This screen protector is fix with my fitbit. It is clear and stick to my fitbit. It is worth for this this price. A thing which i don’t like is the thickness. I hope it thicker, but it still good to protect the screen and i love it.

It functions as its supposed to. I recommend spritzing a little water on the fitbit in order to help this go on smoother. Once its on it doesnt look like there will be any reason for you to need the other 5 because it gets the job done and looks sturdy. I am thinking of giving the remaining away to my friends over the holidays.

Easy to install and they give you a ton in case you mess it up, which is awesome. I had a fingerprint in the corner and it was fading over a few days. Sadly, i think i only got three or four days out of the screen protector. I know for a fact it’s the showers. Since the charge 3 is submersible, i had no qualms about showering with it on. The first time i showered with it, the protector reacted with some sort of residue on top. Second (and last) time, it completely fell off. It’s a unique problem, but i feel like it’s one worth mentioning.

I typically end up battering my fitbit(s) a lot through workouts, dropping them, accidentally leaving them in the dryer, etc, so i go through a lot of protectors. These fit, are acceptable quality, and the quantity (6) gives me plenty to go through.

Comes in 6 inidividual screen protector. Only that i think its not too thick so you might need to replace it once it gets scratched. Overall im okay with my purchase.

I’m so grateful for these tiny screen protectors because i definitely needed one. I must say that it was so easy to apply. There were no bubbles fogging anything. It is nearly invisible with no curling edges.I am very satisfied with the product.

Really like these screen protectors came with 6 which is really cool in case one gets damaged or needs replaced and a cleaning solution as well which was a nice surprise i would definitely recommend these screen protectors and would purchase again.

Key specs for Skinomi Fitbit Charge 3 Screen Protector [6-Pack, Design 2], TechSkin Screen Protector Fitbit Charge 3 Clear [HD] Anti-Bubble Film – [Charger Friendly]:

  • [CHARGER FRIENDLY DESIGN] The Fitbit Charge 3 Screen Protector (Design 2) is specifically designed to keep your device protected and to be compatible with the charger.
  • Self-Healing, flexible, tough, military-grade thermoplastic urethane, designed to absorb impact. The TechSkin is resistant against scratches, punctures, UV light and will not yellow
  • Easy, error-proof, and bubble-free installation. Liquid solution allows adjustments during installation. Significantly reduces dust, oil and fingerprint smudges
  • Optically transparent, virtually invisible, and HD Clear screen protector with smooth glass-like surface and “True Touch” feel. A great alternative to a typical “static cling” PET screen protector
  • Lifetime Warranty from Manufacturer. Made in the USA. Includes original Skinomi TechSkin Screen Protector for Fitbit Charge 3
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Comments from buyers

“Not shower-friendly
, Easy to install- no bubbles
, So far, so good

I like that it was easy to apply to my fitbit. I bought it as extra protection so my screen would stay in good condition. I’m still able to see my screen and touch it like normal.

It works but doesn’t cover the whole screen.

You get everything you need to put this on your fitbit. I would still be on my first one if i hadn’t gotten oil on it working on my vehicle. Cleaned and put a new one on and has been on for quite a while.

I put the screen protector on my fitbit saturday night. I followed all of the instructions. I let it sit for 18 hours before using the fitbit. It lasted 2 days and came off.

I just received this earlier today, which i am absolutely grateful about. I went to the movies a hour ago and decided to remove my fitbit watch because my jacket was tight around my wrist and was very uncomfortable with the watch on. I ended up dropping my watch once myself & everyone stood up to leave. Not noticing until outside of the threate. Luckily when i went back inside to search for it, it was there. My screen had grease residue from the popcorn butter and dirty shoe prints on it, but wasn’t broken. This film saved my actual screen from getting grease in the tiny cracks which possibly could’ve messed up the inside. The only downside was when wiping the grease off it smears when using a clothe, i suggest only using a wet wipe to clean the film, then patting dry with clothe after.

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Took me my third try to get one to stick the way i wanted it. First one came off after i decided to ignore the recommended time for it to set and went ahead and exercised. Second one stuck but there was some fuzz under it. Hopefully this third try lasts longer.

Perfect fit and was easy to apply. Just like anyother screen protector so i dont undertand why some reviews said it was hard. Really nice that it came with more then one screen protector. One thing that worried me was that the reviews for a charge 3 was that the screen cracked easily.

The screen protector is clean and thin as described. I am glad that it has some techskin added. It also has direction of how to install and instructions for curved devices. Worth buying it to prevent from damaging.

I was very happy of the super easy installation of this skinomi screen protector for my fitbit. The video makes it clear to understand. The screen protector is pretty resistant too, i hit my wrist a few time while running in the forest, but my fitbit got no trace from it.

Fits like a glove onto my fitbit. Easy to application and still has the same quality. Though wished it was a bit thicker like glass.

At first the installation seemed a bit overwhelming, but turned out to be very easy. Watching the video was a big help.

Love how fast it came, also like that it come with a spray bottle, packaging was perfect nothing was ruined. Would recommend to others who need screen protector.

Working like a charm love it.

I really liked this product. Not only did it come with the screen protector, it came with a nice cleaning cloth and, cleaning solution. The instructions were spot on for making installation of the product very easy. I highly recommend this product for your fitbit charge 3.

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The screen protector was really easy to apply. I am a very accident prone person, it is definitely doing the job. I would highly recommend this if you are super active and super clumsy.

Would recommend for those looking for a screen protector for your fitbit.

Easy to install, nice and clear, touch feels smooth. I use a protective band which sometimes peels up the sides of the screen protector.

The description is great easy to put on had no problem i would highly recommend this.

Item arrived on time, as expected with prime. Clear instructions for application – and a link for a video that made it easy to follow. Applied easily and seems durable.

A little difficult to install, but overall, really happy with these. When you first put it on, it was really dirty looking with lots of bubbles, but after leaving it alone overnight, it was perfectly clean, clear, and not noticeable at all. Doesn’t seem to want to peel off or slip around either.

I received this and the package was crushed, which didnt ruin anything it was just crushed. I think ita cool that it came with a mini spray bottle that you can refill . It came with 5 extra protectors on top of the 1 i will use. I like that their not a fake glass but more like a thich flimsy coating. I think it will protect the watch face from scratches for sure.

This comes with really good instructions and is easy to put on. It also comes with a little spray bottle and lint wipe which are great. If you aren’t sure from the written instructions they also include a link to view a video which was helpful. The screen protectors are thin and flexible which i prefer to the thick glass type. I think it will definitely help protect against scratches.

Works like a charm when they are put on correctly. This is the second time i bought them since i felt like i messed up the first box myself. The biggest issue i have is when i wear a long sleeve shirt with tight sleeves the unit will catch an edge and come off. It does protect the face well and doesn’t interfere with the charging unit.

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