So easy to put on and take off with 1 hand.

I’ve been using this product nonstop since i’ve gotten it. The metal is incredible quality and the magnet is super strong. The only annoying thing, though, is that if you wear this around anything else magnetic, the magnet on the band will stick to it- but i’ll gladly take that annoyance for how nice it looks. Overall: great quality, great packaging, great everything.

Love the color, but it’s already wearing off. I’m much happier with the metal band though. It’s easy to get on and off and doesn’t break as easy as the rubber bands. Just wish the color would be a little more resistant to everyday life.

Love the look of the iridescent band. Get questions and compliments daily about it magnetics are firm and held up all day without any issues at all. Prefer this band to the rubber one. My only complaint is that when putting it on you can pinch arm hair.

I am in love with the fitbit band. I wish i would have ordered the smaller band, because it seems to come off easier than my previous ones (didn’t remember what size i previously ordered so went with large), but the color is fabulous.

I too really wanted the more purple/green/blue color. The first one i received was really pink/yellow and i didn’t like it (that one is the last picture). I know is multi, so you kind of get what you get. I emailed the company and got vague answers. I sent it back and reordered it. This time i got a color i like. Fit is good and feels secure. Way more breathable than the standard rubber one. So just keep returning it until you get the rainbow color you like.

I really love the way this watch band looks, and it’s super easy to change it out with other bands. I use it as my professional band, and it does a great job, so i’m really happy with the price. The edges and sides are smooth and not sharp like people have mentioned in other similar products, so i’m relieved about that. Also, the magnet is very strong so you don’t have to worry about it adjusting the size on your wrist or falling off, which is great. The only draw back seems to be that because the magnet is strong, if you get your wrist close to something magnetic, it will stick to it. But honestly, for how great the quality is and the fact you can adjust it to perfectly fit your wrist, that’s a very small price to pay. So long as this lasts a while, i will 100% be reordering down the rode.

I bought this to replace my orginal band. I love the multi-colors which makes my watch match any outfit i wear. It is beautiful and fit my fitbit charge 2 perfectly.

I bought this to dress up my fitbit charge 2 a little as i only have the plastic bands. It comes as a one piece unit and has a magnetic end to secure it to the band, which is adjustable. I do love the look, however, i wore it to work today. I am a nurse practitioner and do all of my charting on a computer. I have had to readjust the band numerous times because it works itself loose the longer i wear it. That is the only complaint i have about it. I am planning to look for another band and will choose one that has a more secure closure mechanism, not one that is magnetic.

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Received this yesterday and so far works great. I have not seen it catch on fabrics or attract things with the magnet. If you have a big wrist it may be hard to remove. Magnet is holding quite well and has stayed snug while walking. It is definitely easier to remove than the fitbit provided band which i always struggled with getting the end in and out of the sleeve. Also no issues with the connections to the fitbit.

Easy to attach, sturdy and quality construction. The black looks great and as if it came from fitbit. The infinite magnetic clasp gives perfect fit each time.

I love this fitness band so much, it’s super cute. My only complaint is that the magnet is not as strong as i would like, it tends to slide throughout the day and become more loose.

I got this because the original band on my fit bit wore out. The the metal inside the rubber connector pieces broke, and the rubber itself started to come apart. This has metal connectors and are smooth and align perfectly with the fitbit. Also, the connectors don’t wear out like the rubber ones can. I also like the fact that the band is magnetic. Sometimes it loosens up but is quick and easy to tighten. Here are the specifications for the Simpeak Compatible:

  • Replacement Band for Fitbit Charge 2 — Perfect Fit with metal clasp for Fitbit Charge 2 (Tracker is not included). Without Connector, comfortable and steady.
  • Durable Material — Premium stainless steel mesh with unique magnet clasp design, perfect for daily and nightly wear, very comfortable.
  • Adjustable Small&Large Size — Band Width:18mm. Fits for Small Size 5.25 inch – 6.70 inch (Large Size 6.7 inch – 9.0 inch) wrist. Band size can be freely adjusted according to the circumstance of individual wrist, with very strong magnetic, providing the best wearing experience.
  • Easy Use — Exclusive Aluminium Alloy clasp and steel head , easy to install and remove.
  • Worry-free After-sales Service — We provide a 5 years warranty and free lifetime technical support globally. You can get an exchange or refund if your band has any quality issues within 5 years.

It’s beautiful, comfortable, and feels well made. I like that it’s shiny rather than matte, and the flexible metal band is slinky and moves with me. I purchased another company’s milanese band in purple, and it felt cheap. The color was spray-painted on. The color on this ‘colorful’ band is achieved by treating the metal, probably by anodization, so the color won’t rub or scratch off. I gave 4 stars instead of 5 because my band is mostly yellow, and i wish it had more blue, pink, purple, and green tones. Excellent quality and excellent price.

I love the magnetite band really a lot. It creates the easy access to on and off the fit bit until i realize my band constantly magnet to my phone. . My computer or anything that has metal surface. It’s just very little magnet feeling, but sometimes the item my band magnet on too strong, my band actually unlock itself. Even though i really love the design, but i guess i sort of have to leave this band in the house and only use for certain timing now.

