My review is maybe a bit unfair. I thought i remembered reading that this watch would check the altitude. I didn’t think it was possible for a watch to have gps capabilities but not measure altitude. It was a shame when i got to the peruvian andes (where we were going between 3000m and 5400m throughout the trip), and i found out that this watch couldn’t check the altitude. The gps could certainly be interesting to have, but the whole reason i got a watch like this was for checking altitude. I ended up having to use maps. Me on my phone, which did tell me the altitude throughout :). I think this watch is better suited for runners.

I liked that it precisely tracks your running without it being so bulky.

Watch showed up today missing screws in the watch band where it attaches. Disappointed in quality control.

Watch is hard to learn at first because the menu doesn’t work like most other s*** but its super reliable and accurate. The app allows you to add every sport mode you want, and also you have to update from the website to add the modes to the watch, the app seems to just affect the app. Can clean in the shower, white has gotten dirty a few times, but it always comes off. One time i walked into my buddies house and his friend went all nuts over the great look the watch had and ordered one up immediately. Battery lasts forever like 2 weeks switching between modes, about a month with no gps usage, but great for week long trips or less if you need gps. Suunto is from finland so quality expected and had.

Been using it for my runs of late, gps works very well. It will take some tinkering before you’d fully understand the watch but i’m pretty much satisfied. I just hope future ambits will be chunkier and sport bigger faces/display for those reading-glasses peeps who do not want bring their glasses with them.

So far, i’m happy with it. Still don’t know how to use most of the stuff but what i can use it’s very good. For the price i’ve got it best on the market.

The watch and hr monitor are great. I had a nike tomtom watch that was no longer supported and went with this unit. The stats provided after each run are great, unfortunately i cannot sync it with my nike run app. The movescount is very good, but i liked a lot of the features of the nike run app. Maybe one day they will be compatible.

Will take a lot of time to get used to the fearures.

  • their return policy is amazing. I went through 2 Garmin watches (Forerunner 630
  • I purchased the Ambit3 because the HRM chest strap that came with the Ambit 2 broke (the electronic “guts” still work fine; the
  • Comfortable, sturdy and accurate

SUUNTO Ambit3 Run HR Monitor Running GPS Unit

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Follow your running performance during your run and track your average over the last weeks
  • Afterwards, check your recovery status at any time with a quick recovery test (requires Suunto Smart sensor)
  • You can also wear the Smart sensor overnight to get a complete picture of your recovery including sleep quality
  • Connect Ambit3 run to your smartphone for syncing your activities, customizing on the go and seeing calls and notifications on the watch
  • Add Photos in movement and create a Suunto Movie with the highlights of your Adventure to share with your friends

Typical well made suunto product. It’s not a top of the line, multi-sport model, but can be used for more than running – individual sports without transitions (not good for triathlons, but ok for training for each sport individually). Arrived exactly as expected, new, in original packaging, and on time. Had this watch for 10 days and noticed a cheaper price on-line. Notified the vendor and they gave me a rebate of the difference right away (no hassles at all).

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This is my personal experience with it so far:the gps locks very, very fast and its incredibly more accurate than some others i have used before. (for instance, the first day i tried it on a run along a street path with moderate tree cover the watch was off about 50m on a 5k run comparing with the fixed markings on the path. My phone was off 450m on the same run)also, since the gps is so good, the instant pace is also great (not as great as with a footpod but comparing to other gps units is way above)the watch has good amount of customization and shows really solid info on the watch itself after a workout. The site is even better for checking out the info. The very only dislikes for me so far are:- sync is kinda slow- i havent been able to sync via pc with the provided cable so far, but mobile sync via bluetooth works fine and i prefer it honestly so. – the majority of customizations, especialy on workouts, have to be made on the app ou site and then synced on the watchfor me, up to this point, its a 5/5 for sure.

I was excited to get the suunto. I was making a brave switch from garmin. I had real issues with the heart rate monitor and could not sync my cativities to the suunto app. Great looking sports watch but i was disappointed.

This is my second suunto running watch; it replaces my ambit 2r. I purchased the ambit3 because the hrm chest strap that came with the ambit 2 broke (the electronic ‘guts’ still work fine; the problem was a small piece of plastic on the clasp, a known issue that suunto seems to have remedied). Basically, i decided not to sink the $45-50 for a replacement strap into the old watch. I’m happy to report that the hrm chest strap closure seems much more durable than the one on the old design – no more flimsy plastic bits to snap off.Additionally, the strap itself is a bit narrower, and it can now record data in the water which will sync with the watch or app once you get out. In terms of the watch itself, the features are pretty similar to the previous model, at least in terms of how you access them (not much of a learning curve). As before, you can customize several different display screens for each activity mode, which can then be scrolled either automatically or manually during your workout. Suunto also has a very healthy app ecosystem at its (regrettably a bit clunky) movescount site – basically, users have written code to make the watch do all sorts of interesting things, that can be downloaded onto the watch. For my money, the single best improvement over the ambit 2 is that bluetooth is now built into the watch, so that it can sync with your devices without being plugged in. It’s very nice not to have to schlep the charging cable back and forth, or wait until the next time you’re at your computer, to see complete workout data.

I’ve had this watch for a little over a month and use it regularly. Battery life is good, movescount app works great (android) and the gps has worked every time with minimal delay. This is my 2nd suunto watch (i have the vector) and really like their products.

Superb and very very well built watch for runners.

