They fit the original garmin vivofit really well. I will never use most of the colors but it’s still a great deal for the 3-4 i will use. Does not come with the rubber strap, but does include a baggie of the metal clasp connectors. Whether you are coordinating with your outfits or just trying to save some money on replacement bands for your vivofit, this is a solid purchase.

Good and economical replacement bands. I like the colors of the bands i chose. Previous bands (even original) last me about a year before tearing,.

The bands aren’t as good quality as the original one that i bought the vivofit with. It keeps falling off of my wrist. I haven’t been wearing my vivofit lately because i don’t want to lose it. I guess i have to make another purchase and buy the little rubber clasp which keeps the band secure. Really should have come with that clasp so i wouldn’t run into that issue.

The band quality is very nice but my vivofit fell off my wrist twice because the band snaps open too easily. Something is needed to secure the band together and ensure it doesn’t snap open. I took a small rubber ring from another band and used that to secure this one. That worked for me but really, these bands need to come with one of their own.

They are obviously of a little cheaper quality than the band that comes with the vivofit, but they work well. The vivofit fits well in them, the exterior button sits in the right the place for switching through your info on the vivofit, and the band (at least small) is the same size as the small that came with my vivofit. A few words of caution – if you plan to purchase the 10 colors of silicon fasteners to go with them: 1. The fasteners are of super cheap, thin plastic, but i think they should still do the job. The colors are off, they do not exactly match the bands and look a little odd next to each other. Not a huge deal since it is on the bottom of my wrist, but to fix it and have some fun, i mixed up all of the band and fasteners colors.

It is great to have the larger bands. I only had small one and they were too tight. I did switch my old connector to this band instead of using the ones that came with it. I don’t know that i’d have a problem but the connection seems fine and it hasn’t fallen off yet. This is only my first week but we went to an amusement park and it stayed on.

These do not have a locking clasp like the original vivofit band so you have to be careful because they will come undone if snagged on something. But, for the price, it’s fun to have a change of color occasionally and they work fine. I could have given 4 stars but the locking band is a big concern especially if you are active with children and/or pets.

Perfect replacement band for my vivofit. Love the colors and options to change the band to suit my apparel,.

  • I like it!
  • Love it, but not exactly like the Garmin bands
  • Fun bands

SnowCinda for Garmin Vivofit Bands, Fitness Replacement Bands for Garmin Vivofit Small Large Kids Men Women

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • SnowCinda Garmin accessory band is compatible with Garmin Vivofit.
  • Made of prime TPU material. Soft but durable! You can worry less about tracker and focus more on fitness goals
  • Perfectly fits both male and female; size small fits 4.7 to 6.8 inches wrists; size large for 6to 8.2 inches wrists
  • Multiple packs with vibrant colors personalize your tracker to fit your mood and daily outfit. Good for sharing with folks you know
  • We stand behind customers and provide 18-month warranty covers any quality-related issue
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The colors are nice but with no clasps, metal or not, i can’t use them. They are currently a waste of money. If get the clasps i’ll update the review. Edit: i mysterious got a brand new set of watch band. (i couldn’t figure out how to complain further then review and i didn’t buy again. ) however, the clasps came loosely packaged with bands and with only 5 clasps for 10 bands so i’ll have to annoyingly swap the clasps when i use half the bands.

I had ordered the small because my wrist are about 7″, but because i don’t like having anything tight around my wrist i ended up returning the small and buying the large. These work much better for me. They fit more like a bangle, loose on my wrist and able to move around. You’ll definitely want to use the little safety bands to make sure you don’t lose your garmin. I do wish the safety straps matched the bands, that would have been nice. But overall, they are beautiful and makes the vivofit look less like a fitness tracker.

Exactly what i needed for my vivofit band. However, these are much more light and stretchy than the original garmin brand bands. They still served their purpose but i was a little disappointed that it was a more lightweight product.

Giving 4 stars because the metal piece that holds the bands together seems to chip off and show the metal was just painted black. Still like these and are fun to match with outfits.

I got these replacement bands because the original band for the vivofit broke. I am giving these three stars because there is no security band with these, which caused the device to fall off while i was at work. Fortunately, it fell it into my bag, which was discovered after a short scare and a few minutes of retracing my steps.

This set of these bands (5pcs with clasps) came with the keepers to prevent the band from pulling open if it catches. They are comfortable and have a textured feel on the outside. The bands are not very stretchy but the keepers are a stretchy silicon-like material. I’ve received several compliments on the pattern on the bands too. Overall the bands are great by the keepers are not as functional as the garmin brand version. Also i have allergies and i have not had any reaction to these bands (no latex in them).

Love to be able to change the colors out easily. I have used these for a few months now and they are still great. They are not exactly the same as my original band, as far as the thickness, but they work the same. I purchased the little multi colored bands to keep the closure closed, which i also had that on my original band and they work the same. Great for the price and great quality.

These fit the garmin vivofit (original) well and the button works. It is so convenient to have a watch band clasp for the garmin instead of the plastic lock. The only caveat i would give is don’t put the band on too tight. It is thin and if you keep stretching it out, it will probably break. But these have lasted at least a month with not wear or tear. The only place i wouldn’t wear these is to go swimming in the ocean.

