Gave this a 5 star because of customer service. We had this for just under a month and my daughter lost the rubber hasp that holds the extra part of the band. Contacted skylet, they sent out a replacement with in 24 hours. So far my daughter has not lost or broken the replacement. Especially since my other 2 daughters are going to need new bands as they grow.

Revising my review because of the great customer service. Our first band had issues and on reporting them, the company immediately sent out a replacement band. Band fits my 12yo’s garmin vivofit jr perfectly and fits his wrist well. He likes the color and i’m hoping for good durability.

I was a bit disappointed in that the length of the 3 bands were not consistent. Two were very short compared to the other one, and the original band that came with the garmin vivofit junior.

The rubber is thinner than i thought it would be. It’s flimsy, so it feels thin. Yet it still looks good, and i don’t think you can tell by looking at it that it is flimsy. I’ve been using mine for about 2 weeks, and so far it’s held up well. The watch band does keep this on, and it doesn’t move when i’m exercising. I would buy another band, especially if it comes in a color that i like.

Wore it everyday for 6 months and then it broke, thankfully i didn’t lose the garmin. You decide if you want something that lasts 6 months or if you want something that lasts longer. Things are made so badly these days i am figuring this is average.

I hardly ever write reviews, but i love this band so much that i had to. The original band that came with my garmin vivofit 3 constantly came unclasped and fell from my wrist. This band is secure and fits my small wrists perfectly. I’m so happy to have my garmin back.

SKYLET for Garmin Vivofit 3 / Vivofit JR/JR.2 Bands, Soft Silicone Replacement Bands for Garmin Vivofit 3 / JR/JR.2 Accessories Bracelet with Secure Watch Buckle Kids Women Men (No Tracker)

  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: Made of medical-grade rubber, soft and breathable elastic band, comfortable for sporting time, nice replacement for lost or damaged bracelet.
  • EXTRA PROTECTION: Come with a secure watch-style clasp/buckle to keep the band from coming loose and falling off effectively. Just enjoy your exercise, enjoy your life!
  • AVAILABLE SIZE OPTION: Small Size: 5.3-6.7 Inches; Large Size: 6.5-8.5 Inches; Regular Size: 6.0-9.0 Inches. Precise multiple holes design for you to adjust the bracelet to a suitable length easily. You can wear it by yourself conveniently. You don’t need to worry about the improper size.
  • OPTIONAL FASHION REPLACEMENT: Personalized Your Garmin Vivofit 3 and Garmin Vivofit Jr / Vivofit Jr. 2 activity tracker with this refined replacement wristband, creates a strong statement for yourself, sold by SKYLET.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: If there is any quality problem or something wrong with the color and size, please don’t hesitate to contact us. SKYLET will happy to help you and will resent you a new one.
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We were pumped that these were the right size to fit my daughter’s vivofit junior bc that wristband is way too small. She loved all three colors but 2 of the three have broken already and we’ve had them less than 2 months. Bummed they are so cheaply made. Update — skylet saw my review and was kind enough to send me another pack of 3. I will update in the future and comment on their longevity.

I got a new vivofit3 tracker a few weeks with a white band for work. But i also wanted something fun for the weekend. I decided to by the skylet garmin band. It’s soft, nice, high quality. I actually like it better than original band, because you can close it like a watch. I have a tiny wrist and it fits perfect in the last hole. The color is beautiful and refreshing and the tracker fits like a glove.

I bought it because of the houndstooth design. I haven’t had any issues with it fading yet like some other reviewers have had. I liked that it had a notch on the part that holds the band down. Great way to customize your vivofit 3.

Although they keep breaking. I bought these to house the garmin vivofit jrs i bought for my 6 and 8 year old. They are pretty rough with them but i expected the silicone to be more durable.

The colors are great and the garmin vivofit jr. Fits well in these bands, but after a few weeks, the design started to fade and the small piece that holds the excess watch band in place broke off. They fit my 5 year old’s wrist as well as my own, so they have a wide range concerning who they will fit, which is nice. Skylet’s customer service is outstanding though.After seeing my review, they contacted me and sent me a new set of bands free of charge that are a solid color. We didn’t have any issues with fading with the new bands. I was really impressed with their customer service – they seemed truly committed to making sure we were satisfied with our purchase. Would definitely buy from them again.

I got these since some of the reviews for the vivo fit jr said the band that came with it was small. My daughter loves these but they are more for an adult wrist then a child. They do fit on the very last hole for my skinny 7 yr old. They are really cute in person.