(over 10 days) smart features can be a bit flaky but the heart monitor is awesome and very accurate. (much more than fitbit or apple watch)the ability to write programs and upload is very cool. The watch itself is just cool looking and very comfortable. The gps, accelerometer and gps altitude is also great.

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The whole suunto system is top notch. I’ve paired it with a scosche rhythm+ heart rate monitor and this system is fantastic. High quality watch all around. The silicone strap is fantastic and ultra comfortable. Lime green looks great for exercising.

Bought for my wife and she loves it. Looks very modern and elegant and works like a charm so far for her. Their app/website could be better but it would be unfair to blame the product for this.

Suunto products catch a gps signal almost immediately, and the ultra-modes work great for super long races. Slim design makes it feel like just a normal stop watch. The added blue tooth functionality is the difference maker for me and the reason i upgraded from the ambit2, otherwise this unit is almost the same as the ambit2. The “moves count” computer interface is a little clunky but it works just fine. Looks decent when in normal watch/ time of day mode too for use as a primary watch while on active vacations. I’ll never buy a garmin again.

It’s big but it doesn’t get in the way while running. It has everything i need to track my runs and some fun apps. The gps is reliable accurate. It doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as the peak or sports but hey, i didn’t want to pay for bells and whistles.

There was no heart rate monitor included. Also they sent a different watch than the ambit3 run. I suppose it will work, but it’s rather annoying.

This is my 3rd running watch from amazon. I have to say, their return policy is amazing. I went through 2 garmin watches (forerunner 630 and vivoactive 3), and returned them due to horrible accuracy measuring distance and pace. I bought the suunto based on online reviews noting its accuracy. This is by far the most reliable running watch i have ever owned. I don’t want to pay for a foot pod, so i like gps pace accuracy. Aside from the occasional quick turn or heavy tree coverage, the suunto keeps a steady accurate pace. This is important to my 10k training. I only gave 4 stars due to the size and weight. This is a bulky large watch. If you can get past the bulk, this will be the perfect gps running watch for you.

This replaced my garmin forerunner 405 that i had since 2011 (seven years) and ran extensively with. I find it about the same size as the forerunner 405, so for me, it wasn’t too big or different. I find it very easy to read on the run, quite accurate and easy to use. Yes, the software and website leave a lot to be desired. I am amazed at how quickly it picks up gps. About 5-10 seconds on average. My garmin could take several minutes. The buttons are easy to operate too.

There is an astounding amount of data that it provides, including pace, speed, cadence, etc. However, what i appreciate most is altitude and this is what sets the watch apart. If you run trails or roads, you will have inclines and some are steep. Of course, they impact your pace/speed. It’s good to look back at your run and assess the impact of the incline on your performance, which can aid in training. My only concern is that i know there are far more features than i use daily (i just choose which exercise i’m about to embark upon and go).

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A good value at a good price. Does everything that i need. An oddity that i haven’t yet figured out is that it will show laps and pace only in a defined distance in meters but can be made to show distance in miles. Results on the website can be made to show everything in miles. It requires some getting used to while running.

Great heart rate monitor and gps watch. I will say that the only constructive criticism i would give suunto is they way they charge the device. If the clamp does not seat properly on the charging pins on the watch, it will not charge. Other than that i am very happy with the purchase.

I am so happy about this watch.

This watch is perfect for trail runners. I’ve used it in deep wooded areas and haven’t lost signal yet. The track back feature gives me peace of mind when i’m running a new trail alone, that if i get lost, it will always bring me back to where i started. It grabs gps signal within 30 seconds every time, and is the most accurate watch i’ve owned. Fits my wrist perfectly and doesn’t slide around or rub. Would highly recommend spending the little extra money to get suunto instead of garmin or polar.

Bought the sunnto ambit3 run for my son who is running hs cross country. He has been using it for two weeks and loves it. It tracks all the running splits, times, pace etc. It is very comfortable to wear and the gps connects in under 10 seconds. He has started using the movescount app to layout runs from our house and finds the watch to be very accurate. Setup took a couple tries to get it the way he wanted but i would not call it hard. We bought the version without the hm. There are many features on this phone that he will not use but it has what he needs and does an excellent job. Well built and no issues with ios sync with iphone.

Too big for my wrist but i don’t mind. The problem with suunto has always been the quality of the straps. They always break sooner than later but this model seems more sturdy than the quest model i used to wear. Gps connectivity is ver fast and accurate.

The build quality of this watch is amazing. A very solid well made watch. With the battery life and features you really can’t beat this watch for the price. Would i have liked the ambit3 peak, yes, but i couldn’t justify the price tag. This watch will get me well into a 100 mile ultramarathon and when the battery does finally go dead it will be at a point were i don’t really care anyway.

Es el primer reloj para ejercicios que tengo. Estoy aún en la etapa de aprendizaje para dominar todas las funcionalidades. Se puede criticar que no viene la información completa para aprovechar todas la funcionalidades, pero se suple este defecto con la gran cantidad de información disponible de parte de otros usuarios tanto en youtube como en otras plataformas. Movescount no es todo lo claro que debiera ser, pero un dedicación se pueden aprender la mayoría de las funciones básicas del reloj. En mi caso particular he tenido que buscar un poco más para entender cómo programar un entrenamiento a intervalos. En resumen un excelente producto, pero que requiere una actividad de aprendizaje mayor a lo que podría esperarse. Como punto más destacable, la velocidad con la que se conecta a la red gps es impresionante. En mi caso nunca le ha tomado más de dos segundos.

It’s used daily and ive never had a problem with it.

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