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I have read a couple negative reviews so far about the band not being secure; however, i don’t have that problem with mine. I have worn two so far and they both seemed pretty secure. The only reason why this gets a 4 and not a 5 star rating is because the clasps that secure the band are black. Furthermore, the mini bands that go around the main band (as a 2nd security) does not come with it. You have to buy them separately for another $10 and i find that absolutely ridiculous. Unless you desperately want them. Also, i wish that they would have sent another color in place of black. Why include black if it’s the original color of the vivofit band?i have a 7′ wrist so i ordered the large. Wearing it comfortably, i still had about 1.

I like the feel and size of this band and its not sticky so clothes slide over it very well. But i have trouble keeping it on. Every time it gets hit or rubbed the wrong way it pops off. I had some before that were rubber and everything i put on would grab the band and not slide.

This arrived quickly and fits perfectly. I have ordered other bands for my vivofit 2 and they didn’t fit my device. They do not some with the little band that secures the closure, so if you wish to have one of those, you will need to order separately. These are high quality and stay secure without the extra wrap-around band.

These bands are pretty colors but the attachment is just two prongs into the opposite side of the band. It doesn’t lock into place. Great for average day to day wear but the band breaks away if it caught or knocked hard. I wore my vivofit scuba diving, hiking horseback riding etc with my old band that locked but unfortunately lost it kayaking on the river with one of these bands after only a week of use.

My original band was getting a bit scuffed up, so i decided to buy these because of all the color choices. I’ve only worn it for a short while, but so far, this works just like the original. The actual tracker fits well in the band and i don’t feel like it’s going to fall out. The clasp part comes in a separate bag and requires ‘installing’ which does take a couple minutes to do them all. They fit very tightly (a good thing) but it’s a bit of a struggle to get them fitted correctly. However, once in, i doubt i’ll take that bit out. A bit disappointed that the safety band (not sure what the name is, but the small band that helps keep the band secure when closed) is not included. I do see that they sell them separately. The only other thing is that the bands seem a little stiffer, less flexible than the garmin ones that came with my vivofit. This is not a con for me as it fits my wrist just as easily and comfortably as the one i had.

It doesn’t lock in place like the original but i have not had any problems with it coming undone. I would say it is a good product for the price and i use this every day.

I was so happy to find replacement bands for my vivo fit. For less than the price of even one from garmins website i got three and they work and look great.

All ten colors are true to the picture. I have a smaller woman’s wrist and i snapped it on at the fourth rung from the end. Easy to put my garmin vivofit in and the assembly of the black clip on each band was a ‘snap. ‘ easy to switch around with different outfits too.

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My vivofit activity band came in a funky color (light green) but at a fantastic price; it has gotten a bit grimey for me to continue to wear proudly. I turned to amazon for a replacement band, expecting to find a basic black one, to my surprise, i came across the snowcinda replacement bands. They feature five colors with a swirl design, size large. The design is as pictured and the size is the same as my previous band; i love the black and silver, it will go with many things i wear, i will also switch out the bands depending upon what color i’m wearing. The band is easy to operate, i was able to snap my device right into the opening, along with the clasp; they fit perfectly and my band work perfectly just as it did with the original one. The material is as good as my original equipment; i hope it hold up as well, if so, i will definitely be making another purchase in a different set of colors. I wish they’d find a way to integrate a light but i won’t push it.

Wonderful selection of colors, got the large size as i bought small earlier and even with small wrists they were very hard to hook up. Unless a child with small bones get the large size. Surprised i had to put together but easy to do. Had to buy the secure rings separately- found they have locking feature that makes it very hard to get band off and am using old secure ring instead. It’s black not the color of band but easier for mehad to buy the.

It’s just as described only thing different is where it clasp together. On the original garmin the piece that holds it together turns and locks on these it’s a single square piece that attaches to bracelet that locks by pushing through the slots.

I thought this was additional bands for snowcinda’s bands. Unfortunately, they look like they’re made of cheaper material, and the colors don’t match.

I really love the band’s however i don’t know how to put them on my vivo fit 2 and secure them. Does the secure piece from the vivo fit come off and can it be used on the colored bands?. Because the little black pieces that came with the bands i don’t understand they don’t turn to to connect so they would fall off.

I bought these because the original band that came with the garmin vivofit was breaking after two years of constant wear. I received them yesterday and immediately put together the purple/lilac one since it sort of matched the shirt i was wearing. The metal clasps that come with the bands were a bit difficult to install, but with a bit of patience they are now all installed. I like the color selection, and have already worn two different bands in two days. I don’t normally color coordinate this way, but the vivofit is easy to switch between bands. I would personally like some of the colors to be a bit deeper, for instance, would prefer a dark blue instead of the light blue and the purple is more of a lilac color. Overall, i expect to be very satisfied with this purchase. I think i will probably wear the black band the most, but i will definitely be switching it out more than i anticipated.

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