The black on black is what denzel wears in the movie, however the stop watch doesn’t look like the movie and honestly it’s way too hard to see the black on black display. I tried to like it, but returned it and got the regular black and it’s fantastic, still learning to use the functions, but unless you have super vision the black on black is not practical, and i’m just talking about the middle section with the large print, the small icons and things along the edges are only readable in ideal settings. I’m 54 with decent vision, so again maybe with eagle eyes you’ll be fine. Both are great looking watch’s.

I’ve had this watch for over a year now, and the strap has broken 3 times. I almost lost the watch while i was surfing because the strap broke. For a over $200 watch, this is bs. That being said, it is good watch, with a really crappy strap. It is held on by screws that just fall out. It’s also pretty scratched up. Granted it has been a year, but it’s built to be an outdoor watch. Overall i wouldn’t buy it again, unless they updated the strap. The dive feature and altimeter are great.

This was the perfect watch for me. I work overseas and often working at night. It is very comfortable and has the abc essentials with a stopwatch for working out. Having a second time zone is crucial so i know what time it is at home. I keep an extra battery with me if it needs a change out. It is nice not having to worry about sunlight to charge the watch, my protrek would get to low and then i would need to find a window to charge it. Compass is accurate and so is altimeter. I know the storm warning feature works because it was beeping when hurricane florence was coming last time i was home. I have used this on several deployments and has never failed me.

My first core (military) is still alive and kicking, i just wanted something new. To many people’s points about the strap breaking on the military. Mine never broke, including deployments to afghanistan, and well over 6 years of ownership. Onto the core alu deep black. I struggled with which core to pick this time around, i didn’t want a rotational bezel because i never used this function on my military and i liked the idea of an all aluminum case versus the metal bezel and polymer case, but after owning the military model for a long time i (as most people) am not a huge fan of the black background digital display, its often very difficult to read; however my only other option was the raw aluminum on a white strap with the traditional white background black number display. I cant wear that bright a watch so i sucked it up and went with the deep black. I am happy with my choice despite the display.

I am definitely satisfied with the purchase. I liked the cleaner lines of this watch versus some of the other models. To be honest there are a lot more features than i actually use or even cared about. I mainly wanted a large face digital watch that didn’t necessarily look like a clunky time piece for rambo. It’s comfortable to wear and looks great with my daily business casual attire and jeans & t-shirt. Time keeping seems accurate and i like the idea of being able to change the battery easier than other watches i’ve had. Hoping this positive opinion lasts for the long haul.

It is true that the navigation around the features is good and intuitive. The dial is very easy to read, but the night back light is hard to read especially in times it isn’t completely dark. In partial darkness very hard to read. To me showing two times zones at the same time is awesome. I have the white screen crush, but white is only in certain lighting situation. Otherwise is is a light greenish color, but much easier to read than the dark background. The watch isn’t overly heavy.

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Suunto Core Wrist-Top Computer Watch with Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, and Depth Measurement

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • An altimeter tracks your vertical movement, a barometer tells the Trend in air pressure, and a compass points the way
  • Suunto core tracks both the weather and the sun for you
  • A weather Trend graph and storm alarm along with preset sunrise/sunset times for over 400 locations help you stay safe and Plan your activities
  • With stylish designs in more than a handful of variations, you are sure to find just the right Suunto core for your style

I chose the dusk gray suunto core because i didn’t want a loud or bright colour that draws attention, but i didn’t want the typical cliche tactical black look either. The grey colour scheme is subdued, but classy. It looks really nice in person, but otherwise it functions the same as every other core. The negative display adds to the overall look and is very legible in outdoor light. Indoors however, legibility does suffer a bit, but you can adjust the contrast on the watch to improve legibility. My advice is to stick with the positive display models of you want an easy to read display indoors and out. The silicone strap is very soft and comfortable, but only time will tell how long it lasts. I also like that the watch uses common cr2032 batteries that the user can easily install without any special tools. I won’t comment on what the watch does since there are a host of reviews and demos online, and chances are that if you’re reading this review, you already know what the suunto core does. The first one i bought had dust particles and some lint under the crystal, so i returned it as defective. This one obviously slipped past suunto’s quality control. Amazon quickly gave me a refund since they fulfilled the order. I ordered a second one which was advertised as new and under warranty by the seller, but the watch i received had clearly been worn and used. It even had some scratches on the caseback and was missing the quick guide manuals.

I like the watch, it did take some getting used to. The contrast looks cool but it does make reading it difficult especially when it’s bright out and requires hitting the backlight button when it’s dark. The altitude and compass work great. It does get banged up pretty easily. After reasonable wear it’s now missing paint in a bunch of spots and has a dent. Great for utilitarian purposes but looks a bit unprofessional for daily use. I’d get a metal colored one if i were to get it again.

This watch has so much potential. But unless you are always in a highly lit area the display becomes unusable. Maybe if the numbers were digitally lit and not back lit, i would have been able to make it do. But for that reason only, i have returned this one and have purchased the non black face hoping for better results. Attached are pictures of inside outside and no light using the back light feature on high contrast setting. It is there you just have to zoom in to see it. Update: i exchanged the sahara yellow with the lava red. I can actually function with the non all black format. Pictures show inside outside and backlight image.

This is my second suunto core. The first succumbed to an irreparable accident. This dusk gray design is subtle. The strap is thinner than on my previous core but isn’t quite as rigid and fits very well. Suunto service is a well oiled machine too. You needn’t have any lingering doubts over this watch.

