Great build quality, strap feels solid. Acquires gps signal almost instantly, has decent battery life while in use. Wrist strap stays closed, unlike the garmin forerunner 20, which i almost lost while swimming in a race. 1st problem: display contrast isn’t great. They should have kept the text black and the background clear/white. 2nd problem: too many damn buttons. Some of the workflows are not intuitive. If a button’s sole purpose is to act as back button, put an arrow on it. It’s as if suunto doesn’t have a usability department, it’s just a bunch of codersheart rate monitoring is decent, but i feel like the sleep tracking is 70-80% accurate – if you stray from your preset sleep schedule, the watch makes too many assumptions about your sleep / wake times and mis-calculates total and deep sleep amounts. The suunto mobile app is slightly better and more useful than garmin’s. However, bluetooth disconnects happen almost just as often as with garmin watches. I wish everything would just sync up directly to strava, cutting out all these half-assed proprietary mobile apps. One cool feature is the ability to view your track while hiking. Super basic display of the gps track, but definitely helps with orienting yourself. Gps track when swimming in the pool or open water is just as spotty as garmin, so no difference there. It’s unclear at first which of the two suunto mobile apps you should be using – both movescount and suunto app can pair with the spartan watch. One uploads to strava, the other one doesn’t. The problem is that the uglier, less functional one (movescount) is the one that integrates with strava, so you might find yourself syncing workouts with two apps.

I wanted to like this training/racing watch but i just couldn’t read it well during training and racing on trails and roads with sunglasses. The colors were muted and the fonts did not work for my eyes. Too bad as i’m a sunnto fan.

I really wanted to like this watch. I was seeking an alternative to the apple watch, something more geared to cycling. The watch was very attractive out of the box. The whole thing is heavy and the strap does not flex enough to fit my wrist without a big gap on either side. (i’m a medium framed woman). I was willing to deal with that until i tried to make the suunto app(s) sync with the watch. The watch went dead (with 99% charge) and stayed dead for hours while the app appeared to attempt a set up. Eventually my fully charged phone died waiting.

This is watch caught my eye as a decent entry-level unit that could take care of activity and fitness tracking. Overall it ends up being a pretty decent watch that i really want to give five stars, but just can’t because of some awkward firmware issues. If any of this changes, i’ll keep this review updated. Hardwarehardware is pretty great. It’s got a pretty standard sporty look to it, and as such is not extremely stylish; however, i find that i feel comfortable wearing this watch in most situations save for the dressiest. It’s rugged and it seems like it will hold up well over time. Operating systemthe software that comes loaded on this watch is pretty plain–it’s easy enough to get from menu to menu and there’s nothing that’s too unintuitive. After about a day and a half with the watch, i was very comfortable navigating it. There’s a bit of lag here and there but nothing too atrocious. There are a couple of very strange quirks that i have run into in my two weeks with the watch.

First and foremost let me say i am not a runner, or any hooah. I am a person who has struggled with those little ‘activity trackers’ being to thin and i just can’t mesh with the trendy ‘fruit’ product watches i would scratch it in a second, really it’s me not them. I have been very successful with this watch for everyday use. Counting my steps getting my texts, so on an so forth. It’s organized well, easy to use i liked that i got to pick the color of the digits of the watch that was great. I have enjoyed this so much i am going to get another for my husband as a birthday gift. I do admit the step counter is a bit wonky at times, but my world has not come crashing to the ground. Wish i had bought it sooner.

At first it was kind of inaccurate with steps but after the software update it became more accurate and realistic. For swimming (pool) it is great because it shows the intervals of the whole training by itself. Also shows the hr during this activity. For lifting weights it’s also great. A great feature is the recovery time after a workout or any sport. It has many sports modes which it’s great. Switched from garmin vivo active hr to this watch and i am very satisfied. Definitely like suunto better than garmin. The suunto app it’s great and very clear.

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There’s a ton to write about these kinds of watches. But basically, this is a fantastic multi-sport (triathlon or ‘ad-hoc’ multisport) watch, with all the features i need, and few of the ones i don’t. The hardware is durable, well constructed, it’s easy to use and does just what i need it to. If it had bluetooth music support, that would be awesome, but i got a little clip player for that, so i’m all set. Some things i wish i knew:* for what i need, the ‘suunto app’ is not yet ready to use (as of 12/2018). * so i use ‘movescount’ and completely ignore the existence of the ‘suunto app’. * movescount is feature complete and has what i need/want with integrations: – strava – mc web app with detailed detailed metrics/data – mobile app for syncing works ‘well enough’ – custom sport modes via mc web app is greatwhat i’m less sure of is what’s ‘next’ for suunto. I have read that they’re investing in the suunto app as their next-gen platform, and not investing further in movescount. There’s a lot further to go before the suunto app is anywhere near as feature complete as movescount. I haven’t yet paired any sensors with the watch: hr strap, bike power meter, etc. But all the documentation says this works great and i have no reason to doubt it, with the solid performance of the hardware in other spots. Good watch, does what i want, not what i don’t. Know what *you* want before you buy one of these smart-fitness-watches, because there are a lot of choices out there.

