I was deciding between this and the popular polar h7 hrm, and decided to go for the cheaper option. The strap is comfortable to the point i don’t feel it during my activities. The sensor works with any app i have paired it to so far – moov now, runtastic, and of course its own app, sigma move. Build quality is good, and battery was at 100% upon receiving it. Happy with this, nothing more i want out of it.

I actually bought this through the climb but first called sigma to make sure it would work with the app i wanted it to. Their customer service was fantastic and they were able to help right away. Once i got it i had no problem connecting it to android kitkat, and later lollipop, on a nexus 5. It works great with the wahoo fitness app as well as strava. It did not seem to work with runkeeper but i only tried once. It could have been a fluke, it worked then pegged at 120bpm after a few minutes, but i didn’t much care for their attitude about it and moved on.

Works with my iphone 4s and samsung android tablet. Don`t know if it`s the strap or the app, since it feels like heart rate read frequency is slower compared to same sigma brand heart rate monitor (pc series).

I don’t review items often, but felt the need to inform anyone considering to purchase this item on my experience so far. First, i have used sigma products for years (for cycling) and never had an issue. That being said, i ordered this item expecting it to function flawlesly. It arrived well package from niagra, a canadian dealer, although i felt it took a little long to arrive. The included instructions are clear and concise. The problem is that i couldn’t get it to sync with many of the most popular fitness apps currently on android. I’m utilizing a google nexus 5 and a sony smartwatch 3. I could not get any of the free versions of endomondo, map my fitness, runtastic, or strava to pick up the sensor. I was beginning to think it was a defective product until i finally found an app that it would pair to, ghostrider. Ghostrider isn’t as polished as the previously mentioned apps, but i love and it gets the job done.

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I have been using this heart rate monitor for 7 months. Compatible with strava, runtastic, endomando on android.

If you’re not sweaty or wet it doesn’t work well.

  • I compared it to Polar H7
  • Good but
  • Very nice bluetooth HRM with Endomondo on Android

This bluetooth heart rate chest strap is fantastic. I replaced a sigma onyx heart rate monitor because it was complicated to check on my previous training session and hard to read because it was too small. It also ate through batteries very quickly when it was sitting idle. It took me a while to find an app on my samsung s5 that would work for what i needed. I mainly use it while doing indoor cycling so i didn’t need a gps function for the app. Found some apps didn’t work with this strap. All i needed was an app with current, average and max heart rate. Thankfully i found an app called sport gear tracker and it works fantastic with this bt chest strap. Syncing the app with the strap wasn’t as easy as strava but once synced, the app found the chest strap very easy.

This heart rate monitor is reliable and communicates well with map my run app on iphone 5s. I do not have the problems that i have had with another brand. I do not like the elastic band, though. It is flimsy and has permanent wrinkles around the back where it bunched up. I think manufacturers like this should take a closer look at the garmin straps. For me they were strong and much easier to fasten and unfasten.

Don’t know if it wasn’t suppose to but i didn’t like that.

Works great and connects to my droid maxx phone and strava app seemlessly.

Features of Sigma Sport R1 Blue Comfortex+ Bluetooth Smart Chest Strap, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Bluetooth Smart chest strap that provides ECG accurate heart rate to compatible mobile apps
  • RR intervals in milliseconds for determining heart rate variability
  • Ultra light, comfortable soft cloth chest strap with laminated electrodes that require only slight moistening
  • User replaceable battery lasts more than 1.3 years
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth Smart Ready devices

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From the manufacturer

Take your training to the next level

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SIGMA MOVE takes the joy of exercising to the next level. Whether training outside or indoors, your workout data is available with a swipe of your fingertip. Pair the SIGMA MOVE app with the R1 BLUE COMFORTEX+ chest strap and you have a multi-functional heart rate monitor.

The SIGMA MOVE app can be completely tailored to your personal preferences; heart rate is one of the primary features and is prominently displayed along with distance, speed/pace, time, and lap functions.

  • Available free for iOS

Bluetooth Smart R1 heart rate transmitter

Compatibility with devices using Bluetooth SMART

iOS devices: iPhone (4s and above), iPod touch (5th gen. and above), iPad (3rd gen. and above), iPad Mini, iPod Nano (7th gen. and above) .

Android devices: all devices with Bluetooth Smart Ready technology and Android OS from version 4.3 as of: May 2014.

Transmits to devices with Bluetooth Smart Ready technology

Battery life over 1.3 years*

*(With a one-second transmission interval and one hour of use per day)

  • ECG-accurate heart rate
  • RR intervals in milliseconds for determining the heart rate variability
  • User replaceable battery
  • Waterproof to 3 ATM

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I am using this with the free version of endomondo and it is working great for me. I find it comfortable and very easy to use.

Works great with the endomondo app and my android nexus 5.

This item compatible with endomondo, strava and runtasticeasy to adjust strap and wear device. Prop: no application from sigma for android.

I write heart rhythm software utilizing wearable technology. To monitor heart rhythm most accurately, you need good data. You need not simply the heart rate, but also the r-to-r interval (exact spacing between heartbeats in milliseconds). The price was so good on the r1 that i thought it might not be as accurate as the polar h7, so i wore both, collected over 7000 heartbeats in my app while exercising vigorously, and then exported the data. The differences were so minor (several milliseconds per beat, so let’s say 554 vs 552 thousands of a second difference on one heartbeat) as to be statistically insignificant. The polar dropped a couple of beats (out of >7000); the r1 did not. Still, the data from the two were indistinguishable statistically speaking. As for complaints of ‘flimsy strap’, the strap design on more modern hr monitors are light and comfortable, much different than the old ‘hard plastic’ straps of yesteryear. I’m happy with the newer design and i wear one most hours of the day, everyday.

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Works awesome, exactly what i was looking for.

Pairs easily with my garmin 1030 computer and is accurate.

Bluetooth Smart chest strap that provides ECG accurate heart rate to compatible mobile apps

I am using the r1 with an android 5. 1 (lollipop) lg stylo phone using the free version of endomondo for running on my treadmill. So far this combination has worked great. I tried runtastic free and couldn’t get the hrm to pair with that app’s bluetooth as it kept connecting but then would display a screen about me upgrading my subscription which i had no intention of doing. Anyway, the free endomondo does everything i need with this hrm strap. The strap is pretty comfortable and easy to adjust. If it holds up long term it will be well worth the money i paid.

I’m really happy for buying this hrm transmitter. It’s light in weight and really looks premium. I tested on my sony xperia z3 (android 5. 0) with runtastic and i have nothing to complain about.

RR intervals in milliseconds for determining heart rate variability

Ultra light, comfortable soft cloth chest strap with laminated electrodes that require only slight moistening

User replaceable battery lasts more than 1.3 years