After my original band on my charge 2 wouldn’t stay attached to the unit i purchased this a couple of weeks ago. I initially didn’t figure out how to wear this band and had to look back at the picture on here. Once i wore it correctly i was surprised how much better it was than the original fitbit band. I had reactions to the original band, but do not with this one (yes, i properly cleaned the band). It fits my wrist better, whereas the original one always felt constricting or loose. I have very hairy arms and the original use to snag and pull on them, but this one never has. My only concern is how long it will last with the metal knob in the band hole. If it lasts a year that will be better than the original, too.

The band itself is awesome, very soft and lightweight. Not like the stiff heavy feeling one that came with my fitbit. I took 2 stars off for the sizing. 5, well within the small range. And while i can get the band on my wrist, there is not enough length to tuck the end into the slot. So the end is sticking out and will inevitable catch on things while i am working out. Pretty disappointed in that. Not worth waiting another 2 days and breaking another nail to get this one off and exchange it, i’ll wear it until it drives me nuts or until i find that the band is coming unlatched and falling off. I just wish the listing had been more accurate.

I bought this to replace the band that comes with the fitbit charge 2. I was hoping for something a bit more comfortable and better for workouts. This band accomplishes that for a great price. I find that it is much more comfortable than the original band. I was concerned that the clasping mechanism wouldn’t work well (randomly fall off), but it has held well even while exercising, playing basketball, etc. It even feels better because of the different clasp mechanism (i found the stock one digs in a bit). Overall i highly recommend this band.

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I have looked for a lot of replacement bands that hold up, look nice, feel good, and actually work. I’ve tossed five or six bands in the trash after a month or two of use. This band is it – from swees only – feels a little like suede, is easy to use, doesn’t have the buckle that pokes my wrist and was easier to put on and take off the charge2 than other brands. This is the highest quality band i’ve found and i plan on purchasing a few more.

I find this band really comfortable, i have been wearing it for a few hours. At first it was a little tricky to get it on but now i see that i can just rest it on top of my wrist, and pin the strap to a hole thenputting the flap inside the band. The band is just as described and i don’t feel like the band will come out of the single pin to hold it in place. Overall i’m sold on the producti will update if anything changes.

Exceeded my expectationsi spent quite a bit of time reviewing this style from various sellers and found that even though other sellers are selling what “looks” to be the same band, it is not the same. If you carefully read through the reviews of other sellers bands you’ll find that the accent color is actually the main color with another color overtop. The problem is that within a few days the top color wears off. Not with this band or this sellerwhen i got this band in the mail and opened it, i was surprised at not only the quality of the retail box it is in but most of all the quality of the band itself. It feels like a very expensive band. It looks like something you might see on say a nike watch or similar. The only thing that is a little strange is that it takes a little getting used to how the strap locks into place. Once you figure that out and do it a few times it’s nothin doin. I would but this again in a heartbeat. The flash in the first few pics makes the black look a lil washed out but in person it’s a nice rich black color.

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I was very skeptical about the wristband. I, myself don’t like wearing wristbands or anything of the sort, so it took a lot for me to even purchase the fitbit. I was disappointed with the fitbit because the band was too stiff, and my wrists were sweating under the band, not to mention i have super tiny wrists. Long story short, when i put it on it felt like “heaven”, super soft, breathable, and it doesn’t fell like i’m wearing a wristband. Ordered the the blue on pink. Will be ordering more colors. Easy to put on once you get the hang of it.

I started questioning myself as to why fitbit did not have it on their original product. This band is 10 times better than the original fitbit band – its flexible yet sturdy and looks great. My original fitbit band broke with 3 weeks of getting my fitbit. Its adjustable to a perfect fit and soft enough to where i now can track my sleep by leaving it on my wrist at night – as opposed to the clunky and hard original band. I would recommend this band to anyone wanting to replace his/her fitbit band.

  • Very comfortable, fits well, good for workouts
  • It feels like I’m not wearing a wrist band.
  • Best band for Charge2 on Amazon

SWEES Silicone Sport Bands Compatible Fitbit Charge 2, Breathable Sport Replacement Bands Air Holes Small & Large (5.7″ – 8.3″) Women Men, Black, Grey, Navy Blue, Pink, White, Teal

  • Fashion hybrid silicone bands fit for Fitbit Charge 2 hr heart rate (Tracker is NOT included). If you are looking for genuine leather band for fitbit charge 2, please search B078Q1V49V for large size, B078Q1P5P1 for small size on Amazon.
  • Small size fits for 5.7″- 7.5″ wrist, large size fits for 7.1″- 8.3″, pin-and-tuck closure design allows you choose the most comfortable size for yourself.
  • These silicone bands are made of durable and soft silicone, waterproof, elastic, lightweight and environment friendly. It will be best choice for sport, exercise or yoga.
  • Breathable and hybrid design, made by unique two color injection molding technology, never fade or dim.
  • Variety of bright colors are great choices for men and women to personalize their fitbit charge 2 hr.
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This band was surprisingly very comfortable. I have a small wrist but ordered a large. I always felt like it the original fitbit band made the main piece sit on my wrist bone and it hurt. The large fitbit band was way too big and always felt like a charm bracelet. This band is awesome; no movement. Holds in place without suffocating my wrist. Plenty of room if i want it to sit on top of a sweatshirt vs on my skin. It’s so soft and no reactions to my sensitive skin. The design is secure and yet so easy to take off.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes to workout hard but has the skin reaction to the nickel in the original band. I have used it for 2 weeks now at the gym and i have noticed that i hardly get the reaction anymore. Plus it definitely helps with keeping the sweat away from the wrist. But because i’m a welder i use my original one (since it’s black) at work and by the end of the night i have a nice little rash. So definitely worth 5 stars to me and i already got a black one for work👍👍👍.

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