First, let’s talk about the good part of being spartan. This watch is great in the areas that matter for a running watch. In the last few months it has never failed to acquire gps in under a minute, even in locations where its garmin predecessors often struggled or failed. I’ve never noticed any inaccuracy or drop-outs. It infuriates me when i push hard to get on the leaderboard for a course, which means i’m exhausted by the end, and then i find that my watch didn’t even record my completion because it didn’t have gps when i crossed the finish line. Even my forerunner 230, generally an excellent watch and a great value, did this to me multiple times on one course near my home. Also, battery life is exemplary – several days on a single charge. Ok, now for the bad part of being spartan.

  • Review To Be Continued[Updated]
  • Great Hardware Hobbled by Just ok Firmware
  • “Spartan” sums it up, both good and bad

SUUNTO Spartan Trainer Wrist HR

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Battery life up to 10 hours in training mode
  • GPS tracking with speed, pace, and distance
  • Ready for all your sports: swimming, running, cycling, gym, hiking, and more
  • Convenient wrist-based heart RATE
  • Compact size and optimal fit for sports and daily wear

I mainly bought this watch because i didn’t want to pay garmin prices. Dc rainmaker gave it good reviews and the price was right for my level of triathlon training, so i thought. I bought it in may 2018 and have been using it for 7 months. Overall it’s not a bad watch. Lately, however i have noticed that it consistently pegs my hr at 180. I know for a fact i’m not running that hard. You are better off with a bike computer than this watch.

I have tested it out now with swimming, running, treadmill, cycling, stationary biking, and circuit workouts. I’m not a huge tech person and this was easy to figure out and had everything i wanted and needed in a watch. I have rarely had a few issues with it accurately capturing heart rate, but this usually resolves within a few minutes. So happy i made this purchase and highly recommend.

I’ve used this watch for one week now and it is better than i expected. I only gave 4 stars because it hasn’t been long enough yet but so far it has been great. It synced with my samsung phone fairly easy. I was also able to set up a profile online with movescount fairly easy to download my activity on my laptop. I use it mainly for running but used it once biking (road). The watch is easy to set up and navigate. It’s been a while since i’ve bought a gps watch so its very nice to not have to wait for a satellite signal before i can get running.

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Nice watch with just about every training feature an amateur could want. Picks up gps signal quickly and the tracking appears pretty accurate. Linking to the phone app is easy and works great. I haven’t had much luck getting my watch to sync with my computer based account – but the phone app has plenty of info for the average user.

I decided to keep this watch because i discovered what the issue was with the erratic heart rate results. Warming up for 3-4 minutes before beginning a workout greatly improved the performance of the sensor. Suunto recommended doing this in the manual for the watch. I compared it against a garmin fenix 5s (which also recommends warming up before beginning a workout for greater hr accuracy) on the treadmill and the results were practically identical. The pedometer seems to be doing much better too. I’m not sure what the issue was the day i tested it but it’s much better now though it still undercounts compared to other watches i own. But overall, i’m very happy with it. The only issue i’ve noticed is that it does drop bluetooth connection once in a while and it can be kind of pain to get it to reconnect.

I’ve had a couple smart watches. The last one i had was a samsung gear sport that died after charging it overnight on an aftermarket charger. When i found out it would cost around 70 bucks to fix, and after realizing that i had stopped using any of the apps that weren’t directly geared towards fitness, i decided to research suunto fitness watches. I have had an ambit3 peak sapphire hr in the past and it was an excellent device but it had so many features i didn’t use. I’m not planning to summit k2 any time soon. My wrists are skinny and i live in brooklyn and walk a lot of miles. The spartan trainer wrist hr gives me all the information i want and looks very cool on my wrist. Granted i wanted a watch that looked like i am the adventurous type.

