This little ditty makes me want to beat the daylights out of the goals i set on the watch. It also makes me painfully aware of how few calories i am burning, and thus, how many calories are in that beverage i am drinking.

I like it a lot the blue tooth feature is great and very useful. Got here super speedy, before quoted deadline.

It took a few days to get the hang of it because there are only 3 buttons and you have to remember what combinations do what but i love this thing. You can set a daily goal and a separate workout mode at the same time. The heart monitor works great and everything seems to be acculturate. Sometimes i question the number of steps it shows i’ve taken during the day because i sit at a desk all day but for the most part it does what i bought it for.

Easy to set up use and the accuracy is impeccable. Why didn’t i buy this years ago?.

This product is such a great deal for the price. I had this for sometime now and i still loved it. Worth the price , the only negative i can say about this is the calorie burn starts 200+ everytime i use it other than that everything is pretty much accurate. I really like it when i run it counts the miles i run plus the calories and steps too.

Gives you a sense of purpose when walking, and accoplishment. Goal: 10000 steps minimun/day, plus heart rate, miles walked, calories burned.

Have had the watch for about 2 months. I like the color the feel and the look. My problem is when i sit for most of the day while driving or at my desk, at the end of the day i have walked 3000+ steps = 1,75 miles and have burned 2000 calories. It is a great heart rate monitor.

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The sync is ok considering accuracy of steps taken and distance, however the heart rate monitor won’t grab my heart rate on my wrist, particularly when i am in the middle of a workout. I have to take it off my wrist and measure my heart rate on my chest, which it still doesn’t grab sometimes. Also, the step counter will not mark some steps taken, especially in the morning after no movement throughout the night. I have to take it off for sleeping because it is too bulky, it is bothersome when attempting to fall asleep. It does have some nice features though, like the stopwatch, and the screen which shows the date and time, and the ability to track workouts, and tracking weekly and hourly movement/calories/distance. Overall for the price it is a decent fitness band, but i am planning to get rid of it for a more advanced band when the jawbone up3 comes out.

Bought for my brother and he uses it every time he exercises.

Very disappointed that there was no instructions with the product. When i called the 800 number for the company they said that i could either down load the instructions or they could walk me through it to set it up. That they could not mail me the instructions. My computer would not down load the info. Was very disappointed after spending that kind of money. They said it was not their fault. If possible for the instructions to be mailed to me i would greatly appreciate it so i can use this band correctly.

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The watch adds steps when u are sitting,the calorie burn is way too high,but it’s easy to set up and use.

I didnt buy this on amazon i got it at meijers cus it was onsale and i had a 20% off coupon. For everyday wear i sometimes gotta wonder about what it says. I finally wore it to the gym and i was surprised.It was only a number or so different then what my treadmill read. Like it my treadmill said i went 2. 14 miles my syncfit said i went 2. Same with the heartbeat sensor on it. Treadmill sensors read 161 the syncfit would read 160.

Seems like it’s what i ordered and as advertised. Here are the specifications for the Sync Fit Fitness Band-Captures Your Daily Calories Burned:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Captures your daily calories burned, steps taken and distance traveled
  • Calorie sensing is powered by both your heart rate and your intensity of movement for improved accuracy
  • Track and monitor your activities with hourly, daily and weekly views
  • Stay informed by checking your progress throughout the day
  • Manually log your data to MapMyFitness, where you can view, track and share your progress

I wear it to school everyday. You can even put all your personal exercise information in it(weight, height and age). This watch is perfect for the normal runner or really anyone that worksout. The watch can start a fresh workout whenever you want to.

I’ve really only had it for one day but so far, i like it. I took it on a 30 or so minute run and it said i burned 683 calories. That part might be a little suspect but to be fair, i have not programmed my height/weight/age etc. Back light function is a little off, have to push the front button and top side button at the same time. Little awkward if you are running and are bouncing all over while trying to squint at the timer. I also wish it had a count down timer. Programmed mine to count how many calories i burned in a day for now, might try the step function later. For the step part, it has settings so you can set the sensitivity. Default is medium but if you don’t think it is counting all of your steps, you can put it on light. Update: i’ve had it for a couple weeks now, wear it every day.

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This will be my 3rd of these fitness watches. I’ve swam, showered, done activities/excercises, all with watch on and no problems. . Then the battery dies off after a couple years and doesn’t seem to come back the same after that. Also, after a few years the band wears out, too. But i am very happy with these watches and had to have another one, yet again.

I dont know its the wifes she likes it.

My husband loves to wear this watch and it does everything he’s looking for in a watch.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • It does what it says it will do a great watch!
  • Five Stars
  • I love this watch

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