Nice band, it does catch on clothing at times and the magnet does attach to file cabinets :d. The only complaint i might say i have is the band had to be opened all the way and squish the hand to be able to get it through the opening. A little more length would have been nice.

I should have looked closer. The hardware for the clasp are those tabs that need to be pressed into the holes. Arthritic fingers cannot do that easily, until it is broken in. So, i used the buckle part of my old band and the new hole part and combined colors. Works fine now and i can work the closing hardware now and i think magenta and chartreuse look fine together. It now became a 5 star purchase.

His band is held up as good as any fitbit for their brand band i’ve tried several different kinds this one is done pretty well though no complaints worth the money.

The teak alta stainless band is very high quality, and beautifully finished. However, it is a little too feminine for my tastes. The magnetic clasp is awkward to use at first, but with practice, becomes easier to affix. The other complaint is that it catches and tugs hairs on your wrist, if you should happen to have them. It’s a lovely band, but this one will be packed away.

I ordered a size small replacement fitbit alta band and was truly disappointed. The band is so stiff and doesn’t even bend with force applied. The little ‘knobs’ on the ends would not go in the holes without the assistance of a pliers. It’s unfortunate that this product doesn’t live up to it’s standards. A complete waste of moneyfollow up: i contacted customer service about this and they were wonderful and very prompt. They are sending me a code to order a softer band for free, gave me a refund for the current band that wasn’t flexible, and were very accommodating. Teak is a great company to work with if there is an issue with a product.

Arrived quickly, color is nice, similar to the blue on the original fitbit. Works well as a replacement. Was incredibly hard to put on the first time as the clasp was very tight and the band didn’t bend well. I imagine it will loosen up over time. Not quite as comfortable on the wrist as the original band.

Bought this in june of 2017, and the band split down the middle where the holes in august 2018. It worked pretty well until it failed, i just think it’s not rugged enough for long term use.

Key specs for Teak Fitbit Alta Bands, Silicone and Milanese Loop Stainless Steel Replacement Accessories for The Fitbit Alta, Large, Small, Universal Sizes. Large Selection of Colors, by:

  • HIGH QUALITY and COMFORTABLE FITBIT ALTA BAND: Soft but durable medical grad Silicone band, backed by Teak’s amazing service and product guarantee. If you ever have an issue with your Teak band, don’t worry; we will take care of you.
  • EXTRA PROTECTION FOR YOUR FITBIT: Buckle or secure clasp to keep your band from falling off.
  • STYLISH VARIETY: Tons of colors and sizes to fit your mood, style, or personality.
  • WORKS FOR DAILY and NIGHTLY USE: Teak flex bands can to be worn during fitness activities or while sleeping. They are also a fantastic wrist accessory with any outfit.
  • TOUGH: “More Durable than the original!” – actual customer quote
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Comments from buyers

“Save your Money!!
, Lightest and most comfortable Fitbit band—and NO ANNOYING BUCKLE!
, In fact I purchased a replacement band from Fitbit in the new style and hated it, plus it was $30

Second time ordering a replacement band from this vendor. Not as happy with this one as the last one as the clasp is looser and keeps popping open, causing my fitbit to fall off my wrist. This did not happen with the first one, so maybe they’ve changed the clasp they’re using.

I bought this for my wife, when the original band broke. She really loves itthe quality is high, and it makes her a fitbitlook like a piece of jewelry rather than an exercise band. Fit and finish is excellent. I will be recommending this to other people who need the same thing. Very nice product, great value and was delivered on time.

It’s exactly the same as the original band that came with my fitbit alta, which fitbit no longer carries for some reason. In fact i purchased a replacement band from fitbit in the new style and hated it, plus it was $30. This teak product is the same quality as my original band and cost 80% less than the replacement bands offered by fitbit. Plus they supposedly guarantee them for life and will replace them at no cost if they break. It’s highly unlikely that ‘ll ever order any fitbit accessories directly from fitbit ever again.

Just as nice as the original fitbit one if not better. Was a little stiff at first and hard to get the holes through but realized the little hexagon thing just needed to be pushed down into band all the way and holes are probably tight so that they aren’t too loose and come outlove to have the extra color option.

This band is really good quality and the color matched the picture that they have for it. I wear the band all the time and it’s extremely comfortable and doesn’t up snap or anything. Teak is a quality company and they care about their customers.

Not especially stiff like some reviewers wrote. Glad i saw the note about pushing the silver tab all the way in first. I couldn’t close the band until i did that. Not sure why it wasn’t fully down at shipping, but it’s all good now.

