I love these magnetic clasp metal fitbit charge 2 bands. They fit better than the rubber ones. These metal bands stay in place and have more of an appearance of wearing a nice watch.

Awesome product for the price. Loved it so much, bought them for a co-worker. They are so classy and the metal is a strong hold, much for comfortable than the original plain black band that it came with.

68 inches or 11/16 of an inch wide. This is smaller than my previous band. The ad states a small band is 5. 5′ in length; that is with the fitbit charge 2 added to the length. The magnetic clip is strong and holds the fitbit on my wrist perfectly. I just *thought* it would be a little bit wider and a little bit longer.

Much prettier than the rubbery band that came with my fitbit.

Magnetism did not provide for safety. The fitbit slipped oof my wrist and has not been seen.

I love this magnetic closure mesh band for my old fitbit. I can no longer find these in the store where i usually purchase them. I was very pleased when these arrived. They were exactly what i wanted.

Bands for Fitbit Charge 2, SailFar 3 Pack Magnetic Clasp Mesh Loop Milanese Stainless Steel Metal Bracelet Strap/Watch Band for Fitbit Charge 2, Men/Women, Gold, Silver, Black, Small

  • High Quality:The fitbit charge 2 milanese band made from durable and elegant material which makes you feel comfortable when you do exercise,walking,playing or sleeping
  • Easy install:Pefectly fit for Fitbit Charge 2,easy install without any tools
  • The fashionable classic colorful fitbit charge 2 milanese band (silver,rose gold,black) make you different from others
  • Size : Large( 6.5″ – 8.5″), Small(5.5″ – 7.5″)
  • What you get:3 x Fitbit Charge 2 Milanese Bands,One year warranty and lifetime tech support,

This was the best purchase for my fitbit watch bands. Over a period of a year i’ve replaced 3 bands from fitbit the original plastic ones and they were awful. These sailfar bands i’ve purchased are the greatest. Now my friends have purchased them too. They fit the way i desire them too and easy to remove most of all they are lite weight.

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Bought then for my sister-in-law for her birthday and she love them too.

I was very pleasant surprised by the look of these. They have completely changed the look of my fitbit from the original plastic band to this sophisticated looking one.

Comfortable, but a bit annoying when it sticks to other metal.

I was worried that the magnet wouldn’t be strong enough to stand up to hiking through wooded areas with heavy undergrowth, but so far no issues.

At first i loved these bands and wore them all the time, unfortunately they started to bend and the ends have become very sharp and get caught on things like my panty hose and i’m not so happy, i have stopped wearing them for this reason. I very disappointed that this has happened because they really look good.

I liked the rose gold color. Had a problem with a rash developing on my arm under the fitbit face, but loosening the band worked. Not always comfortable but better than the band that came with the fitbit.

The only issue we have is that the dang magnet attached to everything. Kind of frustrating but it stays put.

The ability to have infinite sizing makes the fitbit always snug and comfortable.

Definitely should have gone with the larger size, my friend did and i can see my error for ordering the smaller size. The smaller size you have to take it apart each time you take it off, the larger size, you can just loosen and not have to unthread the band each time. I love the bands, just go large.

Fit is much better than that plastic/rubber band. I still ideally would like nylon w/a velcro closure (nurse) easy on easy off.

Bands for Fitbit Charge 2, SailFar 3 Pack Magnetic Clasp Mesh Loop Milanese Stainless Steel Metal Bracelet Strap/Watch Band for Fitbit Charge 2, Men/Women, Gold, Silver, Black, Small : Because the color starts to fade off if you use it daily. The magnet works very well, in fact sometimes i feel to well as it wants to attach to everything.

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The bands were as expected and nice; however, the silver one tends to slip a lot. As for the other two colors it seems as if the band stays as place.

I like the look and the magnetic closure. However, 2 out of the 3 bands would not snap in place. My husband had to take a flat head screwdriver to make the gap larger so that it would snap in.

These are great and easy to put on my fitbit. The mesh does catch on the hairs of my arm and on the fabric on my sweater sleeves.

Perfect for any outfit looks so professional and doesn’t slip while working out.

When i purchased my fitbit 2 it came with a big, clunky, plastic bracelet that was difficult to buckle and was not attractive. I was hesitant to order magnetic watch bands thinking they would look cheap and that the buckle would not stay clasped. I can say that i was 100% wrong. The bands are very attractive. They come in black, gold and stainless steel. The bands are are a very finely woven mesh that is really attractive. The magnetic clasp is very strong and stays in place. I don’t like to wear my fitbit band very tight, so i can place the clasp so the bracelet is slightly loose and it will stay that way until i adjust it. It is simple to change bracelets. I have worn mine for several months and there is no show of wear.

I’ve always had an issue with watches and bracelets because my wrists are tiny. I had the same issue with fitbit, and the magnetic clasp on these solved the problem by allowing for custom adjustment as there are no individual pre-made notches to hook into like the original band. I also like that these bands are more classy, and go well with work outfits. Before, i would be wearing professional attire with a thick bright blue or purple band, and these timeless colors provide a more conservative appropriate ‘for work’ look. They also go well with nighttime looks, and i no longer have to debate whether i should remove my fitbit to complete my outfit for the night or not. 4/5 stars because sometimes my clothes and other fabrics get stuck in the band and tear tiny threads out. This happens moreso with sweaters (i have one thin sweater that has lost a lot of thread where my arm sometimes falls by my side). This just started happening recently two months into wearing my black one. Also, the band can get heavy and suffocating at times so every now and then i do have to loosen it. But overall, i’m very happy with my purchase.

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But, the band is small and difficult to adjust.

This is the band you need for a perfect smooth fit that doesn’t get hung up on your clothes or annoy you with sliding and trying to find the right fit. It’s just a no hassle band.

This band is a lot more comfortable than the original band. Easy to put on and unlimited ability to adjust. This band is also tough, i recently snagged it when working and it ripped off my wrist. The band never broke but it did bend the latch that attaches to the fitbit.

No more fitbit rash with these and they look great. Magnet is super strong, too.

Love, love , love these bands. The mesh is soft and very flexible. It gives the fit bit a more sophisticated look. The three colors are all great. I get compliments all the time.

Love these, very sleek for my smaller wrist. Beware though, the magnet is strong enough to pick up your silverware while out to dinner.