I have always wanted a fitness tracker; i am glad that i now have one. It tracks my heart beats pretty accurately.

I started keeping track of my fitness and workout results a few months ago and i could not find a good enough one for my use. That is until i found this one and i have been very happy using it. The tracker is comfortable enough to wear all day. It continuously tracks your heart rate and automatically monitors your sleep without you having to lift a finger. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone.

Writing this review on behalf of my teenage niece as i bought it for her and she has been so fascinated since she started wearing it. The tracker has all the features she wanted like, step and distance record, heart beat count, calories monitor etc. But it also has additional features like call reminder, message alert and finding mobile. The band is also quite sturdy. Overall a good value for money as fitbit would have cost me lot more for the same features and at the end it’s for a teenager who gets bored fast.

I recently decided to give my family members ( i have 7 uncles and a large number of cousins) a fitness tracker. I can’t afford hundred dollar trackers so i look at different types of fitness tracker to try them out. So far, i have purchased several. This fitness tracker actually works pretty well for the price i paid. Plus, most of my family members are non tech savy so the easier the functions, the better for them. The one and only button is easy to use, long press, short press, very user friendly.

I was looking for a fitness tracker and i saw too many similar items on amazon. I finally closed this one because my friend told me about their great customer service. I tried this device right away after i received it. First, the device is well made, not a cheap one. The way to charge it is kind of wierd because i have to remove the the rubber band. It took me a little bit longer to figure out how to pair it with my phone until i read the manual and download the app. Then i test it’s function. The heart rate monitoring is accurate. It shows my steps and show how much calories burned (i have no way to test this). In addition to the fitness data.

The watch seems fine but the app is faulty, at least on my phone. After initial use and set up, all the features on the watch seem to work and data is mostly accurate. However, the app that is required for data tracking and storage did not work well on my phone (it always stopped working as soon as i tried to use a function); a phone with all the necessary conditions. So the watch is only good as an isolated device for instant data. Hopefully, my review of the app will motivate the developers to make some changes.

My father wants a watch to track his heartbeat and physical strength because he had high blood pressure. I want to buy an apple watch for him, but when i found this product on amazon, this watch only unable to make a phone call, other functions are the same as apple watch. The price is very cheap and very easy to use, my father likes it, wear it everyday.

 i bought this as a christmas gift for my mom but i opened the box to make sure it works since i still have over a month left until christmas. I’ve never bought an aftermarket fitness watch but i am knowledgeable in this department since i own an apple watch series 2 and i recently bought my teen the series 4, plus my dad has a fitbit that i troubleshoot for him. This is definitely not in the same league as an apple watch but it surprisingly looks like my dad’s fitbit that cost about $200. The reason i was surprised was because i was expecting a lot less quality since this is a fraction of what a fitbit costs. Moving on to the technical aspects, i will start with the only negative i saw (so far) about this watch. The display has a sticker that shows you the charging side and to charge, you remove the band, which was very challenging. I didn’t want to break the watch so i asked my husband to remove it for me. I went through the q&a and review sections to see if anyone else had the same issue but there was nothing, so maybe mine is a one-off. I also understand that some products need breaking in and perhaps, this is one of them. If you find yourself in a similar situation, a technique i discovered is instead of pulling the band straight out, do a slight wiggling or writhing motion to detach.

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Seegar Fitness Tracker, Customized Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor and Sleep Monitor, GPS Route Tracking Pedometer Step Counter, IP67 Waterproof Bluetooth Pedometer

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  • 【Unique Design】0.96″ OLED screen display,you can see the screen clearly in the sun or in the dark and offer you a better visual effect. Comfortable, fashionable, adjustable anti-lost strap for lovely kids, sporty and business men and women.
  • 【Heart Rate & Sleep Monitoring】Tracks real-time heart rate automatically & continuously and automatically tracks your sleep duration & consistency with comprehensive analysis of sleep quality data, helping you adjust yourself for a healthier lifestyle.This Fitness tracker is specially designed for those who advocate freedom, love sports ,healthy lifestyle.
  • 【Important Information Alert】It will vibrate to alert you if your phone receives phone call,message and SMS text. You will never miss a call and a message. Sedentary reminder, it gives you a notice to relax yourself when you focus on your work too long.
  • 【IP67 Waterproof & Build-in USB Plug 】 IP67 waterproof allows your washing hands, getting caught in the rain in your daily life, will not damage your fitness watch. The Bracelet can be easily charged by the BUILD-IN USB charging. Charging time is about 1.5 hour, the standby time up to 4-7 days after fully charged.
  • 【WearFit2.0 APP】 Works with a phone App named WearFit2.0, swipe up on the screen to get all activities data accurately.requires IOS 8.4 or above/Android 4.4 or above,and Bluetooth 4.0. (smart phone only, not for PC, iPad or tablet)

I have been waiting for a tracker that has as many features as this has: water resistant, sleep tracker, pulse taker (mine is within 1-2 beats per minute from my dr’s office) step tracker, it synchs with my food tracker, plus it does the weather, connects to my phone and will even remind me once and hour to get up and movei don’t really use the notifications page (for connecting to email, phone or texts) but i’m trying to figure out a way to put my ice on that page. That would make this tracker perfect, especially for those of us that need to carry our allergy or emergency contact info with us.

Keeps you updated on your steps, heart rate, sleep among other things. It was simple to pair it to my iphone and now i can get text and call alerts on this tracker. I used it in the rain a couple of times and i have not had any issues. Happy so far, would recommend.

When i first recieved it, i was a little stunned at how nice the device looked. Despite having not the best packaging, for the low price of just a few starbucks drinks i had access to a fitness tracker and a watch that worked perfectly. The only issue i had with the product is how difficult it is to take one side of the band off to charge it, but over time its gotten easier.

