Faithfully display accurate time, and vibrate and show caller’s phone number when someone calls my smart phone, plus other fitness functions.

It has all the features you need and the app is very user friendly. It fits my small wrist perfectly as well as my husbands larger wrist. Holds charge for a few days.

A lot of these fitness watches seem similar but are $25-40. This one is affordable and still does what i need it to do. It tracks steps/blood pressure/sleep times/calories burned and heart rate. It syncs all the info onto an app on my iphone called ‘yoho sports. ‘ i had to charge it when i got it but it’s been three days, and i still don’t have to charge it. You can set it up so that it reminds you to move or shows alerts from your phone.

I purchased this because i wanted to keep track of step counts without carrying my phone everywhere and i didn’t want to buy an expensive fitness watch just for that. I haven’t used the heart rate or blood pressure or sleep monitor features so can’t really speak to those. The app for this device is easy to use and syncs well.

The product was not green as shown in the picture, it was aqua colored. And my 9 year old son was very upset because it wasn’t what he purchased and he’d used his own money. As for the features, they seem to be accurate.

I got this as a gift for my daughter, but i am testing it to make sure it’s one she is going to like. So far i am very happy with it.

Easy off band for quick change.

This is the second one of these watches i have gotten (i lost my first one, sadly) and they have never let me down. My first one i had for over a year and saw no decrease in performance over time. The band did fall apart, though, and i had it super glued together (that’s why i lost it) but the watch itself is amazing.

I have had this fitness tracker for a couple of days now and really like it. The blood pressure and pulse are very accurate, i tested them against an actual bp monitor. I wish the instructions were in a little bigger print but it’s pretty easy to figure out and use. The only problem i have had so far is that the odometer isn’t as accurate as i would like but i cant complain for the cost of the product.

This product is excellent , from workman ship to looks to features , it has it all , its a must see must buy item.

For the price it works as good as the high dollar fit bands. The directions were soooo tiny and not very helpful but i just googled the “ yoho smart band instructions” and was able to set it up within a few minutes. Shipping was fast with prime and packaging was fine too.

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I used to have a fitbit flex. I liked that however i wanted something like it to keep me updated on the time and many more things. I needed to keep myself updated on my blood pressure which was a must have. I researched the new ones that came out but they were incredibly expensive. I have had this smart band for around a month now. I need to charge it barely once a day. And its great to see my messages on my phone when i cant necessarily take out my phone. It is slightly difficult to connect them to the app (yoho sports) at first especially if there’s other bands close by.

Got two of this device, for my smart duo, they are loving it. Perfect quality, way beyond its price. Capable of checking blood pressure and heart rate. Definitely going for another two, for my spouse and i, just wish i would be able to get additional straps of different colours. Battery is fine, you only need to charge for 2 hours as stated on the pack using a usb 3. 0 (blue) port – although it isn’t stated on the pack. Let me know if this helps out. Here are the specifications for the Smart Watch Fitness Tracker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • ★Pedometer, calorie counting,Sleep monitor,Blood pressure blood oxygen measurement,Sedentary reminder.Real time dynamic heart rate measurement and calculation of motion heart rate curve.Target achievement reminding.
  • ★Call reminders / SMS alerts, Android, IOS push incoming calls and information content.Alarm clock reminding.Other push: WeChat, QQ Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Skype Instagram etc.
  • ★Remote control photo compatible iOS system camera, Android need to open the client.Weather shows, today’s weather, tomorrow’s weather, PM2.5 only Chinese language support
  • ★Main chip: NRF51822 QFAC memory is two times than QFAA.Acceleration sensor: 3D accelerated ROHMS KXTJ-1009-2. Waterproofing level: IP67.Battery capacity: 90mAh.Standby time: 3-7 days.Bluetooth: LE 4.0.
  • ★Size: approx.265*23*9mm/10.43*0.9*0.35″inch.Screen: IPS true color.Screen size: 0.96 inch.Resolution: 160×80.Wristband material: thermoplastic elastomer rubber.Buckle material: aluminum alloy

Just had it less than 1 day but seems to work just fine. Easy to assemble and download app.

