I’ve had my original for over 4 years with no issues that i purchased at walmart. Highly accurate, gives me the info i need for tracking and weight loss, and no battery issues – – kicked it off yesterday as i keep it on my shoe. Went to the ‘w’ store and found another brand that i had on for 5 minutes and plan on taking back. So pleased to find this brand on amazon that i purchased 2 in case i lose one again. Ps – the clip is adjustable versus stationary so it attaches to various fabric/sock/shoe strap thicknesses.

Had lower line of sportline pedometer and decided to try this one and glad i did. Wear it on my sneakers most of time and it is accurate. Records steps/miles/calories–don’t need more info than that.

I use this to keep track of my steps, miles traveled, time spent walking and calories. Do not believe it when you read that you can attach it to your belt or shoe. It has it be one very scrawny belt and the latch is not strong enough to trust on shoe laces. The only thing that caused me to give 4 stars and not five was that it has the bad habit of resetting if you happen to lean on it. Usually after i have something over 5000 steps.

If you want a simple step/mileage counter with no bells or whistles and you don’t need for it to interface with your electronics, this one does the job.

I like the design of this pedometer. It clips easily onto my walking shoes. It was relatively easy to set up. It does count steps accurately but to get an accurate distance you need to adjust the length of the stride. I find it very motivating to monitor my steps. Studies show that as few as 4,500 steps daily contribute positively to health. Although 10,000 step daily is often recommended, studies show that 7,500 steps provides near peak health benefit.

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Had to replace one i lost, was glad to find the same kind. Love it, gives me all the info i need after my walks.

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I’m 79 and walk to keep fit. Gives me all the info i need and is very simple to set up and use.

I love this product and use it daily.

We have had several of these pedometers and love them. My husband and i both use them and they are very accurate. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to find out how many steps you take in a day, know the distance, and the calorie count. I have a habit of putting them on my clothing at times and don’t check when i wash. Best place to put them are on your laces up shoe. My husband likes his on the inside of his sock.

I put on lotsa miles a day & it stays on my shoe well.

I looked at many step/mile trackers before i bought this one. It’s priced fairly, and works well, with easy instructions.

Features of Sportline Digital Distance Tracker Pedometer, Black

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  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

Make sure this fits
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Bought this for my wife but i use one constantly and it works as advertised.

Wonderful little pedometer but it is always falling off. I have lost this thing 4 times and remarkably found. Twice i’ve hit the clear button and lost all of my steps.

Accurate, lightweight, strong clip. Works equally well if placed on shoes or waistband.

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Gives me all the info i need and lasts a long time.

I have not used the mobile app but ihad to rate something. The pedometer is easy to use and works great.

It’s super small size is perfect for hooking onto my shoe, sock, or pocket. The digital counter is easy to read and reset when i want to. It doesn’t change with every single step, but rather waits until you’ve taken about 10 or so steps and will change accordingly, so you won’t see it tick up one number at a time, but i’ve experimented with walking at different speeds, up and down stairs, and it’s quite accurate. I enjoy using it and hope it will last for a long time.

Brand New in box.

The clip was so difficult to snap on but enough so that i didn’t think it would fall off. Well it did and when i went back to find it , a car ran over it and that was the end of that. It seemed accurate but i opted to purchase a simpler one big mistake ,the one i purchased doesn’t work at all so i am waiting for a response from the companyit was really hard to give it a rating as i only had it on for a very short time.

Took some time to get used to but it was a good value and seems to be working well.

Sadly the reset button gets pushed when bending over or when wearing on my shoe it doesn’t always catch every step. The plus side is that i can wear it into the mri scan room as no work in mri. Pulls a little but not too much.

After trying several fitness armbands and gadgets i keep coming back to this. Easy to use and read it works great in your pants pocket. Its the jitterbug of fitness trackers.

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Love my sportline digital distance activity tracker. Starting working immediately.

This is the most accurate pedometer i’ve ever owned but what’s more – it’s incredibly durable. I accidentally dropped it into the washing machine as it filled with water – and didn’t notice until several minutes after the machine had started agitating with hot soapy water. I couldn’t believe it when i fished it out and it was still working. I dried it off – and the screen went blank a few hours later – but it came back on the next day and it’s good as new.

I wanted to know my activity level, and how much i need to reasonably increase it for better health. This works great and is a good value. The only problem i have with it is that it is too easy to accidentally reset, with the mere click of a button, especially if carried in my pocket. Within a week, i’ve lost my accumulated count twice, when it was in my pocket. I’ve also had it fall off my shoe once. I can probably secure it better with a safety pin, but i do need to use it in my pocket now and then and it would be nice if it were not quite to easy to lose the count. Other than that i’m happy with it.

I want to know every step i take during the day, so i just put it in my pocket, although it can be clipped on.

I measured it against my odometer. It has held up for years on dusty paths and while hosing off the patio. The clip is different and has never fallen off. I’m buying 2 extra just in case they get discontinued.

Keeps very good track of our daily steps.

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