Functioned well as you wish. Recommended for all swimmers.

Have had this unit for about a month and put about 15 miles on it. I swim only freestyle and not fast (40 minute mile). So far i have no problem with the watch. The only time it did not properly count my laps is when i turned counterclockwise instead of clockwise on my turn (i don’t do flip turns) and i mean i did most of my laps turning clockwise and only a couple of laps counterclockwise. Looking at my total laps that day it appeared not to have counted those laps. Not sure that was the reason, but have yet to have a problem since. I really really like the vibration, i have it set at 20 lap intervals so i can keep track of how far i have gone and approximate time without stopping. Of course you can set the vibration for laps or time. Get piece of equipment and really happy i bought it.

Let your mind wander while putting in your laps.

I try to swim a mile at the local club per day as time permits, and i always focused on the number of laps i was on. I just focus on the technique and not worry about anything until my swimovate lap counter watch vibrates and tells me that i am done. It’s really works well and i love it.Very easy to use and easy to download the software on my computer(if you buy the swimovate clip-which i also love) so i can track the time, laps, strokes per lap, and many other valuable reports. This works 100% of the time my fellow swimmers and you will enjoy this watch. I highly recommend this item:).

I had ti use it yesterday;it works.

The vibration isn’t quite as strong as it might be but it’s a great watch.

I have been using this watch for a number of years. Bought this as a backup,if i ever have to send the other watch back for repair.

I am training for a 6k open water event this summer, so i do long distances non-stop in the pool. I would often find myself unsure of what lap i’m on and was tired of trying to meticulously count my laps. Unfortunately the garmin swim watches with gps were out of my budget so i turned to this watch. I was prepared for the watch to be bulky. The first day or two of wearing it, it was a little uncomfortable but i quickly got use to it and don’t notice it is there. Learning to navigate the watch does take some getting to use to, however it didn’t take long for me to figure out to do the things that i wanted from the watch. There are a lot of metrics that i don’t use and would take longer to learn but not impossible. The vibration feature is very nice and one of the biggest selling points of the watch. As far as accuracy – it counts my laps correctly about 80% of the time. I can tell when it hasn’t because it is always off by one lap so it goes off on the opposite end of the pool.

  • A game changer and a must have for any serious swimmer
  • So far so good. It’s right on the money for me when I swim.
  • This is the ticket. Pricey, but justifiably so as it is unique

Swimovate Poolmate Live Lap Counter Swim Watch with Vibrating Alarm, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Automatically counts laps, strokes per lap, speed, calories, distance (yards or meters)
  • Vibrating Buzz pool alarm for laps, distance, or time (intervals)
  • Up to 2 year battery life on user replaceable battery
  • Watch features – time of day (12/24h), dual time zone, day/date, daily alarm
  • Download Clip for data sold separately for Mac or PC

This watch is beautifully designed and engineered. I love how solid it is (can’t stand the cheap plastic feel of other products). However, this product is very much designed for swimming – and is a bit less useful as a watch. I wanted a swim tracker, but i don’t want to switch watch/tracker so i was looking for a product that does both. While the poolmate live does have a fully functioning watch, the display for some reason provides a large date and pretty small time (should be reversed). My biggest problem is the absense of a light so i can see the time when it’s dark outside. Also, it’s very large – so less attractive to women (personally i don’t mind that too much). Also, i don’t think you can replace the strap for this product – so when the strap is worn out, you can pretty much throw the watch away. I wasn’t happy with the fact that the ‘upload dock’ is sold separately. It may have said so in the description, but i always assumed that i would be able to upload my swims and utilize the software to review effectiveness etc.

At first, lap counting was an epic fail. After reading the trouble shooting guide it works well most of the time. Durability is a major concern. The vibrate feature no longer works after about 3 months use. Once the strap breaks there is no way to replace it, while i like the product, it will not last to long. Unable to contact seller to replace faulty vibrate feature.

Bothers my wrist if i strap it on too tight. I’ve found with a little setup work it does accurately keep track of the laps you’ve done. Sometimes while swimming i don’t feel the vibration. I guess it is better than trying to remember what lap you are on :).

I wish it had replicable bands. I am a really big guy, and have trouble with watchbands big enough. This one is big enough, but i prefer metal bands. Anyway, this watch is tops for the pool. I have tried several of them, and the vibration it does is the key to it’s superiority. All the other ones you need to actually look at. I wear glasses, and in the pool the watch is pretty hard to see clearly, epically through swimming goggles. The only thing that threw me for a bit, is the watch considers what i grew up to call ‘lengths’ to be ‘laps’ to me, a ‘lap’ is down and back. So you need to set the watch to vibrate on you every 10 laps if you want to be notified every 5 laps. Suspect this is a eu / usa thing.

