Easy to use, no setup, and works with the free mapmyrun and endomondo apps that i have. The hr measure is spot on and is very comfortable to wear. I use the chest strap most with my nordictrack c800 treadmill and i didn’t need to do anything to use it except put it on. My treadmill picked up the bluetooth right awayi seriously love this thing.

The box says that this hrm works with iphone, but it actually works with any bluetooth smart device. I used it with my android phone (moto x, 1st gen), andoroid wear watches, polar m400 – all worked great. Some machines in the gym also pick up signal from it.

It connects to my iphone6 and strava app flawlessly. 5 starshowever, i’m currently wearing both this and my 5 year old polar strap. Polar is claiming my resting heartbeat is 48, sunc is claiming 77.

This hrm worked right out of the box with no problems. It paired right up to runtastic pro on my galaxy s5 and i was on my way. I have used it dozens of times now and the battery still seems to be fine. The accuracy also seems pretty good. I would highly recommend this hrm, especially for how inexpensive it is.

Working great , connects seamlessly to endomundo app on ios and to the health app. I was a bit afraid from the low price and quality – but its of good quality , been using it for the past month or so.

I just received this in the mail today. I have a samsung galaxy s5, and i had some difficulty pairing it at first. Mapmyrun would not pair it at all, but runkeeper, which i use anyway, connected easily. I then tried to connect the sensor to my ipad using mapmyrun, it connected really fast, and after that, it connected to mapmyrun on my phone as well. I don’t know why it paired easily after the ipad but just thought i’d post this since other reviewers had trouble using it with android devices. It’s now pairing easily to either app. I haven’t gone running yet but it worked really well during a short walk. I can’t wait to go on my next run using this.

I bought this to go with a budget cyclometer setup using a cheap android phone. 4 and has bluetooth le on it. This heart rate monitor works with strava and ride with gps. It is moderately comfortable and the adjustable strap fits me well. It tracks my heart beat without any concerns. I tested it out once or twice and it was fairly accurate.

Works great with most smartphone apps that support bluetooth heart rate monitors. I only got a couple hours of use from the battery, so i would recommend getting a cr2032 3v battery to replace it from the get-go.

  • Great heart rate monitor, works with Android 4.3 and above. App detail below:
  • Has anyone else gotten blisters? Soft, yes, but the fastener is hard.
  • Android One Plus One and Runtastic fully functional

SYNC Heart Rate Soft Strap-Captures Your Continuous ECG Accurate Heart Rate Data And Connects with MapMyFitness App

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Captures your continuous ECG accurate heart rate data
  • Enables you to train in the right HR zone
  • Wirelessly syncs with Bluetooth Smart ready devices and compatible apps
  • Connects with MapMyFitness and their leading fitness apps
  • 1 Year battery life

This bluetooth heart rate monitor paired perfectly with my moto g (3rd gen, 2015) android 5. 1 smartphone using the strava cycling/running app. At the suggestion of other reviewers, i didn’t try to establish a connection through the standard bluetooth menu, even though the heart rate monitor did appear on the list. After wetting the electrodes a bit (as advised in the instructions) and putting the strap around my chest, i simply opened the strava app, went to “record activity”, hit the menu/settings icon, hit the “external sensors” button, and within a moment or two the heart rate monitor was connected & reporting my heart rate. I went out for a 5-mile run & heart rate was recorded throughout. If i had one minor complaint, i do wish the chest strap had a snap connection in the back so it didn’t need to be slid over the head & shoulders like a shirt. If i had looked at the pictures more closely i would have realized that, so i won’t deduct any stars from this 5-star review.

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Great heart rate monitor for the price. Connects to the mapmyfitness line of produces (run, ride. ) but just shows current heart rate live during work out. The premium mvp membership is required to see any kind of heart rate graph. Otherwise all you get is an average rate for the whole workout. The mvp membership on map my fitness is kind of a rip off at 5 bucks a month. It comes with coaching, but if sucks if all you want is a heart rate / elevation. This heart rate monitor also works great with the runtastic apps (run, bike. You still need to buy the pro version of the app to use the heart rate monitor.

