The bands are softer than original fitbit band. They do allow for more air circulation under the band. *note* i finally got around to trying the last band in the set today. It wouldn’t lock on the fitbit. I wrote skylet sunday afternoon,and had an answer that night, they will replace the band. That is awesome enough customer service that i wouldn’t hesitate to purchase from them again.

Easy to put on and fit my husband perfectly. He said they were more comfortable then the band his fitbit came with. He wears them during his workouts and they are very breathable. I would buy again and recommend.

And after researching numerous bands for the charge2 it seemed this was the best value. Upon receipt of the product, i am amazed with the quality of this product. I put one band on immediately and love the comfort and style. Seems to be pretty close to the fitbit original band sizing (i ordered small). So happy to have some inexpensive, but quality bands, to switch depending on my mood for the day.

Good quality bands that dont feel they will break or tear. Only thing i dont like is the little rubber piece that catches the extra of the watch band when your wearing it. Because it slides down and i fix it quite a bit. It just doesnt stay in place and i have to adjust it often.

I love this band as it is more breathable and flexible than the normal bands. Also makes for more options on how tight or lose you wear your band. Fits great and doesn’t irritate skin.

I wanted to try these out because the band that came with my fitbit caused my wrist to break out with an itchy rash (a common complaint with the fitbit bands. They are very comfortable and flexible, but the best part is no rash. Some people have complained about the band strap not staying in place. I haven’t had that problem, but i gave my husband one of them and it does slip off the end of the band for him. Good value for 3 bands in different colors.

My original fitbit band kept slipping off where it connects to the actual watch face. That kind of sucks when you are in the middle of a run and have to keep reattaching it. I bought these in a last ditch effort before i decided to upgrade the entire fitbit and just toss this one out. The bands are comfortable, brightly colored (as pictured) and are actually easier to use. They come slightly longer than the fitbit scaled large band, which gives you more space if needed.

My original charge2 band broke a long time ago. I replaced it with the more popular bands that have no fastener, just a slot the end of the band slips through and one metal piece that can be attached to any of the holes. I did not like that fastener style and actually lost my watch twice because it fell off my arm. I found the skylet for fitbit charge 2 bands, 3 pack breathable replacement bands and absolutely love them. It’s like a watch band should. The colors are not in your face. At least the ones i chose (many colors to choose from). Very smart looking and certainly not cheap, even though the price is certainly not expensive. Shipping was good if not early. Packaging was smart and allows for the other two to be stored together. I would recommend this product.

This is my second order of these bands. I made the first purchase about a year ago and that said it still holding up strong. I wanted to add some more colors to my collection so i purchased again. I think this seller is giving you the best bang for the buck when it comes to these fitbit bands.

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I bought this band thinking it would be cooler with the holes and it is. The band is so soft and flexible it is really comfortable. Easy to put on and comfortable to wear. I like this better than the band that came with it.

Love these bands – great for hot weather. The size is the same as the original fitbit bands (small or large) and quality is just as good or better than the original band i had. Love the different accent colors to be able to change them out. The bands attach snugly to the fitbit too. Good customer service from the seller too. A great price for these bands too, so i’m very happy with this purchase.

Fits better than what came with the fitbit. The photo shows the little nub on the ring but it doesn’t fit into a hole but once the band is on the ring does not slide. I will be purchasing more in different colors and recommending to my friends. It has only been a week but no irritation on my skin, if that changes i will update. One reviewer stated that it is shorter than original band. It is shorter by maybe 1/4 of an inch.

Ordered this after the original band on my fitbit charge 2 conked out at 13 months. Quality seems at least as good as the strap that came with my fitbit, and if it isn’t, oh well – i have 2 spares nowthis strap installs in seconds using a latching system that’s just like the factory band’s. Feels a bit lighter and i daresay more comfortable. My wrist measures 6 3/4”; i ordered in size small, and as you can see in the photos there’s very little excess strap. I like that, but i think i’m on the extreme end of the size range. A larger wrist would probably be better served by a large. Here are the specifications for the SKYLET for Fitbit Charge 2 Bands:

  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: Our Fitbit Charge 2 wristband is made of superior quality rubber, 3-line AIR HOLES, skin-friendly, soft and breathable; you can wear it at all hours of the day or night comfortably. If you work outside or like doing sports, it will be a nice choice for you for it can keep your wrist from sweating under the silicone.
  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: [Small: 5.5”-7.0” /140-178mm. Large: 6.1” -8.5” /155-216mm]. There are many precise holes on the strap, you just do not necessarily need put it in the traditional holes and can adjust the most comfortable size for you. You do not need to worry about the improper size.
  • DOUBLE PROTECTION: A high quality stainless steel buckle, free from rust, will not fall off or become deformed; the silicone fastener ring/keeper is durable and soft, help to protect the band from coming loose and falling off effectively. There is nothing to worry about when running, hiking, exercising, etc..
  • EASY TO INSTALL: High quality upgraded connector, it is very easy for you attach the bracelet to your Fitbit Charge 2, firmly, securely and safely, no tools are required, perfectly fit for your watch, give your watch a new and attractive look.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: If there is any quality problem or something wrong with the color and size, please don’t hesitate to contact SKYLET. We are happy to help you and will resend you a new one.

