Perfect- fast delivery, just what i needed.

Great replacement for my orange theory flex.

The longest band is slightly shorter than the longest band that comes with a new unit.

I got these so i can stand out in my workout class. All straps there are orange so i love that i can stand out with a pink band ๐Ÿ™‚ great product.

Perfect replacement charger. Several months later: still working well. Bought the replacements arm bands and so far nicer quality than what mtn’s originally came with.

Works great, still have it and still working, i would recommend getting new bands every few months.

Perfect replacement for the strap for my orangetheory heart monitor.

It does it job however, the velcro section could a little stronger.

1st strap velcro wore out after 1 year, this completely fixed that. Buy this as soon old strap gets loose because it really affects the monitor function.

Great to have a replacement strap that is exactly the same as the original. In fact, i think it actually has better grip when tightening around my arm. I recommend getting the scosche replacement strap rather then any off-brand strap for your scosche rhythm+.

Works just like the orangetheory band i replaced only better because itโ€™s pink.

Left off a star since they are a bit pricey. The scosche heart rate monitor is a life changing device. Atrer using heart rate straps over a decade, i can now use almost any app or ‘cheaper’ garmin watch i want with 100% accuracy. Don’t wash these bands, just spot clean them and they should last about 6 to 9 months with daily wear.

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Came on time and as advertised. Replacement band as my original one was starting to loose its grip due to sweats\washing. Here are the specifications for the Scosche Rhythm:

  • Black Replacement strap for Scosche RHYTHM+ Armband Heart Rate Monitor.
  • Each order contains 1-Large and 1-Small Rhythm+ Replacement strap.
  • Place the ends of the armband through the slots on the back of the RHYTHM+ and fold over to secure the hook-and-loop end fasteners.
  • Whether your strap needs replacing, you’d just like extras or a different color, you are covered. RHYTHM+ straps are available in Black, Blue, Green Pink, or Orange.

This device is quite accurate, may be around 2 or 3 bpm lower than measurement from a chest strap device (i compared both of them at same time) but that is enough good for me; besides does not loosen when jumping as the chest strap does. I also like that the velcro strap is quite easier to wash and dry than the chest strap.

A bit upset that i had to purchase two replacement straps when i only need a large. Would have been less upset if i was buying two of what i could use instead of one that i needed and one i had no use for.

It’s fun having multiple colors. They can be washed and switched to match your outfits.

The strength of the velcro is very strong so it doesn’t snap off when rowing or using forearms. Only negative is that there are not more colors available.

Super replacement for my hr monitor.

I could not differentiate it with the original band.

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Reviews from purchasers :

  • Schosche replacement straps perfect, attractive and you NEVER lose your heart rate monitor
  • A bit upset that I had to purchase two replacement
  • Perfect but need more colors

Oem replacement strap set for your scoshe rhythm. I purchased a replacement to carry in my gear bag because the velcro will eventually wear out. The way my luck runs, my strap will fail the day before a holiday weekend.

Worked just as good as my original strap that i use for orangetheory. Wish there were more colors.

Love being able to change the colors on my rhythm+ (and have a second strap available if one gets sweaty). Also like that it comes with both sizes.

These straps are great, secured fitting and bright reflection for safety measures.

This replacement strap seems slightly smaller than the original, but it could be just that my original had stretched out over 8 months of use. The new one does its job just fine: keeping my monitor on my arm. My old one had gotten so worn out it would pop off sometimes when doing things like push-ups.

Great product comfortable and easy to clean.

00 cheaper then what my health club sells them for.

Great replacement strap for my scosche rhythm+. Original was red, but the orange is the one i prefer.

Very comfortable replacement strap. It is neon green/yellow and is definitely not hard to find in a dark house.

Needed a new one and these are nice and secure, and i love the color options. Great customer service – thank you .

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Received replacement strap for heart monitor with no issues.

Wished it allowed size choices because the small strap is useless.

As expected, bought this as a backup for when the original wears out.

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