This strap is comfortable, easy to use and easy to clean. I was able to sync is with my smartphone (galaxy s4) and endomondo. I haven’t experienced any problems and am very happy with this product. I’ve been using it for several months.

Works great, well made, comfortable to wear compared to other chest straps. I was worried when i got this unit and read the instructions. It claimed it only worked with on older not readily available version of mapmyrun. It worked easily with strava and other apps that i tried.

I bought when was on sale for less than 20. I use endmomdo for free or you can use any ble app so you don’t have to pay for mapmy whatever. It doesn’t record unless you are connected to phone and won’t record in water but if you are looking to get started with hr monitoring for working out good one to start with.

I’m impressed so far, especially by the fact that the entire belt, transmitter and all, has survived an unplanned session in a washing machine with no visible water penetration and no effects on its function. It has generally paired with whatever app i’m using on my nexus 5 phone and seems to maintain the connection easily. I say ‘generally’ because, like most btle devices i’ve used, it occasionally fails to pair as expected. Nonetheless, i’m very happy with it and i have to wonder how other manufacturers justify the vastly higher prices they charge for essentially identical devices.

First of all, this product has worked perfectly since the day it arrived. The only difficulty was finding the best free app. Turns out, ‘sleep’ reads heart rate on top of body movement and ‘pulsometer’ gives me real time feedback while i exercise. But a big blister burst this morning and i can see the entire area under the fastener is still raw. Wouldn’t velcro have done the same job without hard plastic?i learned a great deal about my sleep pattern, so if i never get to use this again, it was 1/10 the cost of the harness the cardiologist ordered for me and i got a complete picture, not just his reassurance that a heart rate of 120 is normal for me. Update : we have velcro squares. The fastener is actually painted metal, but brittle enough to break after bending. The strap is now holding on the bandage smeared with antibiotic cream. An extra star because it’s still working. I would never do this again without a sewing machine, but the silk scarf feels better and there’s lots of velcro.

Update 8/28/2016after 11 months of use, the battery finally used up its last drop of energy. The battery was replaced, and the unit works great. Update 6/27/2016 however-many-months-from-the-last-updatestill working great. Battery life is still good, and i haven’t had to change the battery. I’ve cleaned the strap a couple times by hand, and the unit is working well. Update 10/22/15 1-monthafter a month of use, the battery level went up to 60%?. I’m guessing bluetooth is not that accurate with battery levels. The monitor is still working great. I’ve found that i can open the runtastic app, then put on the bluetooth monitor, and after 10 seconds or so, i’ll start to see my live heart rate.

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The device snaps on/off, which is good for when you want to wash the strap. But it’s not good because perspiration gets trapped inside the snap and corrodes them and these are also the electrical contact. So you have to remember to unsnap it every time. This may be due to the batteries, but i’m using energizer brand, new. After a pause in the workout, sometimes it does not keep updating with runkeeper. Sometimes it does not record anything at all. Sometimes it works perfectly. The first time i used it with runkeeper it could not be detected. But it did work with wahoo fitness, and then runkeeper could find it.

What i use it for:running – connects quickly with my iphone 6 each time with the runkeeper app. Stays connected, and offers consistent results. Basketball – i leave iphone beside the court and it maintains a connection for the entirety of my time on the court, up to a couple of hours is as long as i’ve left it connected. Be aware, for runkeeper at least, having the heart rate monitor doesn’t change my reported calorie burn in the least from just inputting a timed sports activity manually. Comfort – once it’s on, i don’t notice it. This is my first heart rate monitor so i can’t compare it to others, but i’ve been running for several years and am not interested in something that is going to be uncomfortable at mile 10. Reliability – i’m actually on my second one. The first worked for a night and then wouldn’t connect again. I returned it rather than trying to replace the battery or troubleshoot it, figuring if it can’t last a couple of days i don’t want to be nursing it back to health for as long as a i have it. This second one has worked flawlessly for several weeks. Gym connectivity – similar to other reviewers, i’ve noticed that the treadmills and ellipticals at our gym pick up my heart rate. The machines don’t advertise a bluetooth or other type of wireless connection anywhere on them. I consider it an unexpected bonus.