It was getting very tedious to remember each lap count but now it is a no brainer. The vibrate function makes this swim watch unique. I set it for each 10 laps to give me a reminder without having to look. I swim 25m sprints – first leg, free style on a single breath then backstroke on the way back. This requires some rest period in-between so the timer allows me to push myself to achieve more laps per every 60 minutes. Best count so far is 76 laps. And 6’1′ so this is not casual swimming but great cardio workout. I have the live download clip but will review it separately. It is a great accessory to have to keep track of progress on my computer.

The best watch if you just want to count laps don’t know about the others features.

I’ve used this watch 3 times so far. I do not do flip turns so it is good in that respect but all 3 times i’ve worn it, it does not register lap 68. At first i thought maybe i didn’t push off the wall hard enough. The 2nd and 3rd time i paid particular attention to it. It clearly did not register the lap.

Just concentrate in swimming and he will do the rest. I always have it with me when swimming, it’s a great tool although it takes some time to get used to the menus once to get used to, is all good.

I love the vibrate after a setable distance, so i no longer have to count laps. I use reading glasses and the display is mostly easy to read at a glance, except the second count requires a moment of squinting.

I used to have to count laps – boring and i almost always lost track. It also was a huge distraction in my swim workouts. I swim 50 laps, five times a week. , i now am able to set the buzzer for ten laps so i never lose track, but i can concentrate on my stroke mechanics or my latest new golf swing. I download the data to my laptop daily and it provides me with an excellent review of my progress. Being a type a, this is really important to me. I especially like the “efficiency” metric, which combines my speed and stroke length. A great product that provides real value and motivation.

I loved this watch but in the last 5 months it has turned to 1 jan twice. I thought it was the battery and replaced it twice but it did it again.

Amazed at how accurate it is with laps. It is a bit big but i really like it.

Keeps an accurate stroke count and frees me to focus on technique. More than enough statistics for me without the additional computer attachment. Well thought out intuitive design although you’ll probably still need to reference the manual at first just because it has somany functions. This watch looks good and may become my everyday watch.

After i retired a year ago, i began swimming 2-3 days a week but trying to keeping track of the laps in my head was very frustrating and all consuming. I couldn’t allow myself to think about anything but the lap count while swimming, and never was quite sure if i was getting my 50 laps in. Now after purchasing this watch, i hit the start button as i begin, knowing that it will do the thinking for me and i can daydream or think about what else i’m going to do with the rest of my day. It’s made the entire experience much more enjoyable so i now go to the pool every morning, 5 days a week and i’ve increased my swim to 100 laps a day and lowered my time to about 45 minutes. I set the watch to vibrate when i’ve hit 50 laps so i can stop for a few seconds, check my time and make sure i’ve not been dogging it. The watch is a great motivator, and i’m always pleased when i’ve lowered my time as i did again today. I have no idea how this watch works, but it’s flawless and never misses a lap. It’s been a game changer for me and a must have for anyone who’s a serious swimmer.

It was fine for estimating laps, but, not perfect.

070716 update: i’ve been using this to swim for a few months now. I’m still not thrilled about the replaceable battery cap on the back. Another thing i’ve noticed is that the start button is easy to hit if you have the watch in a bag. I have discovered this a couple of times, once it appeared the watch had been on record mode for over a day. It didn’t save anything, but the button is easy to depress by accident. I still find the watch very useful and accurate. The reminder alarm is greatit’s nice to have the alarm remind me when i hit a specific yardage. The watch is big, in my opinion; more so tall/thick than big around. I find it’s not comfortable enough to wear all day. The replaceable battery cap sticks out and tends to dig into my wrist, and the watch is heavy (i’m not used to wearing a watch anymore).

I changed the battery myself. Bring your watch to a jeweler to have it done professionally. It is an underwater watch with a tiny o ring. I thought i assembled it perfectly. Within one lap, it was ruined. I purchased this watch several months ago and loved it. It counted my laps fairly accurately. I swim 1 1/4 miles – 4 days/week i’m bummed.

I’ve used a poolmate 2 for over a year and love that it counts my laps (lengths) but after i had a jeweler replace the battery water started getting in. I ordered the poolmate live because it had a user replaceable battery but found out it’s best feature is a vibrating alarm that that can be programed to go off at whatever lap count is set.

Amazing that it can’t figure out lap counting. I bought this for counting laps basically. I forget my lap count while i’m swimming and garmin skipped too many laps so i thought i’d give this a try. Amazing, you’d think it wasn’t that hard to do but i guess it is.

L used the poolmate for 4 months and it required a new battery;battery is supposed to last a year. I am an avid swimmer 4+ times a week. I really enjoyed using the poolmate, it gave me all kinds of info’ on my swimming. I was very disappointed that when it need a new gasket, you can’t get one without sending the poolmate in at a steep cost of $25 plus shipping.

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