Worked great for about 2 weeks, then stopped sensing the chest transmitter consistently – less than 50% of time now. I like the look of the watch, but rather disappointing as a heart rate monitor.

We are not completely sure about the calories, but the heart rate is very accurate, i bought it for christmas to my husband and he really like it.

My medical practice includes a weight-loss and well-being program, for which i recommend using a hrm. I’ve tried quite a few models. Not only is it good value, but the company provides excellent service and responsiveness.

Really pleased with this, and use frequently for squash, mountain biking, running. Works really well, and was excellent price. Bought it as had another hear rate watch whose strap got lost. Cost of this sigma watch was less than the cost of a replacement strap, easier to get, and the new strap works on both watches.

I liked the pc 11 better because of the options in the time function. This os still an excelllent tool and value.

The watch synced up with the chest band within seconds and even links up with track mills at the gym.

My first heart rate monitor. It works well and seems acurate. Responds quickly to changes. Picks up signal no problem and doesn’t seem to miss a beat. Used it every ride for last few weeks and it helps to know where i’m at and where i can hit a number and sustain for a time.

Not compatible with bluetooth devices.

  • good value

  • Great HR monitor watch

  • Really pleased with this

Sigma Heart Rate Monitor

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • ECG Accurate heart rate
  • Programmable zone, Zone indicator, Zone Alarm
  • Calorie Counter, Ave HR, Current HR, Max HR
  • Lap counter(50), Backlight, Waterproof

Two cons: 1) the strap doesn’t adjust down enough to fit me so had to rig it with safety pins. 2) unable to toggle the display abything other than time on main screen in training mode.

My granddaughter loves this watch-monitor. She’s an avid nordic skier and relies on this product.

The machines at the gym can read the chest band signal and the watch looks and works really well. It looks a lot better than my much used and loved timex hrm. The sigma was also a really good deal.

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It has been so helpful while running.

I bought this for my dad for christmas and he’s not nessesarily tech-friendly but he was able to figure it out pretty quickly. I’ve never seen him in better shape in my life.

If only i could download the data. Does a good job for the price.

Great value for money, good set of functions for the price. Description here says that it has a backlight, but it does not. Great thing i discovered was that it works with lifefitness treadmills – the treadmill picks the heart sensor and displays the heart rate.

It is not expensive at all if you compare it to other brands of the same product. I liked the design, looks good, does what it says and after months of using it appears to be of very high quality. I like having to write reviews such as this, aldough i really write what i experience and my opinion of the products. This was a great value watch, they really gave me something worth more. I don’t know very much about others (i have only had polar brand) but this one is great and i think that it would be a good purchase if you decide to buy it.

Got my heart rate monitor six months ago and use it 4-5 times a week. I love it and have become very dependent on it. I think it helps me train and race better. It is much better than a couple of other brands i’ve owned. It is very easy to setup and operate and it performs very well. That is until you drop it on the floor. I was devastated that the heart rate function stopped working. I contacted sigma and they told me to send both the watch and the strap to them. In less than a week i had a new watch.

This is my first heart rate monitor watch. I haven’t mastered using the features at all yet, but it is so far pretty easy to learn. I’m not sure how the features translate to non swimming activities. Right now i’m using it to track riding my bike to the gym as one lap, then i do 30 laps in the pool, and another long lap home. It doesn’t consistently pick up my heart rate in the pool, and i haven’t figured out a pattern to that. It just works sometimes and not others. It is still useful for counting laps and timing, and the heart rate stuff is cool when it works. I wish the watch was smaller and more feminine, but i’m not looking for a lady bic, so this will suffice. The chest strap is comfortable even with my goofy rib cage, but then again, maybe the slight con cavity is what makes it work inconsistently?.There is always contact though.

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This hrm is easy to setup and use. Gives me all the info i need (max and avg hr, time in zone, total time, calories burned, etc). It’s short money for what you get. I had an older version (pc14) that lasted 14 years, i’m hoping this one is the same quality, it certainly seems like it.

Got this for my wife and she loves it. The lap count feature and the sleep mode are great features. She loves the easy to read screen and menus. Highly recommended if you are looking for a good/quality heart rate monitor.

Sigma have cornered the market in value for money. I have used their products for many years now and this hrm continues the trend. I use it for cycling, and also occasionally swimming. Produces all the info i need. Would like to have the ability to link to a pc but can overlook this at the price. Tips: the elasticated transmitter band absorbs sweat and needs to be rinsed out/washed regularly to maximize life. Would recommend to purchase a couple extra as they are the first part to fail by loosing elasticity. I also apply a small amount of synthetic grease to the battery cover seals when replacing the batteries.

Had it for six months now and i love it. It’s my everyday wear, comes to the gym, shower, work, etc. I don’t wear the chest monitor like i thought i would, but i mainly have it for the stopwatch function and time function anyways. I can’t see the benefit of spending more on a heart rate monitor/stopwatch. Prior to this i had a polar i bought for $110 or so, it was fine but the band actually ripped in under a year, then when i went to switch into a new band the buttons stopped working and the screen fogged up. It might have been my fault, but i certainly wasn’t too careless.

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I owned and used a sigma hrm for a long time until it was a victim of vicious wave while rowing (salt water intrusion. 11 includes all the features of my old sigma but improves on it — german technology shows its value. It provides data clearly to measure performance, while and after training. Calories, time within zone, etc. I reviewed many other hrm, and read many comments.

This hr monitor watch has worked great so far. I have found that sigma products work quite well. I bought this for my husband when he was in the market for a new hr monitor and i’ve liked the sigma hr monitor i use. It keeps a lot of useful information and uses personal information to figure out heart rate ranges for exercise. It does keep track of total number of calories since starting use. I like that it tracks heart rate, average heart rate, and time of exercise. This is a good product for a reasonable price.

Comfortable and easy to use. Main drawback is there is only one programmable zone.

Muy fácil de operar y económico. El único problema: no es a prueba de agua.

I can read it under all conditions. The heart rate monitor works well. It can read my polar strap, my suunto, etc, so no problems there. I very much doubt the calorie monitor is right, but most of them aren’t. The calorie counter estimates higher than most machines, and most machines run high. I’ve used sigma sport cycling computers before, and had a great experience. This monitor lives up to my previous experiences. For the price, a great monitor.