practice time more efficiently. For the money this seems like excellent stopwatch. I have firmly squeezed and pressed the body of the stopwatch together and it seems like a solid, sturdy and well constructed. The buttons seem sturdy and respond instantly when pressed. Lastly if you’re a person who has trouble remembering how to use things you’ve purchase save the user manuals, make a file for yourself. It has certainly helped me many times during my life to go back to that hanging file drawer for a quick refresher.

This multi-function stopwatch works great. It fit well in my hand, easy to control. The buttons were a firm click and not prone to accidentally stopping if you wear it around your neck and bumped it. My one and only gripe is there seems to be no way to turn it off, the display is always on. So i’m concerned about battery life when it is not being used.

Easy to learn and very handy buttons. The only con for me is that the count down beep isnt loud enough. But it is good for the price and my purpose in purchasing it: which by the way was to see in the countdown how fast my life goes and not worthy to experience negative vibes.

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I use this watch to time my rest periods between sets when working out in the gym. I just hang it around my neck, and go through my workout routine. This is much better than trying to use a wrist watch. I typically use it in count-down mode. So, for example, if i’m resting 1 minute between sets, i set the timer at 1 minute. When it beeps at the the 5 second point before reaching zero, this is the signal to get into setup position on the machine or the free weights. I like the large display because i don’t like to work out with my glasses on. The display is large enough that i can read it without glasses. When the counter reaches zero, it automatically starts counting up from zero.

Works fine for timing stuff around the house. Don’t use it for anything compteitvely but i am sure it would work fine for that as well.

  • Countdown timer that does the job
  • It works great. I just hang it around my neck
  • This little watch has a great display, easy to operate buttons

Robic Stopwatch with Countdown Timer, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • The best choice in the category – a full 10 hour stopwatch and countdown timer precise to 1/100 second. 20 times more powerful than other brands
  • Single event, lap or split timing
  • 1/100 second precision to 10 hours. Two finish time memory recall. Unlimited number of time readings can be taken
  • Countdown timer shows time remaining; counts up to completion. Audible alarm at completion of countdown. Countdown range 10 hours with 1/100 second
  • Splash resistant; extra large display. One year Warranty; Lr44 battery
  • This is an aftermarket of generic part

Works great as a countdown timer.

Good quality and easy to use. They are a very reliable and have not experienced any sticking buttons like i have with some other stopwatches that i’ve used.

Buttons are super responsive. I replaced a cheaper crappy model i bought from a big box store here in town. The cheaper one wouldn’t always register my clicking the start stop button.

I especially like the audio that is loud enough to hear during events.

It seems i was very spoiled with my previous stopwatch with countdown timer and the additional features it had. I give this product five stars because it’s been very difficult to find a stopwatch with a countdown timer, particularly one that has an alarm when the countdown is close to being completed. Also, when the designated time is up, the timer just keeps counting up until you reset it. Other countdown watches said the countdown started over. These two factors alone a huge pro. However, i do have some cons but not enough to make me completely unsatisfied with this product. The countdown timer alarm is not that loud and the pitch of the tone is low. This is an issue if you are working out in a loud environment. You would need the watch relatively close to you in ear shot, that’s if you’re working out by yourself.

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Countdown is not user friendly. I purchased this for the gun range. It takes too long to change from 30 seconds to 15 thrn 4 then 3. Not a bad stop watch but not useful for what i wanted it for.

The multi-function buttons are not clearly marked, and it’s like trying to remember a fatality code every time i use it. I have to re-read to the instructions every time, and now i’ve lost them. It works as advertised, but it could’ve been simpler, or at least it could use a little more print to clarify the buttons’ various functions.

This stopwatch does exactly what i need it to do. I’m a very happy customer.

My family uses this for roller derby officiating, and it’s perfect for that — the buttons work reliably, so there’s no pressing the button and then realizing that it didn’t start, or started and stopped right away like with some other cheaper stopwatches. The battery is a standard watch batteries and is available anywhere (we haven’t had to change the batteries yet, but we wanted to be prepared and have extra just in case).

Exactly what i needed for officiating golf tournaments. I wanted just a simple timer for 5 min. Lost ball searches and for the 40 second timing of players who are being timed because of possible slow play. So easy to start, stop and reset.

It does exactly what its suppose to and of good quality material. Has never failed me and the display is great. Price can be lower but i guess you get what you pay for.

Watch does everything i wanted. It has a large face and the numbers are easy to read. The alarm is loud enough to be heard without having the watch adjacent to your ear. I primarily use the item to time physical therapy prescribed stretches — at the alarm, you reset the time with 1 click and start over again.

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Easy to use, well made, and has all the features you could want. It needs an on off switch, it just stays on all the time. We’ll see how the battery holds up. At $17 it is a bit expensive.

This watch is right on time.

Like the design and comfort in the hand but the alarm for the countdown timer is too quite making it not useable as such. Does any one know how to increase this sound?.

I use it to time my set breaks, and also to time static holds. Also, the first day i went around timing even the most mundane of activities.

Excellent for me while doing exercises. Use the countdown feature a lot.

I use this countdown timer during volleyball practice to make sure we don’t stay on the same drill too long.

Quick delivery, this works well for what we needed.

This little watch has a great display, easy to operate buttons, and easy to understand settings. My one big disappointment was its countdown function, which was my main reason for buying it. I wanted a watch to time sprint runs on my own and this watch seemed to be ideal with the stopwatch starting at the end of the countdown. All i would have to do is start the countdown, say 10 seconds out, take off at the beep at the end of the countdown and click the stopwatch at the finish line. In other words the beep would take the place of the starter pistol. Unfortunately, the watch beeps twice at the end of the countdown (or five times, for long countdowns) and the stopwatch begins at the end of the second beep. This renders the countdown almost useless for sprint starts, where you “go at the ‘b’ of the bang, not the ‘g’, ” and without reminders that it’s getting very close to go time. Otherwise, i’m very satisfied with the watch. (if i have this incorrect or if there’s a setting to change it, someone please let me know.

It is able to what it was purchased for.

Simple straight forward stop watch without all the bell & whistles to mess with. Just a good stop watch, exactly what i was looking for. Probably won’t use the countdown feature very often.

Very well built, well worth it to spend a little more and get a countdown timer, has grips on the bottom and feels very sturdy. Buttons are easy to press overall very nice product.

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