Update – after reading my review the company was immediately in touch and sent me a replacement. I will give them 4 stars in customer service. Original review: the only reason i gave one star is because this band is secure and comfortable and better than the strap that comes with the garmin. The print on this band started to wear off after the first few hours of use. Now less than a week later it is completely worn off in the areas that it rubs on most like the strap. I would not buy this product again.

Original product had problems with color flaking off immediately upon use. However, seller contacted me and provided a replacement immediately. Replacement seems to be colorfast. Though it seems there may have been a manufacturing defect in original shipment, i appreciate good product support.

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I originally gave this watch band a horrible review. Ok so maybe for $9 you won’t get the best quality so think about a solid color and not a patterned one. My daughter loves the replacement band. This company has great customer service and really did make it right. If you have an issue with their product, contact them. One way it another they will make it right. I should have read more reviews. We had to get a larger band for my daughter but after two days the print started to wear off.

The bands that came with the garmin were too small for my child so these were purchased as back-up and i’m glad we had them on hand when she received the vivofit. These bands are bright and fit great. The only down side is that the small band that holds the main band in place once latched in breaks very easily, we’ve already had two out of the 3 break. Thankfully the band still works okay without them.

I liked the design but it was very poor quality. The color was rubbing of after a week and now after 3 weeks the rubber ripped. After statement my band was damaged the company contacted me the same day to make things right sending me a new one free of charge.

SKYLET for Garmin Vivofit 3 / Vivofit JR/JR.2 Bands, Soft Silicone Replacement Bands for Garmin Vivofit 3 / JR/JR.2 Accessories Bracelet with Secure Watch Buckle Kids Women Men (No Tracker) : I purchased the leopard print band. Easy to swap out the vivofit3, however, i’ve worn the band loose, and wash my hands regularly. The print that is closest to the bend in my wrist/hand is starting to come off. It started to get a very funky smell (similar to a dirty cast smell), i’ve cleaned it with alcohol as well as soap. I’ve had it for maybe 3 weeks. I’m at a loss as to what to do. I gave 3 stars because it is easy to get the vivofit3 in, and the clasp is well made, and as of now, the part of the print coming off is not noticeable. But the smell, i just can’t. Time to get creative with cleaning it.

(updated) since i wrote my original 1-star review, skylet contacted me and sent replacement bands at no cost. The replacements appear to be a better quality product. For now, i will rate it 3-stars. (original review)we’ve tried 3 of the plastic bands now for our 11 year old, and the loop that holds the extra part of the band has broken on all 3 (the last 2 that we tried the metal clasp broke too. ) so we are moving on to a different kind of band. Not sure if its usage by kids or cheap materials that don’t last or the combination of the 2.

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It was for my daughters new garmin vivofit 3 she just got for christmas. She needed a new band because her original one was chewed up by a friends dog. So we gave her the option of picking out a new one and she put picked this one, because it is her favorite color. It is wonderful and it was here fast.

We like these, but the loop that secures the end of the band during wear has broken on all of them after a while.

Love the colors but one tore in just the first few weeks. The 2nd is holding up better so it may be a case of a rough kid rather than a poor product. Other than that, they fit well, they don’t smell plasticky after the first day or so, and the pattern resists fading/chlorine exposure.

Works well when it’s working. I used a leather hole punch to make another hole about 1/2′ above the first hole. That lets me secure it on handles of cardio equipment at the gym. I didn’t rate it higher because the little strap keeper loop/band broke after 1 year. That cause the strap to flop around for a day. At some point the clasp opened and the strap and vivofit fell off. I didn’t notice it right away. I spent a day looking for the thing and being upset. Found it 2 days later tucked into the cushions of a chair. I fashioned a new keeper from tape. I didn’t rate it lower because it worked as needed for a year. I didn’t rate it higher because the price is reasonable enough. I’m going to order a few more, but consider them ‘expendable’.

This wristband is 110% better than the goofy, new age closure that came stock with the vivofit 3. I used this one from day one, discarding the standard one in the box. This design has worked for belts and watches forever. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I have very skinny wrists and have always had trouble with the garmin wrist bands. They were too big, even on the smallest setting, and were always coming undone because their closure system didn’t work on my skinny arms. My new skylet wrist band is so much better. The more traditional watch strap design provides a great fit, and i don’t have to worry about it falling off like the original one did. I appreciate a product that works for all sizes, not just the standard ones, and it arrived so quickly.

Bought my wife the newer vivofit 3 for her birthday and so i went ahead and ordered her this extra band to go with it. Her favorite color is purple and while she loves the color, she’s not a huge fan of the way it fits. She says that the material feels thin and flimsy compared to the garmin brand bands that came with the vivofit.Product was shipped very well and the band was in a box and in it’s own little ‘ziploc’ type pouch. It arrived to me in texas from new jersey in a week.

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