Great quality for the price, the display is clear and tracking is precise. Good for both personal use or gift, five stars.

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 i love this fitness tracker. For the price you cannot complain it keeps track of time, steps, heart beat and many more. I tested how accurate the heart beat was to a monitor and it was 99% accurate. Feels like high quality as well. Its great and sturdy all around. Charging it is easy as well maybe 30 minutes for a full charge. The battery life last very long i wore it 2 days straight and still full battery. It stays in standby mode when not in use.

This is a great fitness tracker and watch. Time is accurate if you connect it to the app, which is another story. The app is pretty much useless but you have to connect the watch to the app to sync time with your phone; otherwise, the time is always incorrect. Heart monitor is good, step count seems to be accurate. One thing that annoys me is that you have to click through all the other ‘screens/views’ to get to the ‘off’ option to turn the watch off (which i do at night – i don’t use the ‘sleep’ option). If you don’t ever turn it off, this won’t be an issue for you.

It has multiple uses and options. You can connect it to your phone. It also charges really fast, and can be used for a long time.

Yes, if you are one of the people who cannot afford the high-end expensive smartwatches (like me), this could be your solution to living a smaller but better life. You can see your daily activities on your smartphone with a simple touch of an app. It monitors your heart rate throughout the day so that you can focus on what to do and what not to do based on your health signs and requirements. Battery lasts the entire day with a charge time of 2-3 hours. I liked it’s sleep tracking as now i can force my self away from the phone and make myself sleep well for better health.

Wow, my primary concern was if i’d be able to use my workstation’s keyboard and mouse with this. I can type, game and use my hands without bumping it or it holding my wrist up uncomfortably. It’s got a good battery life and a bright screen, plus i really like the android app. This is a great bio-metrics data logger with a clean android app that works beautifully with it as a month long data logger. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants daily comfort and a clean app ui. ^_^(if i could make one change to it. . I’d ask the company to create a firmware update that let you cycle through every function with a tap except the clock screen. Most of the functions require you to hold the button to activate them, except tde clock which has no additional function when you hold the button. There are a dozen plus functions though, so if you tap the screen button to check the time and it cycles to the next function as you lift your finger. You have to tap a dozen plus more times to cycle through the functions to get back to the clock again.

Appearance of this fitness tracker is so beautiful and it’s convenient to wear and easy to use. Overall, it’s appearance and feature beyond my imagination. Usually i would like to buy electronic products form famous brands to avoid quality issues. But this fitness tracker is worth trying with much lower price.

Nicely designed and the colored interface is great but inaccurate hr reading during actual exercises. I ran the treadmill for 20 minutes and according to my physiologist my hr was at 123 but the tracker was showing 78. I kept staring at the tracker to see if the reading will change but it stayed in the 70’s digits, way off from 123. I tried it out another day, same inaccuracy when exercising. It seems accurate when just walking, however.

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I doubted when i browsed the reviews coz most of my shopping experience are not quite matched to the descriptions. A sport-watch is super needed for motivating me to work out. This watch turned out to be a perfect fit. It’s super smart, easy to start and “no-bothering” at all. I prefer to wearing this than my bracelets. Super affordable deal and life-value added products.

This watch is very basic, but it does its job. The accompanying app needs a lot of work. They need to describe how they measure fatigue levels and put comments that make sense. A lot of times, the comment on the “fatigue” page is something you’d see on a fortune cookie. The heart rate monitor seems pretty accurate. I have narcolepsy, but it can’t be used for very in depth sleep monitoring because all it describes your sleep as is, “light sleep”or “deep sleep. ” it also can’t differentiate an arm movement from walking/exercise for some reason, and i’m still not sure why it vibrates at random times and shows a stick figure moving their arms up and down. Notifications for messages appear and call notifications appear as well, except you can’t view the whole message. I’ve had it for about 2 months now, and the battery is slowly starting to diminish.

It can record a lot of my life details, like fitness, sleep. With it, i can keep abreast of my heart rate, which will help improve my life. You guys should have a try, worth to buy it.

It is light, and suitable for fitness. It also can monitor my heart rate. It is an multifunction watch. You can see all the records on mobile app.

I bought it as a gift for my friend. He went to gym almost everyday. He told me he really liked this gift. He said he could use it to check heart rate, calories consumed, steps, walking distance and even sleeping quality which is an awesome add-in. I’m planning to buy one for myself now.

 i have tried every way possible to open the charging port including using as much force as i can to get the strap to open. I have strong hands so it’s not me. I do have to say if the monitor is as tough as the opening of the port it’s tough but unusable because you can’t charge it. Update: seller sent another tracker and i had little trouble removing the band for charging. It is held in place by a spade with barbs on either side sticking out from the tracker. That is also the plug that goes into a usb outlet for charging.

Got 2 for my kids as i figured it’d last long enough for the novelty to wear off and 1/3 the price of a fitbit. Excellent features, but still sorta half baked. Amazon is replacing the broken one for me, it got stuck on a screen and heart rate stuck at 100. So far it’s been a good experience, the kids are both under 10 years old and love their ‘fitbit’. They didn’t notice it was a knock off. As well it’s ok to have a cheap one as they don’t know what to do with the information about steps and heart rate, just like the idea of it. It’s exactly what i expected for a $27 item. Good for kids, would be disappointed as an adult.

 charges itself through a usb port built into the device, and the heartbeat monitor is great. Sleep tracking, steps, stopwatch, sms notifications, and multiple backgrounds/faces. Very easy to use, and wristband is large enough to fit my big arm.

This bracelet is well designed,looks durable. I was satisfied with its sustained heart rate monitoring feature.The way it charges is so simple that i just need to plug it to any usb charge base.