This is a very good replacement option for the fitbit flex. Just know that when you first use it, that—for me at least—it took some time to get the fitbit unit into the new band; it was a little difficult to insert as the band is not ‘broken in’ yet and the opening is tight. This was also true of getting the band to close around my wrist. You really have to ‘work it’ the first few times to relax the band enough so that it will ‘snap’ securely. I will be ordering another one or two in different colors.

I have a small wrist and ordered a larger one so when i am doing dishes i can push it up on my wrist far and that works great. Black and blue are true to color and company stands by its products and have excellent customer service.

This band is good quality and sized correctly.

This band is a decent replacement for an oem fitbit band. The band stays closed a lot better than the original flex band but it can be difficult to pull the fitbit device out from the band.

I needed to replace my original fit bit band because it tore. This one is much sturdier than the original.

Since fitbit no longer sells the replacement bands so i had to order an imitation. The band does come with at guard clasp. That is a nice feature so that it does not pop off. The color was darker than the ‘slate’ fitbit bands. I would say it is closer to black than to blue.

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Teak Fitbit Replacement Bands for Fitbit Flex.! Large – Black Single Pack. Offered Products

  • Stylish Black, Slate, Navy Blue, Sky Blue, Teal, Red, Green, Pink, White and other colors go well with anything!

Received the slate (blue-grey color) on time, as expected. The band was very stiff the first couple of times i took it off/put on. After that though, it was fine. The band is a great color and clearly made well, it is not a flimsy, cheap looking band at all. For the price and quality, what a great purchase. Make sure you wipe down the band before using, with a damp cloth and without the tracker inserted. (i didn’t before trying on and my wrist was a little irritated). Four stars because i cannot vouch for longevity, as i have had mine less than a week. I wear my flex 24/7 aside from bathing, so we’ll see how it holds up. I think it will last quite awhile.

I’ve been extremely pleased with my fitbit replacement band and thought i’d leave some feedback. I wear it everywhere and have found that it’s super comfortable, durable and looks great. The band has no issues being worn at the gym for hard workouts and i’ve never experienced any issues at all. For the price and quality of the band i would definitely recommend this product.

The replacement band for my fitbit flex from teak is exactly what i’d hope it would be. In fact, the teak band is moreflexible and easier to put on than the original fitbit band. Best of all, the band came exactly when the vendor stated.

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It has a well thought out extra feature. There is a band that stops the accidental band from opening. As i have lost my fitbit and band before this added feature is welcomed.

I love this band and the company is wonderful to work with. They are customer-focused and have excellent customer skills. I can’t speak on their other products but their fitbit bands are comfortable and you have a variety of colors for each size. You can’t beat the price either. If i could give this product and company 10 stars i would.

Great quality and quick shipping. The band seemed like it wasn’t going to snap closed initially. I contacted the owner and he reassured me it would work. It just needed to be snapped a couple times to get it broken in. It’s much better quality than the original fitbit bands and we love the color. The owner was very responsive and i’d recommend their store and products.

It is supposed to be the large size teak fitbit band, but it is not the same size as the original fitbit flex band. I will have to let you know how long it last, because i have been through 3 original fitbit flex bands. The bands keep tearing at the flexible area where the module is removed for recharging. I am hoping that the teak brand to replace the fitbit flex bands is better constructedthanks, wearer of the fitbit flex that jane my wife purchased from her amazon account to replace the 3rd torn fitbit flex band.

These people are great to work with. 4 stars instead of 5 because the face/flat part of the band is a little longer than the original fitbit band. I have fairly skinny wrists, but the fitbit band fits perfectly. This band is shaped slightly differently so it looks big unless i cinch it really tight (but then it’s uncomfortable). The material is also much more rigid, but i think it’ll soften up a bit as i use it more. All in all, a good product and a great company.

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This band arrived in two days as promised. When i opened the package the metal clasp was not tightly seated in the band like the band that came with my fitbit, but after putting it on it seems to be holding the two ends of the band together adequately. I have worn it for 5 days and it stays on.

Gets dirty and dingy real fast. Even cleaned it doesn’t look new. Sort of pops off my wrist when i drive or bumps it on my pants. Collects sweat and makes your wrist stink.

I found this to be every bit as sturdy as the original fitbit strap. I like the subtle difference in the clarity of the window that wraps around the the strap plus the life time guarantee.

Teak Fitbit Replacement Bands for Fitbit Flex.! Large – Black Single Pack. Offered Products :

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