Looks like the exact band that came with the fitbit, so i wonder how long until it starts to bubble. I just wish it came with the plastic clip.

It was easy to assemble and fit like a glove. I have only had it for two weeks.

Arrived fast, came with pretty easy instructions of how to take your old one apart and to fit this one back together. You had to make sure to take out the sticker electronic tag on the inside of the band when you move the electrical component. It says to on the instructions but no picture that matched mine. Clicks into place easily, and you can use the screws on your old fitbit on the new. I have four backup screws just in case. The screwdrivers that come with it are essential. Don’t buy a band replacement that doesn’t come with one. Unless you have an itsybitsy screwdriver already.

Screen easily got scratched during installation. But i am very happy with the band.

My original fitbit charge hr band had seen better days and i really needed a new one. I had the tangerine orange color and decided to but the navy colored band. The installation was very easy and it works perfectly. If i could have a do-over i’d buy the same color band as my original fitbit because you can see the original color on the side. So now i have a navy and orange fitbit lol :-). Also, the band size seems to run small. I’d definitely get a large size if i buy another replacement in the future.

I’m very happy with the replacement band. It is a little stiff compared to the original band, which cracked and became unwearable. The new band runs a bit small but you can’t beat the price. The purple color is great and i can count my steps again.

Easy instal, like original just few small things, button on side is a little hard to push.

Liked the material and the durability of the band however it is on the small side. I usually fit a small just fine but this one is really tight on the last hole.

The instructions are not in the best english. The part that is not the most clear is that you must separate the fitbit module (you will keep the part with the electronics). It will then (use care) shoehorn into the plastic piece which is attached to the new band. The 2 halves of the fitbit are held together by two ‘locks’ on each of the two long sides of the fitbit module). Carefully separate them and then remove the rf sticker (carefully), putting it in the same spot on the new band’s module. Then you carefully slip that half of the fitbit into the plastic receiver on the watch band. You’re doneso far, the band has held up well. It’s not identical to the original, but it’s fairly close. It stays on my wrist well when i’m playing sports.

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This fit mine but is too stiff and basically unwearable.

Was delivered on time with perfect instructions.

Fit like glove and of nice quality. The clip cracked into 2 pieces when installing. (around the button) now another $8. I wish it came with a belt, since i’m sure others ran into same issue, while replacing belt.

I sent the wrong review to you earlier. Regarding this charge 2 bands , i love them. Shipping was timely and the price was right. Here are the specifications for the Sophili Bands Compatible:

  • Compatible for Fitbit Charge hr / Fitbit Charge hr 1 accessories small or larger size (Not fit Fitbit Charge HR 2 / Charge 2 )
  • Two Available Size: Small for 5.4″ – 6.2″ wrist. Large for 6.2″ – 7.6″ wrist, Available Colors: Black/Blue/ Rock Blue /Navy / Purple /Pink/Teal/ Violet. Multi-Colors for Choice, you can change the colors that go with your daily style .
  • Buckle Design: Stainless Steel Buckle , Screwdriver Plastic Triangle tool was easy to assemble and resize, holds your band securely in place and a strap holder to secure the extra length
  • Premium Material : Comfortable, durable silicone materials make these bands your go through exercise, sweat, sleep, travel and beyond, prevents skin from irritation. Multi-Colors for Choice,you can change the colors that go with your daily style .
  • Please sure you carefully read the assembly instructions before tear down the old Fitbit Charge HR/ HR1. The Fitbit Charge HR Tracker is not included.

Worked well as a replacement band, easy to put together.

I like this product and will continue to buy it in the future.

Love the fact you can replace the band. But it was a taped shut plastic bag and the only thing missing was the metal clasp. The watch band pin and the center of clasp was there. So i took it off my old one (pain in the butt) off my old band. Put it on new band and the pin in the middle is on the wrong side and i can’t get it apart. Glad you can change it just sad it wasn’t right to begin with.

I didn’t use my fitbit in almost 2 years because the strap broke. This replacement band worked great. I was a little scared after some reviews. Instructions were clear with pictures. If you follow the instructions, go slow, don’t pry out the center piece you should be fine. Fyi i used a tweezers to take out the nfc tag. I did have to hard reset my fitbit before it would sync (i think that had to more with not using it for 2 years).

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Received these today and i absolutely love them. I am so excited about the metal clasp. My only suggestion is to substitute one of the designs with either a white or black band. This way i would have a plain band when needed without having to buy another bundle or an add-on.

Very easy to assemble however the size small band is extremely small. I have a very tiny wrist and i struggle daily with this band. Once i get it on i’m good, it’s confortable and you would never know it’s a replacement.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Fits, makes old fitbit look like new.
  • Quick and Easy Install, Looks Brand New!
  • Very impressed

The band looked identical but definitely is not as easy to change as the instructions/online videos show. My fitbit charge hr no longer works.

This kit had everything i needed to easily change my band. It even came with replacement screws in case i lost one taking it apart. Very happy with this purchase. The color is exactly like the old one.

Fit perfectly, easy to change.

I like this band better than the one the watch cane with. This includes the tools to remove the fitbit from the original band,instructions and new screws.

Quick and cheap way to fix my watch.

It was a bit hard to get on but that was partly my fault. I do wish there was a video showing you how to do it instead of just the manual. At times it felt like i might be breaking the fitbit when trying to extract it. As such a video would’ve helped. Otherwise its comfy to wear and better than the old band i’d say.

Band quality almost the same compared to the original. Just keep an eye on the screws.

I was able to repair my old fit bit rather than buying a new one.

I don’t often write reviews, but i was really impressed with the installation ease of this band on my fitbit charge hr. In particular, it was great that the tool provided was already magnetized so that picking up the new screws with the tool for installation made it so much easier (e. The head of the tiny screw can be picked up by the tip of the tool so that it can easily be dropped into the respective holes and connect the electronic to the new band). I had previously tried another brand, in which the tool was not magnetized, and it was a little more difficult to get the screws in. It came with another flat head screw tool, which i did not use during the installation. The quality of the band was received, as expected, and was a good replacement to the original band that came with the fitbit.

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Perfect replacement for my old band. Took about 10 minutes to swap.

This replacement band worked just as described and came with all the tools i needed. My old band was falling apart, now i can use my charge hr again. Only slight negative was, as other reviewers have mentioned, that the instructions included are not very clear. I watched a couple of videos on youtube before trying to take my old one apart. I got the ‘navy blue’, which looks good, but it is not navy. It is a much lighter shade, close to the color of sam’s club logo. As far as sizing, my wrist, measured an inch or two above the wristbone, is exactly the maximum for a small band or a minimum for a large band. I went with the small, and glad i did. It fits very well buckled into the third hole, which lets the tab on the band fit into the last hole. Seems slightly thinner and more flexible than my original band, but just as sturdy.

This product was a great price and got here in great time, it was a perfect match for the band i needed to replace, i plan on referring others to this seller and getting more in the future.

Now i can use my fitbit again. Be careful when installing the old unit that you pay close attention to getting the button in the right place so it works.

Bright vibrant color fits great.

I have an original charge hr. I was concerned about buying this product and fixing the band on my own, but i figured the worst that happens is i order a new fitbit after and am out $10. I am so glad i tried the $10 fix first here. Worked as described, replaced my charge hr band easily following the instructions. The original device worked just fine, but the band fell apart. As others have said, the small is smaller than my original band, but still fit me on one of the last notches. Try this before you buy new.

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