I have bought many on amazon where the clasp becomes loose within a few weeks of me wearing it and it falls off my arm continually. These have a very firmly locking clasp and i have had no issues with my fitbit coming off. I will be ordering more in different colors.

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Just what i have been searching for including the modern color matching buckleit fits on the tracker perfectly and fits me well. If it holds up, it will be a win.

The teak fitbit band is just as good as fitbit brand, and comes with a lifetime warranty. I had to contact fitbit to get a replacement for my fitbit brand band after wearing it for about 6 months, but the warranty on them only lasts for one year. The teak one is holding up pretty well so far, and i am so happy that teak stands behind their product and will replace it for me if needed.

Proshas a conventional watchband buckle which stays connected – unlike the post and hole stock bandconsthe band only lasted 2 months of daily use before the plastic fitting connecting to the fitbit broke (see picture).

I ordered teal and what came was closer to seafoam. Perhaps it was teal in color but that would have been months ago, if it were left out in the sun. It’s a little weird getting used to the different clasp but it did come in good timing. Basically if color is really really important to you, perhaps look elsewhere, but as of just getting it and putting it on, and with the hope that this promise to replace is true, i can’t really rag on it too much since the color isn’t terribly different – just different enough to make me go 4 stars, not 5.

The only thing that would have made it better were instructions on moving the slide over to keep it on the alta device. I figured it out but a instructional insert would have been helpful. A beautiful product, though.

I like the band itself, it fits well although i do have it on the 2nd to tightest loop to keep it on. I bought it in blush pink which is really pretty. However, its not very easy to clean. I have cleaned and some of the dirt comes off, but you can still tell its dirty. There is a spot on the back i can’t get to come clean. I would recommend a different color.

It fits nice and snug but not tight. It does pick up color from fabric, for example i work my jean jacket and now it’s a little blue on the sides. I wasn’t too sure of the clip to close on the band but it’s okay.

This was a perfect replacement.

When i first received this band it kept falling off and wouldn’t stay clasped or on my wrist. So naturally i wanted to return it. The owner reached out to me and said if there was any issue to let them know asap and so i replied with my issue. They explained to take the silver clasp out completely and push it through the holes a few times to almost stretch it out and make it fit and sure enough, that has worked wonders. They have definitely won my business. Easy fix for anyone with that same issue in the beginning.

Great replacement band, actually like it better than the version that came with my alta. Easy to install, plenty of adjustment to fit my extra large wrist and the slate grey/blue color is perfect.

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Love this band it works great for my fitbit and can’t even tell that it’s not the original band that comes with the watch. I will say that i have small wrists and i still had to snap it at the very end hole to make it fit my wrist. But it’s a very good product and you even get a warranty with them once a you get it.

The red is not a true red as pictured but more like an orangey red. Also as shown in the attached photo, it was scraped up, right out of the packaging. Customer service was terrific and very helpful. I look forward to a time when they produce a deeper red.

We were able to take links out with the enclosed tool, but the sizing was either too large and sloppy fit for the fitbit or too tight to get the latch open on the band.

Really really nice looks almost like the band that came with my tracker when my husband purchased my fitbit alta. But the small is actually too small and i need the size large.

Honestly, i did not know what to expect when i ordered this band. I did not want the same type of band that came with the unit nor did i want one with a ‘regular’ clasp. This band works, looks great and is easy to use.

This is as good or better than the name brand. It has two metal posts that go through the holes for extra security. When you get it, find what holes fit you, then press the metal posts down to go through, then when you put it on it’ll go on easily.

I was happy to find the band is long enough to clasp easily. However, i ordered a bright red band but it looks more coral colored. Not true to the color in the photo at all. Guess i’ll have to keep looking for a red band.

Once again i ordered a teak alta fitbit band without realizing what i was getting, but this time it worked out well. The first time i ordered a new band for my alta, i didn’t realize they came in sizes and accidentally got a large size. It still fits, no problem but i wanted another one that fit better, so i ordered this one. Now i knew to look for size but had no idea this was not a typical plastic buckled band as the other (and the original band) was. Who the heck knows what ‘silicone and milanese’ is???. But i was pleasantly surprised. Light band, soft and conforming to the arm and best yet—something i did not see in the description: no buckle, but instead a magnetic band end that just snaps into place wherever you want it, making it easier to put on and to adjust. There’s no buckle to get in the way when i am typing on my laptop. I highly recommend this style band over the traditional.