For a basic watch this is really nice. I’ve worn one before and i can say this one is comparable to more expensive ones. My kids will use this one because its simple to use and accurate. My 4th grader loves to know his numbers because he’s that kinda dude. This is waterproof but we haven’t been swimming with it yet.

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It looks good; however, the instructions are difficult to read and understand and/or incomplete. Was not able to adjust settings basically because he instructions were hard to read or the information was not there. Tried to work with it but now it’s too late to return the item.

So i think i would have been good had i stayed away from the water. But i purposely bought this because i swim often and needed a waterproof watch. I thought it would be helpful to have if i wanted to leave my phone behind. Well, i wore it on land for a few days after syncing it up with the app, and all was well. It was like it became possessed. It was vibrating like mad and wouldn’t stop (battery was fully charged, i had just unplugged it) and was cycling through all of the modes. I dried it off but it wouldn’t stop cycling. It was driving me mad, since i couldn’t really do anything with it but wear it until i got back to the car. I plugged it in at home and it kept doing it, so i waited for the battery to die, then had to recharge it and sync it back up. Needless to say, i’m afraid to wear it in the pool again, which is what i bought it for. It seems a little generous with steps.

I was skeptical about this product because of the low price. However, it works perfect for my needs. It inked to my phone perfectly. I love the text notifications. I don’t have to keep my phone by my side or worry about missing important messages. The battery life lasts me for about 5 days. I’m not a tech savvy person and this product is very easy to use. I would recommend this product to any and everyone. The only problem i had, was not being able to read the very small print on the instructions, but as it turns out, i didn’t need them anyway. I do wish there were a few different color bands to choose from for the same price, but i like green so it really didn’t matter.

Did the job and looks very nice, i like the bright display, very cheerful and help me to monitor my daily workout. It tracks step, heart beat, blood pressure and i have to say they are pretty accurate.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Absolutely wonderful product
  • Great product for the price.
  • I love it!

I bought this for my 11 year daughter it’s perfect for her age. Easy to charge all you need is a charging cube to plug the watch no cord needed.

Update: finally actually took this into some water, just playing at a park where they have the water shooting up from the ground. :/ finally came back on though after a few days, but now glitches a bit. :/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~fabulous. I havent tested the waterproof aspect of it, but everything else is surprisingly super accurate. I feel its a fantastic product at a great value. Definitly recommenda tip: i may need to wear the band a little more snug. But, i have noticed the heart rate & blood pressure reads a bit more accurate when held down tighter to the skin. I have compared the readings to the in store blood pressure machines.

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It has so many features for the price. I purchased this for my 11 year old daughter and she is so pleased with it. There are two things that i would like to see improved, the battery life and reminders notification. I was unable to get reminders but you do get sms notifications.

Bought as a replacement for another brand that was lost. Not too sure on blood pressure accuracy but other features are great and seem quite accurate. Only complaint and reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is the charging function. The only way we were able to charge it is using the usb port on the computer tower simply because the other half of the band wedges it in the port keeping the contacts touching. We tried several different wall chargers and could not get it to charge without holding it in place because it sits so loose in the port. Bought a usb extender from the dollar store to see if we can crimp it down a bit to hold the watch in the port so we can charge it using a wall outlet. Battery has not went down enough to try it out just yet but hoping that will solve the problem. Other than that it’s a great fitness tracker.

Just received the item and it seems decent for the price. I set up the app, which is pretty easy to use. Will update review if item seems to go downhill.

Instructions very small print, had to use a magnifying glass. Does not come with charger, luckily had one. Must get the app to program. Get the app by scanning the code or go to website. App was not compatible with either my ipad nor android phone. Best decision was to return product. Found a youtube on it and said exactly what i am saying now.

Good price wish the battery lasted longer can’t really use the sleep tracker cause the battery life is short the water proof is good went swimming in a lake and it was just fine over all got for the price product.

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