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I’ve had to purchase my second suunto core after 8 years of hard use on the first one. The first been around the world a bunch of times, had a dozen batteries, been slammed, scraped, banged and battered. I’ve found the altimeter second to none, unless the battery is starting to die. When i see the altitude jumping around a lot i generally replace the battery. This new watch has a low batter indicator which the first never lit up, so i’m hoping that takes some of the guess work out of it. I’ve gotten lots of complements over the years on the black on black design, and i admit it looks fantastic. My only critique is that it’s hard to read in low light situations if you don’t turn on the backlight. I could have gotten the inverted face, but it definitely doesn’t look as good. It pains me to admit i gave the nod to fashion as opposed to functionality. The only really software feature i’d as for is that the stop watch could be displayed on the main row of information, it’s just too small to read in that bottom row.

I’ve been wearing this watch for three months now. It works exactly as advertised to this point. I live in florida and like to keep an eye on the weather when outside. The barometer function mirrors my home weather station closely. For example if the weather station indicates 30. 04 the watch will indicate 30. The barometer trends the past six hours in two bars of three hours each. This way you can see if the barometric pressure is going up, down, or remaining relatively the same.

I bought this core alu deep black as a ‘day to day’ watch to complement my elementum terra. This watch, in a number of key ways, is more useful to me day-to-day than my terra, including:* countdown timer (rather than just a stopwatch) – which can be used simultaneously with the stopwatch. * separate (or auto) altimeter and barometer. * plus/minus buttons seem to be more reliable than the twist knob on the terra. * i’m much less concerned about damage to a $200 watch vs a $1000 watch. Cons:* finish scratches relatively easily. * all black display can be somewhat difficult to see in certain lighting conditions. All in all, this is a great abc watch.

I have had this watch for almost a year, and i wanted to give my opinion after my experience with this product. And wanted to give it a real trial before giving a review. This was my first altimeter, barometer, and compass (abc) watch that i have purchased, and have since tried other models. This watch has been everywhere from snorkeling in the florida keys and the bahamas, multiple swimming pools, hiking, biking, running, north carolina mountains, and even through a hurricane, a fire, back of ambulances, worn while working in hospitals and has even been on planes and helicopters. The good: the watch looks good in all black, the functions are easy to use, the barometer and altimeter were useful, and i really liked the storm alert while spending a lot of time outdoors. The back light stays on while changing functions, or pushing other buttons, which was nice if you are changing things in the dark. I beat the heck out of it and it still works (mostly)the bad: i read plenty of reviews that mentioned that some of the function buttons stick, or become non-functional. I have encountered this problem too, however lucky for me it was only the start stop button for the stop watch, timer, etc. It is still bothersome though, bc these feature are now useless.

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Great looking, classy and very well-built. More importantly, this watch is loaded for features suited for the great outdoors. I have had the watch for only two weeks and i haven’t used all of its features but i am really impressed so far.If you are looking for a great-looking yet highly durable and functional watch for your outdoors and sports activities. This may be the match for you.

I’ve owned many fine watches, including names such as breitling, raymond weil, longines valjoux and others. I’ve also owned many ‘sports’ watches. All things considered, the suunto core is at the top of my list.It’s not the fanciest and certainly not the most expensive, but there’s just something about it that screams coolthe first thing i noticed when taking it out of the box was its size. The overall diameter of the watch is around 2 inches. The display area (face) is just over 1 ¼ inches. Although this seems large, it doesn’t feel that way on my wrist. In fact, it’s one of the most comfortable watches i’ve owned. The case back is rounded at the edges so it doesn’t bite into your wrist.

I’m really glad that i made this purchase. I’ve been wanting one of these bad boys for quite some time, and after my third timex breaking on me, i broke down and bought one. I really enjoy the stopwatch and countdown features, i use them all the time, and i find myself using the barometer more and more. We had a few storms roll through a few days ago, and it was amazing at how fast the air pressure dropped. After a few hours of the constant decline my weather alarm went off, and i though that was pretty cool. Due to where i live, i really don’t have much need of the altimeter, but it’s still a nice feature to have. The main reason that i bought the watch was for the compass feature, and it is probably my biggest complaint. Right after i bought the watch, it seemed as if i was constantly re-calibrating the compass, but it’s getting a bit better. I don’t have to do that near as often now, but that’s the main reason that i’m giving it a 4 out of 5 stars instead of the full 5. Overall, i’m glad that i bought it, and if it holds up for awhile (i’ve only had it a month currently) then i’ll buy another one.

Suunto Core Wrist-Top Computer Watch with Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, and Depth Measurement : The watch strap is soft and fits comfortably on my wrist, which is about 8″. I usually have a hard time with watch straps fitting, but the suunto straps generally fit well. The watch is easy to use once you read the instructions or watch a youtube video or two. The screen can be hard to read on occasions, but it has back lighting so there has not been a time when i could not tell what time it is. I have owned several suunto watches to include the core all black, which i also enjoy. The watch is very lightweight, and you can forget you even have it on.

This suunto has been around for a generation. And lived in the bahamas with in/out of salt water constantly. It does the 4 main functions of time, pressure (alt + baro) as well as depth, and compass. Once you master the controls and menus, it’s super easy to use and gives you all you need. This version has a ‘storm alert’ which beeps when pressure drops quickly, fun and helpful feature. Uses std convenience store quarter size battery, easy to change. The strap also tapers out from the buckle width to the watch width which makes it smooth, sleek and easy to wear. Strap is easy to change too.

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