I dont understand the bad reviews for this watch. I had an ambit peak 3 – which i loved – but i hate the chest strap for working out and had to use a fitbit for hr monitoring. I adapted some programs in suunto so i could use the watch when flying helicopters (basically to get my ground speed and compare it to airspeed to determine wind direction ). This watch now does it all for me. I use it flying, hiking, running. It is smaller than the ambit 3 – lighter and is just a great all round watch. The only improvement i could suggest is to work out how to lighten the screen up a little. Its tough to see in low light conditions without hitting the light. You can invert the screen and keep backlight on when exercising which is good.

If you can get past the outdated movescount app for the phone that accompanies the watch and the fact that you have to press buttons, this is a great watch. Why – because, the readings are very accurate and battery life is awesome, looks good too. It does what it is supposed to and pairs well for notifications. Very happy with the product. 4 stars and not 5 because of the bad movescount app for the phone.

I bought this for my husband as an early christmas gift. He wanted something for walking, hiking, biking, kayaking and hunting. He loves the gps map that shows where he has been. The only complaint he has is during a designated activity, liking cycling, he says he can’t get back to the watch to see the time of day. I find this hard to believe so if anyone reading this is aware of how to do this please let us know.

Good: price, stylebad: hr accuracy, battery lifei bought this as a sport watch that i can wear 24/7, and i’m generally pleased with it. However, it has a few issues:first of all, 14 day battery life is only achievable if you turn off all the features. No activity tracking, no hr measurement, no gps, no notifications,. My average is around 5 days with mobile notifications turned off and relatively little exercise recording (indoors, ~3 hours per week). With notifications and moderate gps use, this easily drops to 3 days. Another issue i have is the hr accuracy. It “measures” crap values (50 something when it should be well above 120) more often than not. It works perfectly on my wife’s wrist, so i’m guessing the hair on my wrist is to blame here, but her fitbit works perfectly fine on me.

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I’ve used the watch for dozens of walks/runs/jogs as well as several in-the-gym workouts; i’ve also used it to map topography/elevation/distance of atv trails; calculate my max running speed; also, used it to map a 125 mile road trip, and use as a gps, into some backcountry where cell service is patchy (it’s not an ideal driving gps, but more reliable than waze or likewise) – i found several areas i marked as point-of-interest around the woods near our farm; which can then be viewed/printed as a google aerial map with my pois marked, using the website or app. A bit of time and a bit of confusion initially learning the device, but i’m super happy with it and i hope i don’t encounter any of the watchband issues others have. I’m a healthier and more advanced human for owning it ; ).

The only negative point is you cannot invert display for general use only sport tracking. I have requested a firmware update to allow such feature but no response so far. I compared it to a hospital hear rate machine and it was spot on. So far the watch is pretty decent. I have not heard back from suunto. Only that they will forward my request to developers.

I have been using it for the past two months and like it a lot. The only downside is that it is a little bit big for my wrist. But i have tiny wrist it is difficult to find a sport watch with similar functionalties that is not bulky.

I bought the ambiet3 about 2. 5 years ago and loved it, i never had any problems with it. The only reason i decided to get a new watch was because i wanted something newer. Pros:the pricehr in the watch so i don’t need to buy a band to wear across my chestactivity counterthere are so many different forms of activity/exercises that i can track (yoga, stationary biking, mt. )shows me how many calories i burned durning a workoutdurable- i have hit my wrist up against the wall, desk, i have hit my arm against my squat rack and not one scratchwater proofconsi guess the only ‘con’ that i have is that it isn’t as sleek as the garmin forerunner 235, but that’s the only con i can honestly think of. I have had this watch for over a month and am soooooo happy with it. Trust me, i did all my research when it came to looking into new watches.

I bought this for my husband for his birthday. He has recently started road biking and more hardcore mountain biking and was looking for a heart monitor for when he is riding. He was looking at less expensive, less technologically savvy watches but i googled best watches for biking and this was one of the best. He really likes it and likes that he also can receive text messages and see who’s calling just by looking at his wrist.Would highly recommend this to anyone.

An important thing to know about this watch is that it has a structural flaw that can cause it to break. The part of the body of the watch that attaches to the wrist band can break, and it broke on my watch under normal use conditions (i am not rough on the watch). Look through the other reviews and you will see lots of examples of this same problem. To their credit, suunto offers a 2-year warranty on the watch, and they replaced my watch within two weeks. I fear it is likely to happen again eventually, though, so i doubt this watch will last much beyond the two-year warranty. For a watch costing north of $200 i’d like to see better durability. Aside from that, i like the watch. It has good features for the price (for example, i like all the different sport modes, interval options, etc. ), the gps is accurate, and i like the style of the watch. Some people complain about the suunto movescount app, but i like it (the pc version more than the phone version), and i haven’t really had much problem with syncing the watch, either on pc or cheap android phone.