I have big wrists and was looking for the large variety of bands for my fitbit. While these are larger than the ‘large’ band that comes with the charge2, it is not as large as the extra large band that fitbit offers, which is what i was hoping for. These are great breathable bands. The only other gripe i have is there is no retaining ‘bump’ on the inside of the strap holder, so it tends to slide out of the way, being not useful.

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These bands are as good quality as the band you receive with the charge2. Even though the band holder loop doesnt have the tab to lock it in, the loop still stays in place. The added color is nice without being gaudy. The holes help reduce sweating.

I was a little skeptical at first about buying the bands but when they came and i put them on it was a better fit then the original one that came with my charge2. I chose the red/black/purple bands. I’m very happy with this purchase. I highly recommend this product. I do have sensitive skin and tend to break out with certain bands but that hasn’t happened with this brand.

These bands are very stylish, come in packs of three colors for various occasions. Well ventilated, easy to put on and off, very adjustable with the number of holes to lock in. The company responded above expectations when i had a problem with my order. You won’t go wrong with these bands.

I ordered size as recommended. I have the special edition all black fitbit the band color matches well. The clips seem to be good quality. Ive been wearing one for a few months constantly and have not had any trouble. At the price , if the 3 bands last a year total, that is ok with me.

Bought these to replace original bands that had gotten shabby. One for me and one for my mom. Installation was super easy, they have stayed reliably attached and i like the adjustablity of the band. We both have small wrists and use the fourth hole for a snug fit.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great product! Better than fitbit band
  • Great value
  • The colors are fun. The bands are softer than original fitbit band

I was a little nervous about how well these would work since it wasn’t made by fitbit, but they fit perfect and it’s fun to change up how it looks. I love that this came with a tiny cleaning brush as well. I’m always trying to use a q-tip and that was a nice surprise.

I love the colors of the bands and the air holes in the bands. But, i didn’t buy it for that, my fb band just happened to break and i like that i could get a 3 pack of different colors, blue, purple and black with holesthe quality is great, i have had these for over 6 mos. I change them frequently, it is so easy. I honestly thought i would be lazy after a little while and keep black on. But when i have on a blue or purple shirt, i will pop on a new band, it is really that easy. Coming from me that says a lot. If you have never taken off the original band it might be hard at first getting original off because dirt (yuck) actually builds up in the clips. But once it is off and you realize it, you tend to keep it clean and it is easy to pop them on and off. Love them, actually think quality is better than original band.

I know i will sound like a crazy person but i need a band that allows my skin to breathe. My skin is super sensitive and if i use the bands without holes it will peel like a sun burn. This band let’s my skin breathe and keeps it on my wrist were it belongs.

I wear my fitbit all the time and it can get pretty grungy at the barn when cleaning stalls. These bands do allow ventilation even when i’m working out. I can snap off one color, wash it, and switch to another color while that one dries. I never get the fitbit wet at all.

My arms sweat less and they look so cool. I don’t know what the other reviewers are saying, about how they slip. There is a bump in the piece the straps sit in and it locks it in. These do not come lose at all.

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The bands arrived today (very quick delivery) and the quality is good. They snap onto my charge 2 nice and snug so i no longer need to worry about the band that came with the charge 2, it would just fall off the fitbit. My reason for only three stars is that it would be better if they came in a medium size. According to the product sizing description a small fits me, i have a wrist that is just a smidge under 7 inches. The small leaves very little extra band after you have it buckled onto your wrist. I bought the small because the large of the original band left way too much band, it was annoying because it would get in the way when walking/hiking. I probably will not return them because they are not that expensive, not worth spending the postage. I will look for elsewhere for bands that come in a medium size.

For the price these bands are amazing. You get 3 of them and they are prettier and softer than the fitbit bands. I was iffie to buy this product because it was so cheap so i figured it would be cheaply made. However, they are great quality and extremely soft i like them better than the fitbit bands.

Update: these have started breaking out my wrist now even though i only wear it on my wrist at night and one side got stuck and wouldn’t come off so i never could switch bands. My husband finally got it off tonight,i put my old band on and i’m ordering something else. I bought these because the fitbit original band broke my wrist out so bad it looked bruised, the reviews and the 3 priced for one band was also a big draw for me. I have only used the pink but i’ve had no issues with it breaking my wrist out. It’s very lightweight and a little thinner than the original band which is something i like. With all the holes in the band it allows my wrist to dry if it gets wet. So far i really like these bands. The only thing i will say is they fit me great but are a little shorter than the fitbit original band so if the small original band is barely big enough i recommend sizing up to large on these.

If you have a wrist anything between 7-8” you might want to go with the large. I have a little over a 7” and a small is just big enough to put it in the 2nd hole and it is snug. I do like that i don’t have excess strap though. I will have to order a large to check it out.

These fit my fitbit charge 2 perfectly. They are more comfortable and flexible than the original band. The original band is hot and absorbed sweat and gets stinky too. These allow air flow and when i workout the serrated can escape. The tab that poked in the hole and locks over the end of the strap in place wore down kinda quickly, but it still stays on securely and for the price that doesn’t cause me to compkain or decrease my 5 star rating.

Edit: skylet sent me a whole new pack of these when i reviewed them originally with my complaint below. I didn’t even ask for them to send them – they just did it when they saw i was unhappy. These three are great and fit wonderfullyoriginal review: the purple band didn’t even have the connecting piece at all so out of the three, i can only wear two of them and they don’t click on very well.

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