I had to get this color because i had the pink one and was peeling so i figured this one wouldnt. Only thing i dont like it that it gets caught somehow on things like fabric and hair so be careful when bringing your wrist near your head.

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I just received the band and clipped it right onto my fitbit. I love the metal clasp which makes it adjustable at any time. The metal shimmers in the light, changing depending on your perspective, as expected. I am happy with this replacement band for my fitbit watch.

I love the look of this band. The only thing i would say is: i’ve had a link come loose with both of mine and it would catch and rip my clothes. I’m still a fan, but i need to figure out how to repair a loose broken chain to avoid the clothing issue.

The only reason i’m not giving it 5 stars is that it catches on my clothes and snags them.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Nice band but works loose.
  • Great quality, professional-looking band
  • Beautiful FitBit Band

I purchased this band to replace an old milanese fitbit 2 charge band because it said the size was up to 9 inches and in the q&a section they even tout it can fit up to 9. Their rulers must be short, cause this measures only 8. It’s too tight and has to be taken apart to get off my wrist. The old band from another manufacturer said their was 9 inches and theirs came off my wrist with ease. Is there an extra large band size?. If so i’ll return this one and get that one instead.

If you’re hesitant to get one of these metal bands, don’t be. I have no problem attaching the ban to the fitbit or removing it. I ordered the rainbow color one in a large. Even though i have large wrists, i can slip it over my wrist. It doesn’t pull on my arm hairs much and trust me i have plenty of them. I like to keep my fitbit loose, so it moves a little, and it will grab one here and there but just real quick and it doesn’t hurt. I think if you keep it snugger, you’ll be fine. I bought this to wear when i am not exercising, so i can’t speak to that. I personally don’t think it’s the kind you want to wear when you are exercising. I bought one of those bands with lots of holes for that.

The band is comfortable and the magnet is strong, but i ordered the rose gold color. This band is much more gold. I’ve noted a few other people had color issues, and it’s not a huge deal, but definitely not what i’d call rose gold.

Looking at the picture you see blues, purples, greens, which i love. I received the band and set it aside then forgot about it for a bit. When i got back to it, realized that the band i received is actually mostly yellow / gold with magenta, and a smidge of blue and green. It’s okay – just not what i wanted or expected. By the time i got around to checking out the band, it was too late to return. I may order another, to compare. The quality of the band is nice, and i really like the magnetic closure.

I wanted to love this band and for a while i did. Unfortunately the way it’s made the clasp loosened unbeknownst to me causing it to literally fall off my wrist. While it’s very pretty it really isn’t worth it since it doesn’t remain secure my fitbit is gone without a trace. What a hefty price to pay in the end as i am without my fitbit.

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Easy on, easy off, looks way more expensive than that rubber band that the charge 2 came with. Saw one on a friend and couldn’t wait to get one.

This is the second time i bought this band, as i had the other one over two years, worn every day. It just got dirty and crusty and buying a new one was the best option. I have tried leather and plastic bands and they not only deteriorate from sweat, but they do not allow your wrist to breathe, which causes irritation and sores on your skin. With this band there is none of that. Just make sure you order the correct size, not based on your wrist but on your hand size, as your hand must fit though the opening.

The magnet closure is awesome and the color is beautiful. I’ve gotten lots of compliments on it.

This metallic band with a magnetic clip attachment is a pleasure to use, compared to the rubbery original fitbit band. In my experience, original fitbit bands break after about one year of use. This one looks like it will outlast the original. The color eventually wears off, but it still works great.

Very pretty, colors are true to the picture. Occasionally the magnetic fastener will snag you to things – especially if you have stainless steel appliances at home. Maybe that will keep me from opening the refrigerator when i shouldn’t be. Band is comfortable and it stays where you adjust it 99% of the time.

Looks great the way the colors are it goes with everything from casual clothes to dressed up. Love that it’s magnetic, makes it super simple to adjust.

Only downsides are that the pins slide out easily and the magnetic strip sticks to things. Otherwise it’s a completely sleek option for the fitbit versa.

Love this band for my fitbit. Love it is magnetic and that is fits perfectly on my wrist, no matter what size wrist you have.

The only downside i’ve found is that it’s magnetic(duh), which means it connects to anything that it can.

Comfortable and not as bulky as the original bands. I will be getting other colors in the future.

I like the band but it makes my wrist ache when i wear it for too long and the magnet does not hold it securely.

Fits well and very comfortable. Easy to adjust, but one issue: it can be a bear to get off if you have a large wrist. When expanded to max size, i have a hard time sliding it off my hand. Sometimes i have to push the magnetic tab through the block loop. I tried a few other magnetic mesh bands that claimed they were 9. 8′ xl, but they were exactly the same size as this band with one of them being terrible quality and actually having what looked like an extension of the the band merged in to make it an 9. 8 xl, but was the same size as this band.

This wristband fits perfectly without pulling my arm hair. I do wish it was just a little bigger but the fact it can fully unclasp easily helps a ton.