Excellent product looks good and not cheap mayerial, very easy to adjust and stay well attached to the fitbit.

Purchased the silver stainless steel. Was a little difficult to remove the extra links. I was afraid i would break the band while trying to get them off. However, i appreciate the fact that it is adjustable and that the band still looks great after the adjustment. This band is very high quality and has a good weight to it. I am allergic to nickel and was afraid there might actually be some nickel in it because the price was so reasonable. I have been wearing the band 24/7 for at least two months and have had no rash problems. This band makes my fitbit look 100% better.

Looks beautiful; however it continues to fall off my wrist as the band comes off the fitbit watch for some reason.

Very nice, i wanted something dressy to wear. My problem with it: if i took out 2 links, it was too tight. If i took out one, it was too loose and did not count my steps. I had to return it, but would have loved it if it would have fit.

I bought this because my other swees fitbit band was catching threads on all of my shirts (it was stainless steel mesh). I’m much happier with this one. Good quality for the price and the fitbit is securely attached to the band. I’ve been wearing it daily for about a month with no issues. It can be a little difficult to take on and off, but that’s a feature of that kind of clasp. It did have a small piece of metal that stuck out on one of the links (extra from the mold i think) but i used an emory board to file it smooth and it isn’t visible. I would recommend this band. It looks much nicer than the original fitbit band and blends well with the fitbit itself.

This being the kind of link it is, it maybe a little too loose or a little too tight as you are working with +/- 1/2′ links here. Don’t know if the remaining links will eventually lose their grip as you open and close them repeatedly, but with 3 or 4 per bracelet, you can extend the life by just using a different one if your favorite starts getting sloppy. The black (which is what i thought i ordered) looks like a dark bronze close up. Have just enough bling to make it classy. Made me happy when the last bracelet (different style) got bent and started snagging my clothing.

I’ve been wearing this fitbit band daily for nearly three months now. It looks nice and fits well. I have tiny wrists, and i was able to take out enough links for a snug fit. It’s very easy to add or remove links in order to adjust the band size. I haven’t had any problems with the finish coming off or with my skin changing color. I switch it out for the plastic kind at night and while working out, just because it feels more like jewelry to me.

Key specs for SWEES Bands Compatible Fitbit Alta HR Alta Women Small Adjustable Metal Stainless Replacement Elegant Jewelry Design Dressy Bracelet Diamond, Rose Gold, Silver, Black:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Perfect design for women compatible Fitbit Alta HR and Fitbit Alta (please note Tracker is NOT included).
  • Fits for 5.9” – 7.4” wrist. The elegant jewelry link allows you choose the most comfortable size, no tool needed.
  • Made of premium metal material with rhinestone diamond. Fashionable design makes your fitbit look like a jewelry watch in the party, wedding and official occasion.
  • Two durable stainless steel connectors lock the fitbit alta hr / alta securely, easy to install and remove.
  • One year warranty, unconditionally refund or resend with any quality problems, lifetime friendly customer service.
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Comments from buyers

“SO HAPPY with this product
, Excellent product looks good and not cheap mayerial
, Use the metal latches you don’t remove as clasps

Unfortunately, in spite of numerous efforts, including making sure my alta was quite clean, one side of the band wouldn’t stay securely on the device. I am returning it for that reason. I also feel like it was heavier than i quite like; the metal is pretty substantial, which some people will actually prefer, i’m sure. I would have kept it if it had worked properly. Other reviewers have had better experience with the attachments, so it’s probably worth taking the chance, for people who like the design.

This is a nice looking band. However it is nearly impossible to remove links to shorten it; and therefore would be equally as difficult to take on and off each day. The company reached out to me regarding the difficulty removing links to adjust the band. A replacement was provided, and it is much easier to remove the necessary links for proper sizing.

To anyone who has very small wrists, this band is for you. I always have a hard time finding linked bands like this that can actually size to my wrists, they’re always too big or are unable to size down enough but this one did. Another huge plus was taking out links didn’t require any tools so sizing it down was a breeze.I’m also not someone who likes wearing anything too flashy, i was skeptical at first about the details on the edges but they’re nice and subtle and thankfully so petite.

I had another band that liked to snag on things at inopportune times, and this was my replacement. Ordered in silver and rose gold for early mother’s day gift. Took two links out for perfect fit. I love the band is narrow, as i’ve got smaller wrists (~6′). Very classy and elegant look to it.

Update – the seller sent me a replacement which i have been wearing for about a week now. I have not had any issues with this band opening as i did with the last one. I actually really like the way this band looks and haven’t had any issues with the metal. The solid bands that fitbit uses tend to irritate my wrist. The thing i don’t like is it’s constantly popping open. I’d say one or more times a day. Its not just one individual faulty clasp, they’ve all popped open at some point. Even where it connects to the alta has popped a few times. I’ve used another swees band that had a magnetic clasp and that one was much more reliable.

Very classy and dresses up my alta very nicely. Best thing about it is that it’s adjustable. I use the second to the last hole on the small alta band. I was able to take out the 3 extra links and it fit perfectly.

