A bit stiff, but a few minutes of bending the strap, and voila.I would definitely order another.

Nice leather band without the outrageous price.

Love that it makes my fit bit look and feel like a real watch.

The leather starts out stiff but has become more malleable over the last two weeks of use and fits my wrist nicely. The two straps that hold down the tail of the band have a stitch that faces the inside that itches. I just turned them around and solved the issue, but you do see the stitches on the outside which may or may not be an issue for you. Overall i am very happy with the quality.

This band has all metal connectors for attaching it to the fitbit. None of that cheap mixture of metal and plastic like the oem band, which is doomed to fail, as my original band did. Additionally, if i want to change the look, i can replace the band with a different color traditional watchband since this band uses pins to connect to the metal connectors. The metal connectors are a nice brushed metal, not overly shiny and not a flat dull metal. It’s a little stiff, but based upon my experience with other leather watchbands, i’m sure this will become more pliable through use. Previously, i’d bought a different leather band for a dressier look, but the leather was thin and felt cheap. So, durability is the question for this band. If it lasts, this can easily be a 5-star rating.

My only complaint is that the band is not long enough. I could barely fasten it on the last hole and its a tight fit. If you have a bigger wrist i would suggest that you find another band.

This is a great band with real leather. The thing i worried most was that the band would narrow as it goes away from the tracker but the width is pretty straight. Great for men unlike how the other bands gets slimmer, which is a more feminine look. It is pretty stiff when you first get it so you’ll have to work it to get it to loosen up.

Key specs for SKYLET Compatible with Fitbit Charge 2 Bands, Retro Genuine Leather Classic Replacement Wristband Compatible with Fitbit Charge 2 with Metal Connector Men Women Small Large (No Tracker):

  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: SKYLET compatible with Fitbit Charge 2 Band is made of superior quality genuine leather, trendy and retro, soft and breathable, will not irritate your wrist, nice replacement for lost or damaged bracelet.
  • AVAILABLE LENGTH: Small:5.7-7.5 Inches(145mm-190mm), Large:5.9-8.7 Inches(150-220mm). Precise multiple holes design for you to adjust the bracelet to a suitable length easily. You don’t need to worry about the improper size.
  • DOUBLE PROTECTION: A stainless steel buckle and two genuine leather fastener rings can help to keep the band from coming loose and falling off effectively.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: A quick fit metal connector for you to install the Charge 2 fitness tracker with the band. No tools are required. Just swap, click and go.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: If there is any quality problem or something wrong with the colors, please don’t hesitate to contact us. SKYLET will happy to help you and will resent you a new one.
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Comments from buyers

“Easily looses its original color
, Class for a workhorse
, Great Leather replacement Band For Fitbit Charge 2

Color is perfect and worn looking and that’s the look i wanted. Fits perfectly for my charge 2.

Like it but the little strap bands broke after only 7 months. Should come with replacement set of strap bands.

The band half with the clasp would not latch to watch, i adjusted the phillips screw 1/4 turn ccw, it latched immediately. The opposing side latched with no issues. The band that i received is not as worn looking as the amazon photo shows, i am, however, very happy with the appearance and immediate comfort.

It’s a handsome wrist strap, but around 8 months later, it is starting to come apart (attached a picture). It was not expensive, so i should not have expected too much.

Really like the style of this band. I think it classes up my fitbit. It makes it look like a real watch instead of a piece of fitness equipment.

The bands are really good and give the fitbit a nice look. The only thing is that they are a bit narrow towards the buckle it would be nice if they were a bit wider like the original bands.

This is the second band i’ve gotten and i love it, they fit well and, like leather does, the adjustment time for comfort wear is speedy. It only took about 30 min to break in and become soft and wearable. I’d prefer a warranty but for the price i can get 4 of these without worrying about it too much. Well built and comfortable, thanks for a great alternative to the 60$ bands from fitbit.

I’ve used this exclusively on my charge hr for a few months now. I take it running, yard-working (artistic license), and many other activities where it gets wet and dirty. It cleans up well and the seams are still intact. I’m quite surprised at the durability and it still looks nice too.

Fits perfectly – looks nice – easy to put on and off – reasonably ppriced.

