The instructions are bare and lacking in information. I had to use google to figure out how to actually use the product. The short manual doesn’t inform you on how to place the chest strap or tell you that you have to use spit or water to lubricate the ribbed areas on the chest strap. I put the watch on my treadmill so it was easier to view during my walk/run. It seems accurate, but the numbers jump occasionally. I’m not sure if my pulse is actually changing or if i have to buy lubricant for the chest strap to work properly.

This is my second sigma hrm and it works as well as the first. Very simple and easy to use.

It gives a reading, but i’m disappointed it doesn’t do anything else. Guess i should have realized before i bought it. One button is very difficult to use, can’t set the clock. Only will reset the timer but that’s it. Can’t use the disc in my macbook so not sure if the disc would be helpful or not. If you want simple stopwatch/heart rate monitor only this will be fine, but doesn’t help figure out calories burned cause i don’t even think it gives an average reading at the end. Going to see if i can return it and get a polar.

I have been using this about a month now. I have found that the large display helps reading while working out, without stopping (i wear bi-focals, and this is a problem with normal watches). It is simple–my heart rate and a timer; easy to see and comprehend quickly. This is the first hr monitor i have tried, so have nothing to compare it to. I have found that there seems to be a bit of a lag between my activity and the reading. By this i mean i complete a fast exercise (run in place, 30 seconds) and it shows a low hr during the exercise. After i complete it, and am “resting” then it spikes up. It seems consistent with what i would expect it to be, if i accept the lag as normal for this type of a product. What i did not understand from the description (maybe i didn’t read thoroughly enough) is that you wear a band around your chest. The front has the contacts and must be moistened for contact with your skin.

I wanted a simple heart rate monitor and this is it. Yes the written instructions (in a dozen languages) are not very good and i had to go to youtube to see a demo on how to set the time. Once that is done, wet the belt pick up area (or your chest), put on the belt and watch and press the one button, the display is large and easy to see and read.There is no info on battery replacement but the chest strap one looks easy.

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I went on youtube and watched an instructional video on how to use it. After putting water on the back of the chest unit it worked and has worked great ever sense.

Accurate heart rate monitor without the hassle of wearing a chest band. Fits my small wrist and is comfortable. Easy to program and very reasonably priced.Definitely recommend for any athlete or exercise enthusiast.

  • Accurate HR monitor, but slight lag in reading
  • Simply Works
  • Easy to use and read, comfortable.

Sigma PC3.11 Heart Rate Monitor

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • ECG Accurate heart rate
  • Stopwatch
  • Clock
  • waterproof
  • ECG Accurate heart rate^Stopwatch,Clock^waterproof^Includes fitness industry standard, 5 kHz transmitter/chest strap (compatible with most fitness equipment)

I am very pleased with this hrm. I was looking for a hrm for my partner that was simple to use and that is exactly what i got. There is one, and only one, button on the watch. It does not have all the functions that others do, but for someone that just wants to monitor their heart rate without concern of which button(s) to push – this unit does a great job. We are trying to get into a little better shape and stay in ‘the zone’. I know that my partner will simply not use a hrm if it is difficult to get working or complicated to use so i was specifically looking for simple. I had just purchased a polar ft7 for myself. To be honest, when this unit arrived, i liked it so much that i considered returning my polar and buying a second sigma for myself. Unfortunately, the one con on this hrm is that it is not ‘coded’, which means that if we were both wearing a sigma hrm in close proximity to each other, they might interfere with each other :(in comparison – the polar has five small buttons and requires a lot of user information to set it up and a combination of button presses to start your workout. I have already accidentally stopped recording in the middle of a workout with the polar.

The heart monitor wored perfectly first time i used it. The watch was a bit difficult to set not because it was complicated it just switches modes within 3 seconds so be prepared to set it when you start, there is little time to think. I cant say enough about the heart monitor though. I have owned several different models of the major brands only to be disappointed. I eventually returned them all. This is the first heart monitor i found which works properly.

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Didn’t know it has chest belt.

Easy to read, ever with head lamp. Not many functions but solid construction, good for mtb. Easy to mount on handlebars w/ a watch bike mount.

Works well with no issues at all. Great pricepoint if all you need to know is when your heart is gonna explode.

We got the heart rate monitor for my mother. We wanted something simple and clear – and thats what we got. The only drawback is that the documentation did not emphasize that the sensors on the strap need to be moist in order to read the pulse.

This heat rate monitor is fine — if you just want to see what your heart rate is at any given time. If you want to record your heart rate over a period of time, this does not have any memory capability. With that understanding, it does a good job.

I’ve been using this for awhile now and it has performed just as expected. If you want a basic heart rate monitor i recommend this one.

I combine this with an activity tracker to keep my exercise in check.

Great product, exactly what i expected.

I will sell it to recover the money invested.

I bought this because i needed to step up my workouts & walks in order to get my heart rate up. It works really well when i walk or jog. It also works good with cardio workouts, but i occasionally have to adjust it so that its flat against my rib cage. The chest strap is comfortable, feels the same as wearing a bra. The inside of the band has to stay wet, but that’s no problem when you’re sweating. I’ve found that a water-based gel works for less intense exercise, if you want to keep track of your heart rate.

Is a woderfull watch and use it for sport.

The directions are almost non-existent but you can go online and figure it out. Actually another person who reviewed this gave the best advice. Make sure to wet the back of the chest monitor and move it back and forth until the wrist band can make ‘a read’. But it’s such an easy, user-friendly device i still have to give it 5 stars. I is accurate and monitors both your heart rate and length of time. It’s definitely 5 stars for the price.

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Have been using it for a couple of weeks. It works as described, is very simple to use, no issues. When i sit down at the rowing machine at my gym my hearbeats per minute shows up on the machine’s digital display, which i really like. I haven’t needed any special gel – just a little licking to get started and then the sweat kicks in to keep things moist between pickup and skin. If it lasts a year i’ll consider it a great value.

It’s great to have something that does exactly what i want it to do and not a dozen other things, with associated buttons, that i don’t want.

Simple little heart rate monitor for the price. If you are looking for a basic stopwatch and heart rate monitor function, this is for you.

Good product with an exceptionally reasonable price. The watch is a little bigger than my small wrist is comfortable with.

I’ve been using it for my ddpyoga workouts and it works like a charm. Plus, i like how all the numbers are big and you can just click one button and it does many things for you. Great quality for the price.

The heart rate monitor works well even can synchronize with other cardio fitness equipment, which is very convenient. The only thing i do not like is the watch does not show current time during heart rate reading.

Muy buen producto, recomendado.

I do a lot of kickboxing and hiit workouts (interval training) so it’s very important for me to know my hr zone. Been looking for something cheap all this while and these caught my eyes for some 23$ on amazon. For the kind of price i paid for it, it cant be beaten. When idle it is a digital watch with large font size display. Once the strap is put on the watch automatically starts indicating the heart rate. (one needs to moist the chest strap a bit for the heart rate to be read on the watch unit but for me it works without any moistening). Has a stopwatch to monitor one s time in a particular workout.

Everything works as expected. There is a clock mode, a clock + a stopwatch, a pulse, a pulse + a stopwatch. As soon as you wear the belt, it shows the pulse. It is better to wet the sensor.