It looks just as nice as i hoped it would. I’d give it 5 stars except that occasionally it comes unhooked for no apparent reason. I worry that one day it will fall off when i’m away from home and i won’t realize my fitbit is missing till it’s too late.

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Update: the seller contacted me after my initial review and offered to send a replacement band. I received it quickly and it’s free of defects, works perfectly. Great communicationmy band does not actually snap onto the fitbit device, leading to it falling off allllll the time inside my sleeves. Thankfully it’s winter, so the fitbit/band is always caught in my sleeve or coat, but it’s for sure time to throw this in the trash; can’t trust my pricey fitbit with this janky product. Too bad, cause it looks really nice.

It’s pretty and makes my fitbit look more like a watch. Much easier to take the links out than another one i purchased. The links are tight so i broke a nail or two but i’m sure the clasp will loosen up as i wear it.

This band does not stick on any other metal (like some of the other bands out there). It securely fits my fit bit, i don’t have to worry about losing it like my last one.

Like i said in my title, this band looks lovely, but is a real pain to remove. It’s actually easier for me to disconnect the fitbit monitor than to unclasp the band.

I am absolutely in love with this band. It is so much prettier than i would have thought from the online pics. I love that where it connects to the fitbit it isn’t just plain. This is the first band i’ve seen with that.

I just got it yesterday and it is beautiful. The clasps are easy to adjust but i may need to return because when i take one link off it’s too big but when i take two off it’s too tight. If i had half of a link it would be perfect.

Had it for a month and have worn it consistently. Hasn’t turned my wrist colors and the metal isn’t flaking. I’ve banged it a few times on accident and the little rhinestones have stayed in. The latches you remove are a good design. I have a small wrist and removed 2. Way better than the dorky plastic ones the fitbits come with. Took me a minute to figure out that to put it on/take off you just use the clasps on the band (lol).

Totally comfy and exactly what i was looking for. I had to remove two links on the small to get it to fit but it has 4 removable links which is great.

This band is nice but frayed pretty quickly. I’m ordering a different one. Seems the plastic ones are more durable. Update: the company sent me a replacement band free of charge.Their customer service is awesome. Hopefully this band will be as expected.

Disappointed only because could not make adjustments small enough. It would be great if a half segment was added. I was going to get another color.

This is such an elegant band. It makes my fitbit look like a department store watch. The links are also easy to remove to make the band smaller.

So comfortable and much more attractive than the original. Also feels more comfortable to me so i will be less likely to take it off.

I have had this band for just shy of six months now. It’s comfortable, it’s stylish, and it’s reliable. I get compliments all the time and it looks no worse for wear after 6 months of wearing all the time except in the shower.

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This is the best band i have found. Nice design and the easiest i have found to adjust. I am ordering another one in a different color.

Checked out quite a few bands before i decided to take a chance on this one. Took out 2 links to fit my 6 1/4′ wrist. Does not require any tools to remove the links. The fitbit snaps on to the band very easily and is secure. I’m thinking about purchasing a black one too.

I always wore a regular watch until i was given a fitbit as a gift. I always hated the original rubber/plastic band (ugly). But didn’t realize how acceptable it really was until it it broke and i tried to find a similar replacement. I’ve purchased several bands on amazon without success–almost lost it quit a few times when it came undone just doing normal chores and some of the bands were just plain big and ugly. This band is metal, has a clasp like a regular old watch, and looks nice on the arm. Taking out a link is easy and i have no concerns about losing it because the closure is tight. Cons: if you have a very small wrist you might have to change the location where you wear it. I had to take out 3 links–but they are all the same size, no half links. I like a watch secure on my wrist–not loose like a bracelet. To make it secure i had to change my wearing area to the smallest section of my wrist.

This band really jazzes up the look of the fitbit and makes it look like a regular watch. I have a very small wrist and removed all of the extra links, and it fits perfectly.

The band looks really good, feminine and is more durable than i expected. However the accuracy of my fitbit was negatively impacted, it failed to register my heartbeat, steps, sleep, etc. Time to time even though i was wearing it. While these gaps in record didn’t happen while using the original band.

Not my favorite band but only because i must just be between sizes. As one clasp is too tight and the next is a smidge too loose. Metal didn’t scratch or unclasp unexpectedly – would’ve worked out really well if it fit better. Thin band, easy to take links off to shorten.

It has many removable snap links. I have small wrists and i removed all 4 & its perfect. It’s small & thin where this does not look like a tracker type watch. I have a gold series fit bit alta, hoping a gold band will come available.

I bought the 03 rose gold band. It’s better than expected. Very pretty and gives a classy look. I especially like that the connector ends are tapered which makes it a bit more feminine and dainty on my small wrist. While it is not an exact match to the rose gold on the alta (the band is shinier), it is close enough to not be very noticeable. I was initially worried it would be too large, since the alta hr needs to be worn snug for the heartbeat reading. After removing as many links as possible (which was super easy), it’s a perfect fit. However, if it was any larger, i would’ve had to return it. For reference, i wear the original small fitbit band on the next to last hole when active and the third hole when i sleep. I can’t really comment on how it will hold up since i just received it, but for the price i think it’s an excellent choice.

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