I’ve had this product for one day. It took me more than a couple minutes to figure out how to charge it. You remove the bracelet and put it in a usb port without a cable. Underline the (without the cable part). You have to charge it 2 hrs before you can use it. The thing isn’t that user friendly but i was able to use all the functions and also use it with the app. I was able to download the google play app called hband 2. I was able to sync the watch w the phone and also unsync or logout several times. I used a motorola g4 and the hband2.

Good itemeasy to usefast delivery.

This does exactly what its supposed to do. The charge lasts for about 3-4 days. I have not had an issues with the product yet. Only issue i have is with the software on my phone shutting down. However, this can be an issue with some other battery saver app on my phone and not the actual app for the watch. I recommend this to anyone needing a watch like this.

Very nice looking item with large, colorful display. Unfortunately the heart rate was always 59 bpm even when someone else tried it. The blood pressure function would not work at all. The instruction book is written by someone where english is a second language, so isn’t always clear or detailed enough on explanations of functions. Returned for refund as we were specifically looking for the heart rate/blood pressure functions. As a ‘fitbit’ replacement for steps, sleeping, watch, etc.

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This fitness tracker is super smart. It’s got all the basic features of what a fitness activity tracker would do but this tracker has so much more to offer. It does step counter, smart bracelet with sleep monitor and blood pressure. It also monitors your sleep time and quality of your sleep at night. This tracker also displays the call when you have incoming calls. You can also set a silent alarm to wake you up. It can alert you when you have new notifications from facebook, whatsapp, linkedin or instagram. It can count your steps and the distance you have walked and the calories burn. What i find very interesting is that it also can monitor your blood pressure. It’s simply amazing that it can do that.

Both my wife and i have been looking for an apple watch for a long time but couldn’t justified the apple price tag. She simply wanted something to track her workout and this gadget does exactly everything she needed. From steps, heart rate and work out intensity analysis. This is everything she would need from an apple watch with just a fraction of the cost. Also, my wife has thin wrist, a 38mm watch would still look huge in her so this gadget is the prefect compromise.

  • Hight Quality, easy to use
  • So far so good
  • Thing works fine. Can’t beat it for$35 bucks. I’ve had it one day.

If i can give the item a -5 i would. First, how to charge the watch is stupid. You have to remove 1 of the bands so that you can charge it. Why couldn’t there be a mirco-usb port in the back to charge the watch. Which would have been better but because you have to remove 1 of the watch band you feel like you almost going to brake the charging part just trying to remove the band. Next, it saying that the watch is waterproof, look at the pictures. That watch is not waterproof. I only had the watch for only like 2 days when i was running like to work and i took a shower and after i got out of the shower the screen on the watch went completely back. I was to see what the hell and turn out that the watch split open because the night before i had to charge the watch so i was trying not to be heavy handed to remove the band. So i think that was when the screen split open and i didn’t see it.

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The best of the china fitness trackers i have tried. It uses an app called ‘h band’ that works quite well. Pros:step counter is accuratehr appears to be accurate ( big problem with most i have tried)blood pressure appears to be accurate when compared to a cuff typecons:- battery does not last more than about 4 days. When it arrived it was completely dead so it may take several cycles to improve- display is too dim to see in sunlight. The oled displays are very bright, this one is not.

Great product at a great price and terrific customer service. After having the product for about 1 month the end broke off when removing the band to charge. I contacted teamyo and they told me the product would be covered under their 1 year warranty and sent a replacement out the next day.

Bueno y práctico, fácil de udar.

I am looking a fitness tracker for my mom’s birthday present. My mom like to go to school track field walking with her friends and i thought this will be a great gift for her. When i received it i immoderately set up for her and it turns out it is fairly easy to use. It counts steps accurately, detects her heart rate and blood pressure so she can monitor her blood issue. The time digit is big enough to show and read so she can manage how long she will walk. Even she is walking in a rain day. She is very happy with this fitness tracker.

Heart rate monitor,step counter, blood pressure, distance traveled, calories burned,sport mode, sleep monitoring,smart alarm clock,touch operation, bluetooth link, camera control, clock display,call reminder, information reminder(sms, wechat, qq, facebook, twitter, whatsapp, etc. ),remote taking photoscompatible with android and ios, the bracelet synchronize the information via app automatically.

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