I put the synch on after moistening the two contacts. Went into bluetooth in preferences. The synch was there as ble hrm. I tapped on it and after a few seconds was connected. I have been using the app for a couple years. I went into settings and chose heart rate monitor. Went back to the main page (showing speed, altitude,time,etc). I worried for 10 seconds when i didn’t see a number under heart rate. Then i touched the place where the hr number should have been.

I just need to find a better app to use. Mapmyrun works but is not what i want. I just need to put in some time and find one i like. The unit works tho and is pretty handy.

This works perfectly with my nordictrac treadmill. So nice to have my heart rate control the speed.

I don’t have any major issues with the strap. On android 5 it is recognized by strava and a few other apps i’ve tried, though i can’t directly pair with it in the bluetooth settings menu (asks for passkey, 0000 and 1234 don’t work). Most of the time it seems to be recording accurate heart rates. However, i have lately become interested in heart rate variability (at rest) and this hrm does not work with either of two hrv apps i tried. It apparently does not measure accurate r-r intervals which is needed for hrv recording. Also, after about 10 uses over 4. 5 months the battery is listed as 27% according to one heart rate app i have, which is a bit disappointing.

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My fiance is an avid bicyclist, and bicycle commuter. He bought this with the intent to help him train for his century ride he did the beginning of may. He said this heart rate monitor enabled him to keep an eye on his heart rate throughout the ride which allowed him to keep a steady pace, and didn’t end up worn out. Worked fantastically for what he wanted it for. Not sure what else he’d use it for except for maybe watching his heart rate when he starts running again. Highly recommend this item——-updated 8-31-15——-my fiance was using this on a bicycle ride (i think it was for 40 miles) and in the middle of the ride it died. We thought it could be the batteries, but he popped them into another heart rate monitor he has, and they were fine. Looks like it doesn’t have a huge usage life as we initially thought. And it could easily be a defect, but without knowing for certain i have to change it from a 5 star to 3. It was great while it lasted.

I thought my heart had stopped. It’s temperamental and really abuses the battery, when it works i works but when it doesn’t it just fails dismally. I’ve had readings from 6 beats per minute to zero beats per minute when it doesn’t want to work. It is still okay but you have to check the reading’s are wild and crazy, nothing worse than reading historical data showing that you were off to meet your maker but enough about mother and her crotch.

Does what i expected, cheap bluetooth hr monitor. I am a bigger guy, 6′ 240# and it fits fine. The strap may end up being a problem in the future, but so far it works good. This is connected to my iphone 6, using the underarmour record suite of apps. Connects great and has pretty good range. I placed it on the counter in the gym and worked out without thinking about it until i was done. Recorded my heart rate the entire time. I got up to 50 feet or so away from my phone. Also worked great on the mapmyride app for a bike ride.

I’ve had this heart rate strap for about a year now. It has worked well and paired flawlessly with everything i’ve tried it with. It is compatible with bluetooth 4. It has worked worked with all gym equipment from startrac and life fitness. I have also had success with note 4. The cloth strap is fully replaceable and is compatible with the same replacement straps sold for garmin and polar.

I’m torn as to whether this deserves 3 or 4 stars. From a functional standpoint, i find that this heart rate monitor works well, no issues (contrary to a few other reviews). However, i find that the strap on this seems to dig into the skin resulting in a linear gash along my chest (literally a gash looking like someone slit me open). I’ve previously worn a wahoo chest strap heart rate monitor and never had this issue with that one. I think this one needs better materials or something to prevent this sort of injury.

This heart rate monitor worked exactly as i had hoped. I took it out of the box, put it on, enabled bluetooth on my samsung galaxy s5, and opened my strava app. My heartrate appeared on the screen, and was recorded flawlessly during a one hour ride. The instructions for the monitor don’t mention strava and say you need to use mapmyrun, but strava works fine.

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