I’ve had so many issues with the charge 2 fitbit bands breaking after only a few weeks or months of use, but this one seems durable. I had to flip the top and bottom bands so the very thin catches on the device would hold better.

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This band turned my fitbit into a ‘real’ watch. The band is high quality leather and the clasps are heavy duty.

This was purchased for my grandson, he got a rash from the original fitbit band. This one is working well, he has no complaints, just needed to add another hole since his s wrist is small.

This is a very handsome band for the charge 2. It looks excellent at the connecting points, and the leather looks very rustic. It’s comfortable for all day wear, and feels great. The bad: the free rings are pretty thin. I think, if a part of this will give out, it’ll be the rings. Size wise, it’s longer than the small bands, which i used, but i don’t know if its as long as a large, so if you wear a large band on the last couple size holes, i’d look for a different band. It really gives the hard working fitbit a lot of class.

Does what it is supposed to and looks good while being pretty comfortable.

Quality leather that wears and ages beautifully. I’ve had many people compliment my “watch” before realizing it’s a fitbit. It’s also far more comfortable than any of my other bands. The only down side is sometimes it’s so comfortable i forget i’m wearing it. I’ve had a few close calls getting into the shower with it on.

Upgraded to 4+ stars based on quick seller feedback. They are very interested in customer satisfaction, and work hard to achieve itthe quality of this band is fine, no problems there. My issue is with the length of the band. I have an average wrist, and have never had an issue with too short bands previously. Getting this band to fasten on even the largest size is a bit tight. Plus, the end doesn’t even reach the first of two keepers. I don’t know if this particular band is undersized, because i saw no other similar comments.

I’ve been very happy with this band. It’s a real leather band and the white stitching is beautiful for a great casual summer look.

This is a very stylish leather band, not quote as dark brown as pictured but could be the monitor. Or i didn’t get the retro version. In any case, i am pleased with the look and fit.

Make the fitbit look more mainstream and polished.

Love the look (distressed) and love having something that doesn’t look too plastic-y.

I didn’t like the feel of the band that came with my charge 2 and quickly ordered a couple different bands. This band is comfortable, easy to put on (just like a regular watch), and looks great. It’s great for every day casual wear.

I am so happy with my new fitbit leather band. The pictures dont show that the leather is a bit darker.

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1st, please note that, for me, a 5 star review is for exceeding expectations. 4 star reviews are great (to me) as they are interpreted as ‘meeting expectations’. This is my 2nd skylet leather band. The 1st one met my expectations and hopes, and it is still in use. These bands are a nice improved look over the standard rubber type bands that come with the fitbits. The 1st leather one i made the mistake of wearing it full time and it is still usable but, being brown leather, it is a bit darker with sweat stains now. I am hoping to keep this 2nd one in better shape for work (office job), restaurants, and going out in general. The other will be for everything else. I also kept the original band as a backup. The mechanics of these bands are sound and, other than sweat stains, the 1st one still works great.

It’s clean looking and classic design. But the band i received was much lighter in color than the photo for it in the description. I’m not a fan of medium to light brown. I have worn watches my whole life and it was challenging to get the band to slide to proper hole without getting caught. Very stiff band that i hope will settle in with use.

When i first tried this on, i noticed the smaller strap changed colors as i wrapped it around my wrist. You can see in the first two photos that a slight bend causes it to change from a dark color to about the color of coffee would too much cream in it. It really covers most of its original color when flattened back out (third photo), but looses it again when worn. Worse, much of the color of the longer strap was scraped off the first time i put it through the metal buckle (fourth photo). None of this was obvious to me from the product photos and description.

This band did not work for my husband. It would have been too tight of a fit to wear comfortably. The rugged leather band looks nice, but it is also very stiff and make the fitbit tracker sit almost above the wrist because of how stiff the band is.

The band is small and makes it look like it is made for a child. Customer support was very prompt on fixing the issue.

A bit stiff when you first start using so there is a bit of a break in period.

At first, i received this band and one side didn’t fit. Would not seat on the fitbit. I reported it and they replaced it immediately. The band looks great, and i am very happy with the purchase.

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