Snaps in and doesn’t come out unless you push the bottom to release. Doesn’t feel like the original rubber fitbit band. But can’t beat the price for the extra protection and style.

I didn’t know it was available until i started searching amazon for different color bands. My fibit is orange and the only bands that look good are the grey and orange ones. With this you can do whatever. The only thing to watch out for is if you have a screen protector. This is very tight on the watch and i couldn’t get it on with a screen protector. It pulls the corner off when you put it on. But thats not a deal breaker for me.

Looks great and feels great, plus it protects the screen even though it doesn’t have an actual screen cover.

Really cute, everyone loves it. Band stays closed better than any other band i have tried.

Green band was greatblue keeps falling off the watch. I contact skylet customer service and within 1 hour they contacted me and told me, they sent new blue band. I got thd blue today and so far every work good. I definitely get more bands from them.

I received this with one of the sidebands as coming off from watch frequently, upon contacting the seller they immediately shipped the replacement band, amazing. The new one received fits perfectly fine and the black strap on the black case looks fabulous. I am satisfied and would recommend this one.

This works just like you’d expect it to. It’s comfortable and easy to use. I have two issues with it though: the face cover prevents me from using my wireless charger and the hole design doesn’t allow for the best of adjustment. I have found that it is either too loose or too tight due to the hole placement on the strap. Once i got the straps locked into place, they stayed well and didn’t fall out.

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Key specs for SKYLET Compatible with Fitbit Ionic Bands with Case, Soft Replacement Sport Wristband Compatible with Fitbit Ionic Smart Watch with Metal Clasp Men Women Black (No Tracker):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • [Stylish Design] Black shade as background achieved a new section of the ionic bands and ionic case. Fashionable style; Superior silicone material; leaving more space for your skins to breathe freely. A good looks, a good feeling for you. Attractive case will prevent your watch scratching.
  • [Easy to Install] To make the ionic strap fit the ionic smart watch perfectly and make it easier for you to use, when you receive the strap, please first look at the display picture about installation diagram of this product. Sensitive Install Connector—easy to install, fast to pull off, fits comfortably. More holes for adjustment.
  • [Adjustable Length] Regular size: 6.3 -9.3 Inches (160mm-235mm). Bring more soft and relax for you; feeling more comfortable and soft touch from the inside of the replacement ionic band. Stainless steel dual-locking buckle, free from rust. This item runs big so you will not have a problem with size.
  • [Using Scenes] Bright or deep totally 8 colors in the bands, for women, men; also for sport or work. Held up with sweat, rain. Nice quality and work perfectly, become working and sport partners.
  • [Customer Service] If there is any quality problem or once you get a defective item, please don’t hesitate to contact us. SKYLET is always willing to help you with it and will resend you a new one.

Comments from buyers

“Great way to change it up
, Great customer service
, Easy to install

Purchased for my fitbit ionic. Great fit, very comfortable. I have been wearing this everyday for past 2. 5 months, worn in summer az heat, rain, swimming, and while doing heavy yard work and it still looks and feels brand new. I absolutely love this band and recommend it.

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It’s actually a really nice band. It’s soft, feels protective and doesn’t block any of the screen.

I am giving this 4 stars for the product but 5 stars for customer service because the band did not snap into the watch and kept falling out. However, they immediately sent me a replacement band and another band to try out. I would diffinitely do business with this company again. I liked the replacement band alot. I only gave a 4 star for the whole item because the casing around the watch face is a bit too hard and not a softer silicone like others i have purchases, therefore harder to take on and off. I like the watch it matches the band though.

I bought this replacement band for my ionic. The first one fell off within an hour of use so i called skylet and they automatically sent me another (this was very nice). The second one fell off within hours. I just ordered a real one from fitbit for i cannot wait for another skylet to come and be broken. If the new fitbit doesn’t hold, then i will revisit this review for then it is my issue (but the old one with the missing clasp from fitbit still holds).

Easy to install, even if you have to pay attention to correctly ‘click’ each half of the band, after having put the case protection. It is thin enough, and it protects really well the screen. The material is not absolutely the same as the original fitbit band, but it is soft and comfy.

I ordered a similar case from another company before this one. It was just too bulky for me. It is slim and fits snugly on the ionic.

Nothing special, but works and fits very well.

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The color combo looks awesome, everyone asks me where i purchased it. I put this band on my fitbit watch on xmas ant it is not mid march and it is still perfect.

I’ve had no problems with it coming detached. It’s more comfortable than the original.

. It took a little effort to get the watch into the plastic cover, but it eventually ‘fit like a glove’. Size was also a good fit since i have 8′ wrists and sizes of bands vary with manufacturer.

It fits perfectly and the colors are very vibrant.

Great band, have been wearing it nearly 20 hours a day for 2 months. Fits with the think film screen protector. Small amount of discoloration on the bottom of the wrist small green dots fade slightly from resting my wrist on the table/desk but it’s hardly noticeable. Would buy again, strap stays connected well to the fitbit.

Easy to install and it fit perfect.

A great quality band for my fitbit ionic. It changed the whole look of my new watch. The whole band fit perfect and feels like it will protect the watch very well.

I feel like my fitbit is secure when i swim but the main frame was super super hard to get on the watch. I was afraid i was going to break it. I don’t even want to think about trying to take it off. I know they need to fit securely but the instructions didnt include getting that piece on. If there is some trick that would be good to include.

Update:the company sent me a new band and the new one works perfectly. It’s extremely light and comfortable. Love how the face fits but no matter how hard i push, the one side does not lock in. Other then that it looks good, but can not use it with one side popping back out.